Clark Shafer Inductee Into The Wichita Sports Hall Of Fame

Sports Daily
Wednesday, April 26th

Bruce Haertl and Paul Savage speak with Clark Shafer former KSN Sports Caster as he is entered into the Wichita Sports Hall Of Fame, his thoughts on the evolution of broadcasting 


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This these sports daily young JFH. Cameron running the show today glad to have along as we do each and every day hurdled savage if you on a Wednesday Jacob wolf block is in the house tomorrow. In the house right now is our buddy Clark shape for getting ready to go under the which does sports hall of fame very deserving honor for a very deserving guy how are in my for an. I'm doing good group cited. It depends who you ask but hanging in there generally just just doing all right. Your thoughts about going into the Wichita sports hall of Famer was this a call that. And it took you by surprise a little bit or you know when is it about time that savaged a couple of hundred people cut and North Africa and a sick. I doubt that that you by surprise when when I we looked at the list of over on the reasons Bruce you're the only broadcaster in the air I figured out. Well if there were go on there I go that direction then I was honored to be able to do we end what would you take the lead on Matt so he. Now our what our cry it out. You know what the beautiful things about what you and Bruce have done for a living are there are all kinds of stories that you have covered. You know one of the fascinating things about what you do is. You've got stories and a major Kreider stories that have just elevated your heart. Give me a couple of stories that have made you so sad maybe a story that has made you just your heart soar. Order a couple of those stories. It now it's hard to put when you look back at a target but their finger on that but. On the heart soaring side of that. And remember him brush is there to back covering the shocker baseball team and national championship where now it's pretty cool. Up in the press box when that last out happened and you know these guys are I Annan and no I just. Has sat back and in kind of observed that there were ripping the prospect of that time is packer produced down on the field and we just cool moment there. Be part of that the first. NCAA final four ever covered was the out. Danny Manning. Now Danny and the miracles back end up eye candy is so that was pretty cool yeah and 88. That that was just on one lot of you know but you try would we have a submerged. Earn some of the people that you just get a chance to meet over the years and if you profile feature on them or whatever they're inspiring stories that are there all over murder and high school war college or professional. They're just. Lots here on different great stories and that that what I always enjoys in my yeah he died Asia's two would be able to tell those stories and. And yet no question no question. And the main Tenet of really what all of us do when what you did so well. You know Clark you also brought another layer of things to. Wichita sports that. I think to this day you probably still get people saying they sports like sports like you know it it's amazing the things that. That we get remembered for it might have been just something rather it is just started on a whim for you but. But but it's cool to be known and remembered for some things in sports sliders one of those things you always were able. That to kind of put a lighter side and and a lighter spin and maybe a little chuckle. For for the viewers out there that would then how did that did that start out for you. Well something that I had done not nationally under the moniker we're slight monopolies. In Chattanooga Tennessee usually has the stop before arriving in and what you got the variant 87. And just knew that that kind of you know. You and I have been told what consultants. Forever well only a small percentage can hear about this sketch was a bachelor ever agreed with that but. I'm knowing that not everybody was hard course or band. Tried to do shopping that presented. And that's on side and a lighter side what happened during the past week when there was local or national. And put that in two little story and it did it was pretty popular I would these are from our future or all the time saying what I would ear problem. Compared to us at my kid won't go to bed until late watch sportsline on Sunday night it to life apologize but I Fella. That this directors always appreciated that. That that that was what it was like on the deal was not a lot harder than you back then I remembered go on through hours and hours of speeds. We try to get it called for two years now now you know what ESPN giving their cap and every night and you know all that's available do you achieve tolerance leisure probably go do that cannot find that there was one thing but doubt. But yeah it was a lot of fun night you know it's something of a creative outlet for me just boot. The good times and certainly was a popular segment for. Sure you know guys who are reporters and and and in fact work worked television and and and where you do what studio work. Doesn't mean that did not everybody that does that kind of thing is a great. Play by play guy if you happen to be even currently as we speak the voice of the cape amount karma crusaders. In football and basketball. Which is did did you have a prayer first do you like play by play more than sports reported Isner who it was his or 11 over the other that you liked over the years. What. I what and I'm not a play by play announcer idea public address matching we were both of them though is. I'm down a little bit play by play but not near what rouge as there are a lot of other folks you read work yet can't stand are going to be arriving. But the part about being able to use you know. Partake even as a public address announcer if he is dating game which you know I would do studio work with especially. I'm the one to blame on elbows high school shows that are on the air now because we were the first ones stood beat that with. Think we colored by a football beer and they still call that that the same name Robert yet to have but kind of packaging. Sports I school's sports a way that now that easy to promote it at all lat but got. And those days you got a camera your round of three different teams in and shot ten minutes in and try to help store cut that out yet you. Which in itself is a challenge it is that not always the best