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Performance Tax

What’s all this talk about a performance tax on any song played on radio? It’s real. Look here: and here: ... not good. Some in Congress want to impose a tax on radio stations all across the country for each song played on a station. Radio stations already pay a fee to rights-holders of music. Some of these rights-holders are the artists, maybe the writers, and even record companies. But record companies are losing money, and they want to shift their problems to radio stations. Some artists are complaining that they should get more money from radio stations. But they make tons of money when they do a concert in a local community, not the radio station. And how do most people hear about their concert? On the radio! These artists would be no-one if it wasn’t for radio. You can do something:

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02/17/2010 6:50PM
Performance Tax
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05/18/2010 10:44AM
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