The Drive with Bob and Jeff: Lynn Marshall Law

The Drive
Monday, March 20th

Bob and Jeff discuss the post game issues involving Lynn Marshall, wife of coach Gregg Marshall.


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I know I. The drive whoa I'm just not only 691240. It's. Okay driver. We were doing the league in honor burial Rucker will retrospective. And a game rooted in the flow of the state 691240. Let's get to. Jeff who helped through the break hi Jeff. Gloomy yes but I went till death. You know I EU cracked yeah thank. Jeff those are all. Jeff cracks you up. Now what am yeah who wouldn't well jets should stick together. But I would say that you're not getting much humor in Winfield with Jeff cracked yeah. 888 is gut. Anyway I met when she is where should early night but let my life. Kerry and needs to be quiet. Because they have no room to prop. What they're or thirteen but they've. Well what they've gone through they're artists out there you know bout not because now they have a bout and it stopped about. That would stop state. Well I don't think you can hold a whole fan base kid in contempt for what pat said. Thank you Jeff I appreciate the call mean everybody's got an opinion about this. So I don't think that was necessarily. From AKU perspective this is the guy lives in Wichita and probably want to see is. City represented better than what Lynn Marshall offers up sometimes I do do I understand I think some of the reporting on this was unfair. Not all but some not all of that gray supposed to tell us at some point please break it down okay you know I don't Don you're on the drive. I mean all look at some point fine you can break it down but at some not all like. I cured I don't know Don what you have done what have you first and then me. I can't say he had diehard soccer fans. A great game I wish there were more problem. Which leads me into not really looking forward to next year because next year is going to be a blueprint and lest we get another leak. But what happened this year. Brit I think I think today I think they will wins some more meaningful games. And so I think though I thought if I had to guess next year act by almost stayed at home they're going to be in the hunt for a 345. Seed next year. At least. What good does that do we have to sit through three months of reserve valley basketball beat everybody by forty and fifty pool. I mean it did it's about getting to march. Past Gonzaga. Together we will get a look at nag they need to get in a different conference but I think next year looks brighter and every vote to pass. Howdy to rationalize. Getting beat by Oklahoma State at home buyer as bad as we did. And getting better than a tenth seed in the NCAA term. You just answered your own question there's there was one game I mean. No there was no other game like that they had one off night that's like the exception over 36 games they played poorly wants so. I mean take Afro you what you want to militarily Orleans Illinois State did but they didn't let my on the played poorly at Drake. Did yes Jameer up next on the drive. Out back and they'll quit you're at work. He's been to most honored them but go ahead 1948 Jerry acquired. Technically you're I live oak which are very good at them a whole column called alt page he wouldn't elaborate that relate back today. Well he's one and not just saudis are great businessman a tremendous Wichita and and though we were very sorry to hear of his passing last week. Thank you Jim we appreciate your call Doug. You're on the drive how are you done. That afternoon about our correspondent congratulate you on our. Very erudite. Article on base color thank you never met a man. Seen them virtue that you really created a picture that. All of us are veteran move from that generation. Can cash equivalents and I just which has had the pleasure to personally meet him because. Eli come barge so. Galvanize. I use that word galvanized the support. Are Wichita State as it relate. Really animated realization as well as a community event. I get to my point are the matters. I didn't watch the game I'm I'm. And are more nervous than the players through the parents like they can watch it later. Anyway it was layer and I DNA. But players and I had called in and says he wants an apology. Iowa State Utah at. Why don't how both juvenile Lakeland on the IK you basketball team. Wreaking Havoc debate Eduardo prayer Allah guys you first. This. Large spectator or she'd been. Hail and compare. So are these guys that are third base especially to walk Scot free. Well that's going to be the obvious retort here that I appreciate your call thank you. I mean it and we're gonna hear that time and time again if we KU fans critical of Lynn Marshall. What a war and what. Put two they have to stand up well that's there's no I'm sure pat wishes for moral best for K you also two wrongs don't make a right here. But all I get that I'm Sam that's a report from Wichita State fan I don't know but you can it's OK to look in the mirror can easily also. Well hey thanks for your call. You know the job like Europe are you playing good but the big Dave at least we brought her way. Oh yeah happy to hear that all very much now well or not. Well I mean it'd Doug Gottlieb and yeah I mean I'm I'm personally not a Doug Gottlieb guy. Annie Annie did just twist of the knives today when he's on the air out talking about his desire to be the next coach at Oklahoma. Things like that irritate me beyond belief. But that's to the guy is the meaning. Did you did you