The Drive with Bob and Jeff: Catching Up With Kamerion Wimbly

The Drive
Monday, March 20th

Former Wichita Northwest and NFL player Kamerion Wimbley joins the show to talk about his post football career.


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Bob Lewis. You liked him before. So he's. The that's probably the anthem for duty in the blowfish your plan and their second son of the it's a retro today we're going start to finish with various reasons. Solid donating. We'll hear about tethered to hold my hand Cameron Wimbley with us Cameron are you. Pedro pretty good read every oh you bet it's good dude it's good to catch up with few you've gone into the with style sports hall of fame. He had a fantastic. Football career that started right here in which atop northwest high school. To get a Florida State and and a long career in the NFL. Also what you're up to now as you as you prepare for this dishonor of this hall of fame honor. What were you not to spend a lot of in the mock all your air. Are. Because cater to grow old we will believe it took conglomerate. Emerge on the whole bunch of smaller corporate news. Well one of the company and a lot of problem with the result registry called you are. Both international registry and we hope all the different and it people. About the furry that we are registered with the knowledge that this. Man if you're a dog guy Cameron Bure an art and really get along well. Have you always been at. Are you at the end of the only don't not every sport are part of the marvel. At all. America bullied I wanna. Every girl that won Leo when when border. Cameron you retired from the NFL after nine seasons I'm very good seasons at age 31 I think he said he wanted to spend more time with your family is that. A decision you've ever second guess it sounds like things are going really well so I doubt event where you at peace kind of immediately with making that choice. I would definitely at all Ottawa Griffin the third and they made more than that and we nominee goes. Apparent that our other coal boom could I'll put them than it normally and the great. I beat Peyton put it probably beat you to is that more of our public domain is different than. I wouldn't trade for the war on. I've been all spokesman a lot of work in there are multiple it is part of the it is only in the look Peyton. You know the baby is due tomorrow there in the day on network. I mean we've I've been beat them in the border area. While we typically go to art that are being part. I'm glad that there's a lot of almost didn't come into it always as cool and of course holidays and ebitda may well we don't have to worry about. Beat them and you'll let are working certain I would expect it this. Cameron Wimbley was sun nice productive. Career in the National Football League I got last few. Because I just read a story about Gale Sayers whose. Battling dementia now he's at the age of 73 but they think this is being going along for awhile. And I I ask every football player this because I'm curious what their responses. You have any fears suffer when you're playing a gamer does that creep then after or does. Thought we are going into the game what are you know better than the third Bartlett over. I've been oh my home are starting to make people aware and not to poke you obviously it will let. Put them all of them because concurrent and not being. Part of that a lot of light on all possible. And lead them into that made it that type of the burden equate their work. How are being there is article on that are you wait there's not in and out burger and will continue to find out more. The not pollute who was pulled. Well what your career is over. It could get some bad players who have been there glaucoma made public problem. You what do I gain in the mediate who reported it quicker who couldn't quite read in the home court early you know higher. We can get and what we're able injury and been developing their. Home. Activity on indicted there are probably thought at all especially. And that I'm that I didn't don't dispute you know the way that we play and and we'll pick it out and Croat and narrow part of it you know deliberately record or anything under there is going to pick and not. You know very into their balls in that one of those whom they got it isn't he would make it you know what you wanna to gamer now. Karen you have two career interceptions the second one your plan for Oakland back in 2011 and you returned it 73 yards led. Not a touchdown hour remember that play so how close did you come to scoring and as a hot you to this day I imagine that it doesn't you didn't. They're not heeded could be that the players you all. In your area it is don't know yet the couple while bored eating into the quarterback in who argued that the boat and but all of them you know we are they here. Wait there are no problem at. All agree there. When I got into their homes on the market in the little pop in there. Market equal enrollment in a lot follow our London he probably didn't opt out of the flight. I think that the one that was there. And I went to aggravate you. But there are out there right after it and if you look. An exhilarating moment it probably who I'll let it go in 080. Are people of Chicago if we remember about we live in Oakland mayor can't go. The big equated it other that you lose the league with them moving forward. Cameron Wembley with us eat now you've spent quite a bit of time and Wichita censure retirement from football haven't seen. I have about we have with the column in the work out a little in the crowd a lot of the new relationships there with. Great people. Who don't know the Internet eighty. Harvard bet that a lot of time off a lot of capital. And and it would be part of Vietnam opened better in the future court with the growth of they're duplicate all the universe he might have dispute. No what happens is vulnerable but there that that prosperity is. Puck in deep blow a target by about a look at. We can't relate in that state employees I don't know I think there's been a lot of limitations. And that they're with daily into our home. I'll. Are no way he's been brought into play quite Oklahoma if you look under it up there in. I think there are a lot of problems. A lot of hope and some of it yet you make and it looked at the output in there and of course it won't stimulate the economy. Also a goal oddly there. All of the basketball tournament in the late summer it. Probably debate before women organized. Lemon it's a men's tournament coming here next year. Yeah don't have a repeat it and they're doing what my dearly if they were. Party in the port here with the ball in Tokyo people who have been electric power and opportunity you know who didn't speak. It's a great great great he is and so at least now we do all acting. And what are you located at the right there weren't a lot of our actual. But hole and we pride in the YouTube more. Political year war. They're doing that they all warm or warmer state it looked into his own regard don't create your own this carpet 00 what is. Not what Amman camera here a football player you're tough you can handle. They wouldn't have a drop of snow this whole winner Cameron. Who. Let me know but yeah focal didn't look at them too. Even though. Well it's good to catch up with you congratulations. On your induction. Into the woods top sports hall of fame and we we level when you get back to which Tom look us up when you do. It and I that's Cameron when Blaine we're gonna take a break. You're listening to the drug powered by rusty Eck Ford nobody beats they rusty Eck Ford deal nobody. You can follow us on quarter Bob loops. Which of these teams surprised you most to see them in the sweet sixteen. Michigan South Carolina Wisconsin or Xavier. Which who'd you vote for that I've got a great savior because I think South Carolina in the sweet thing 193. Votes then. South Carolina getting 73%. Of the around makes most of the listening to drive will be back.