way to Europe but being able to sit at a game and get the know the players and in you know as a public address announcer. They they want Jews to be home or a little bit so. To try to get the crowd pumped up and excited and at all lap I enjoyed that but the main part is just be aware Sudan and at their games you blow when. I appreciate the athletes in the coaches and and the whole atmosphere I really enjoy that over the year. These court cheaper of course former. And KS in sportscaster going into the Wichita sports hall of fame and I'm very glad to have him joining the family. Court a year you'd be a good guy to ask about. The evolution. Or some would say perhaps cynically. The of local television. And seeing it from not necessarily afar now but having a different point of view about where local television has gone. What are you see when you look back at it now and compare and contrast. From the day when it really local television was at its highest Abu of meaning and relevance. Yes or really question Bruce is that yes certainly when I left KS and I and I had a different perspective because I was. There's normal but consumers should it be without ever in the background of being in the business. But. You know things that we would worry about you know did boot steps up and I didn't have and how we tracked down this. Back to woo. Ride yet one more I lied or were you know let's look at the winning home run rather than. You know I double and in the third inning it to tell a story better things to worry about it and that tried. To do every day. They don't really matter to that make the consumer at all by Mina they. Oh. We can be let down again we get. We will try at all yeah we ultimately we'll try to reestablish that but you know it's it's it's fascinating what he was talking about there the effort that it waited and Bruce I guess you know. A question I would ask you as there was a day you would see a guy like park Schaefer who has been in the business between KG and they KS and Debian four. What 23 years I believe what whatever that numbers as well over twenty years you were twenty plus years. You know when he got 28 years I mean he go back to remember Jack Mitchell from channel to me there's a Jarrett was Air France there was a day. Sports guys came in state and nowadays you know they come and they go what. What you know all the things you would do it here's the thing did it in and and and I betcha the court would agree with this Wichita. If people would always say this to me. This the people that liked try to get under my skin. Would always say what he's still doing in Wichita I if you're so this or your so what are you still so do what do you what do you do when in Wichita. And and my answer was always well I hate to tell you which does a damn good sports town and it's a great sports market. You had lots of emphasis. On local sports a cake who when I came into the business at. In eight K which. Was the undeniable leader in the market. The the the tradition of mart knew Nance. Non kitty which came in in the in the middle eighties and that started to turn. And war essentially what the next one the below 2530 years or so on K which became the dominant. Non station. In the market. And for a day in and I and I like to think that the way that we did sports contributor now Clark's absolutely right I mean. Not consultants will tell you that you can't win with just with the with the sportscast people don't wanna watch sport. But you know what if you give them some meat on the bones and you give them some relevance in Europe covering K state football. Nam. Every game or KU football or K you basketball and you're making the effort to cover those names. That that don't necessarily get covered by the ESPN's in the national networks and things like that you can build yourself. From a pretty strong following. I know that they did that I know that you know clarkin. Before him Mario are our mutual friend Steve Dennis and people like that and then the folks over cake mark Allen and those guys that's what they did. And that's what all of us that tried to do. And that's why in Wichita was great because you had. K state two hours away you still do Kate you two hours and fifteen minutes away. You've got Oklahoma State which by the way don't laughed when Barry Sanders was there was getting covered. Nom you you have that two hours to the south you've got the royals the chiefs. On you've got Wichita State obviously which is the need in the potatoes. Of what you do and then you've got all of these other things and I Cahill which. For many many years. We have the resources. We had people that believed in local sports. And I and it was that way at various times of cake obviously in KS and and as well. That's rare. To get that in in in the local. Situation so. Those are those that's how things that's why Wichita. Was such a great destination for people and why you had people like. Mark Allen that was there in the days are just guys in my time you know who might Kennedy. I mean look at look how long Mike can Mike Kennedys say it is is an institution. Not in Wichita and your in your telling me that might Kennedy couldn't have gone on and then. Now things the virtually anywhere he wanted my goodness he's he's a marvelous. Talent. Clark. Steve Dennis. Jim Colby guys that I worked well beyond label I just saw last week at that they absolutely still doing stuff out western Kansas for Dodge City F for the law and and doing stories in broadcasting program army than the list goes on and off dead. Phone lines by the way are down. Unfortunately the timing was not we regret that the will try to reconnect with Clark when we possibly can't. But no I mean but that it would always be my answer. Which does a great place to work locally for sports. Because you're in the middle of all of these things. You're in the new global all of these different things I mean Paul I covered. Seven final fours. I've I've covered. 21. Pool games 23 bowl game something like this I mean. 3-D CS games. Three World Series six or seven college World Series. Non and it's because of where you are you're in the middle of this area where you've got. All of these things going on around it and the DNA in other words the area of coverage. In a place like Wichita is the whole state. So you're basically keep your you're not covering just the city you're covering the whole state. So that brought western Kansas into the four. And then as Clark mentioned. And and and Clark are rejoins us right now and we were just talking about why which atop Paul brought up the question Clark about why Wichita. Nam was such an attractive place for sportscasters. To come and stay. And my argument is some very simply. 