catch story says he never spent the bat well nobody want that yet. In value our newspaper article which cost state and coach Marshall. Well he said is he's had his viewpoints there's no question about that thanks Willie it's good to hear from my new. Doug Gottlieb is that the start of this hour his third hour this talk more about Gregg Marshall on. Lynn Marshall in knighted I don't know I thought he was. I didn't think you battle line and his comment didn't say anything particularly inflammatory domain based Steve thank you thank you for being on the drive. You can't protect my call artwork stopped one display. The Jerry squires. Great guys and. Big baseball fan and I'm now he bubble probably 42 were charging too. Really made us in his he and his family made Leet 421 of those memorial so we are Thierry honored about that. I've read that and I thought it was wonderful I I guess Wanamaker caught Matt. My kids terror economic ground all my kids all graduate to condemn the issue of my son in law. And you know. Are you really. I I can't get callers that called him about how he charged. Pat. You know that we gotta remember here now. Kids at K you're only 1819. Years so she's a grown woman. Shouldn't rappers and Lee University. And I'm trying not to be judgmental but I think her behavior. Is you know that you re election have on the school. To coach. The players. Are what I ask you one question. You've been around sports a long time. But how many coaches walk eight. Have you seen in your lifetime ball and act the way they she acted. Yeah I mean I can't come up with that ride out the top but I will say this that coach whose lives normally. Our. Do their best to be passive at game yes and tried to not draw attention. That's not live personality. I mean that's the that does not. Crosses in her DNA she is a he is of Taipei. Beat a type a plus person now as is Greg. Great. But let say one more effective date on the radio I listen to its chairman romantic and it probably did there was. And I am bored. NCAA. Gurus. And he said that the guy from UCLA. And press mapped them saying here. Well probably not be considered pre Indiana and mask. He says. Well Gregg Marshall probably will tune and less his wife or. Well that's it that's the unknown I mean it's thank you bill and I appreciate the call I don't. I don't know how much that stuff comes up in coaching talk I don't know if somebody brings Gregg Marshall and they wanna hire him and they think. He's gonna turn the basketball program around I don't know Flynn Marshall ever comes up in that conversation we'll see gas. To view or you don't know that you absolutely don't know I don't know that of course you don't GO involved in the in the decision that you don't know that. And to pretend you do as a as well. He'll think they could cover all their bases and simple like that. Lynn Marshall is that it's not like she's like cancer I didn't say see she is a highly emotional it came out person. I don't know that it's gonna hurt Greg Martin I don't either if he's up for the Indiana early UCLA job both Steve. We are here yeah. Euronet. OK on here about. You know we're a good year UBS Steve. Anyway. I they've come over to the house later lets do this conversation in my own house now c'mon here we go. Did Steve play well yes in the war over what used clustered in good nudged out I plus you do rugby and you what tired and the other guy hung up. You people. Unbelievable how you treat our callers sometimes I'll tell you I'll treat you a series it was a I feel bad now we should I shouldn't theme with plus stuff from the get go that's out that's only Kabul. You need a pat on the back keep calm down you know what I'm stand top here we go near the Baghdad invited to my house and Steve that in our cash and expands. I want to show you our new windows. Here's Billy viability or you flustered. Apple did doctor Bob. Build more than the ball as the ultimate carbon that. You know everybody echoed that don't negotiate better herself at her school. Probably but it will. Publish that but it can that you can. Get an act. You know everybody. That despite all the active one. Epic obliterated that ball another ball. You know and in the third tackle what the job that coach. That need. You know no. Lynn Marshall led marshals demonstrative and every game right Billy. Okay. I could not see her yesterday she'd been in the Dayton game shoes behind me and just a mile ride so I would had a much better. Idea what was going on yesterday issue is way down at the other end of the the floor. And I did not have I I did not see what was going on all I did was hear about it. OK I heard about from people who were down at that end of the floor and who talked about it. I mean there's a lot of media at these events. A lot of media and one out when a head coach whose wife. Behaves the way Len was behaving yesterday it's noticed Billy. Can't force our goal and in those border so it's been worried they everybody at bat. She should be a problem as well. I think you we appreciate all gonna take a break. Greg Marshall of course his coach's show coming up at 6 o'clock on can SS we're gonna come back with Cameron Wimbley we will pick up. The Bill Lynn Marshall talks the shocker talked. During jive talk at 5 o'clock please give us a call back then we're gonna visit with what what's a top north west graduate. Cameron Wimbley went on to Florida State. Great career in the NFL he's going into the without we're told fans the Hewlett Cameron is up to the listening to the drive and they have faith.