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Microsoft’s new Zune is out and looks to be hot. This portable device not only will get you on the internet, but it also gives you an HD Radio tuner. Cool. Now Apple has come out with a new I-Pod where you can take pictures and shoot video, plus it has a built-in FM radio. Nice. There’s talk with the FCC that it’s in the works to get radio tuners built into cell phones. I’ve been talking about this for the past couple of years. Everyone carries a cell phone. How convenient! It’s amazing how technology has moved our world. Even just over the last 15 years, internet and cell phones have taken over. Just going back to the early 90s I can remember no internet, cell phones were just coming out as purse-sized bag phones. The fax machine was the big thing then. Radio station studios look nothing like they did in the 80s and early 90s. Tapes, records, and CDs have gone by the wayside for digital technology. It certainly will be exciting to see to what may come in the next 15 years!

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09/30/2009 6:35AM
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05/18/2010 9:56AM
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