'cause there was just so much going on I mean you could be you could you could you didn't have to tie your. Your horse or to just one thing I mean you had everything from K state to K you know the royals to the chief Steve Wichita State to whatever you wanted to do. Yeah I agree with you on that on the opportunities that. As a purist it it is a sports fan. News got a chance chief follow. A lot of great stories and they're the only things on I mean member. Well the toughest nights of the year was when they each Sunday selection show came out you're trying to figure out how to we gonna get to cover KU Rite Aid state and which starts stayed in turn. You know plan and end at 24 hours a book flights in all like kind of stuff that was always quite child that are going on time and those opportunities. Along with really you know good people who were quick and thank that was attractive for sure. No question. You know question for you if you got a chance to be allowed great play by play misty Dennis reform be you know lawyers. You know get a chance to do there. The K state package for awhile and I think we're still wings when. I'm right up there are so little on that. A lot of opportunities for sports person you know on that play by play sank that you're in a big enough market that would that would could be thanks. There's diverse enough that you get a chance some will do a lot of different banks. You don't want one of the things that you'll see this coming Saturday by the way that the induction ceremony is at 2 o'clock this Saturday which add depth hillside Christian church on east Douglas in one of the things that you'll see Clark. Because your last name starts with that shirt down the roster a little white sorry about that but that's the way it goes but you're gonna hear a lot of speakers who come to the podium the and talk about. They didn't get into this hall of fame by themselves they had help along the way. And I always like ask him are aren't new hall of famers who's that water to. Persons that maybe got you to where you are at this point that a hall of fame as same com we want you to be a part of the fabric who are those couple of people in your life. Well probably started with the big giant social looked under open lacrosse Wisconsin when I was in college there was a mass communication major and my senior year. Aside from not being the SID at Tejeda a mile costs. I was working part time as a sports reporter photographer at the CBS affiliate there be QBP up there and and and still stead. Long time old time old school. Sportscaster. Kind of gave me my start in and day out. You know we were at that I'm moving from film. To videotape recorder videotape. We got a chance Q kind of break into the business of this familial level but I have gone there probably you know working with Steve. And it's yeah. Now a mature we didn't really have like a ministership. And mentor relationship but we had a really good team relationship then the conversation you have and they in this sport shop this group's entry can relate to Christiane light touch on insurer challenging and kind of you know Steve. Would always have. An opinion and the very out. Proactive about voicing that so really had very quietly number change and much more lively. Well it often isn't on the air by nothing about Ohio State was ever blotter was that yeah I never thought. But it. That is the story is really funny he you know it in the sport shoppers' video these units up and I had a signed basketball buy dot reversed. I'm not sure even where I doubt it like many ball so. You know he's now as we're taught in that outfit in into the that it would be planned this game so you know basically debt collector trash cans. Well evidently. The president Eric in network and we've got about a man and disappear we figured they'd they got top seven attraction and he always felt bad about that I'd never even thought about it but. About three years ago or so. With the units like down in Dallas cigarette out advance for Pizza Hut where. Is what works and that either buying the autograph. Football Aaron Rodgers and sent it to me out of the blue audio while he says this is the make up for them. All well again that's our ally and always had a bad deal. Thought I'd I'd sit and watch now on on that train eyes duty to get this done better and I salute this guy get one more quick question and you mine I'd just shot I just got to get this question before we let before I let cargo as bad as I've had the privilege of working with your son Brian. Did a play with him back in October of last year rocky or down a signature theatre. They add that your style is a movie star handsome least doubted he could say he can dance. He can act my question is who does he get his talent from you or his mother. I'll no doubt mom. Yeah knowledge that I Howland that I knew what the answer was before I slam alliance the way I absolutely could not. That is for sure. You know anybody want to and the air Italian that ego. Well Clark we congratulate you and so pleased that you're gonna have this moment on Saturday what an incredible group. The Euro going in and talk about this class going into the which does sports hall of fame is. Absolutely second to none in Europe big part of that congratulations my friend enjoy the moment. Thank you Bruce appreciate it glad to be joining you during your group and and certainly that all the people gone in I am now worth eight. Per share. We're my arm I think that is the case at all at a happier place glad to have you would take a break and be right back Gary goes Clark Schaefer. Going into the Wichita sports hall. The Sima what timer those ceremonies ball to a clock says. Saturday at 2 o'clock this Saturday Ed and by the way. Hillside Christian church is located right across the street from moral friends that the independent school there's now an 8330. East Douglas just found that just east of that county square couple balks in depth. It's gonna be a lot of fun Iran about an hour and a half it's not like it's a long ceremony and let me just tell you. The stories that we will be hearing from these hall of famers Bruce you can attest to the fact they are amazing story you will be entertained. You will be entertained and used inspired and all the above back in a moment.