The Drive with Bob and Jeff: The Shockers

The Drive
Monday, March 20th

Bob and Jeff cover a very busy sports weekend ncluding the NCAA tournament.


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This is good for. Colin. Everybody was ship flew here in studio ready to give you the drive OK okay. Are you get on the drive. We'll noon. You know here I am we are here until 6 o'clock Tom Thurber running the board and the electric Max power. Our producer. Alike and if you're following us. On Twitter KFH radio get lifted because Max. Max knows what the show's all about you Desi VP puts together a brief synopsis of what's to come. The show that day and it's always very illuminating and we drove home from Indianapolis last July. Arrived I arrived in my door at 4:30 this morning egg on the dot. I was up at 645. To allow men into the house. I don't know I don't normally allow men into the now let me rewind the tape there but those men were allowed into the house to replace our windows. Now. That means in my thumb calculating for late. I've had two hours of sleep well knowing what I'm when I'm out that one I have returned little sleep why why why did you schedule that for today suddenly had to give back. I want I have little sleep when asked. I am either tremendously grumpy. Or spontaneously. But Larry is a good thing no one can tell the difference. Between grumpy and spontaneous on the way are you being tired or not it's yeah and those that Obama always go out there are hilarious now another hilarious but those are basically your. Did nothing. Except here's what I said in my life today. This is regrettable all of the akin no doubt be you know that she's a Salinas. And here's what I said something along these lines. I wish you stayed at war war that yes. Because she came home to help. To beat there. And something irritated me horrible and I thought that those words stir horrible person and I feel bad about it. You (%expletive) that's an awful awful thing and I'd be ashamed if I never said something like that to your wife and I and I apologize profusely. This system. But all night you didn't add this I did earlier sorry yeah thinner. That's growth. We mean I always I am I'm very capable of Apollo landlords on Sar and aggregate data myself. I we got suckers to talk about we got Lynn Marshall talked about we gotta K unit talked about we got. Cameron Wimbley coming up on the show at 445. We got Jesse Newell from the Kansas City Star 540 we got the sweet sixteen. We got Doug Gottlieb leaving the air. Two apparently he wants is the Oklahoma State job back at. And her. We know we cut in as he was getting ready to address. It's an article let's just call it what Greg Lynn Marshall situation. Where recording it we're gonna listen to it. And will bring you any thing that. Gottlieb said that either. Shed some light on this or irritates us most likely that will air at ten. I am I'm beyond the point that even being irritated by dugout Lisa waving it's a vaudeville act at this point Doug he's had it's just the music he's he's sold grotesque and let me tell you walk wow well it did just. Today he is our lead and still another move today. Is politicking for the Oklahoma State well that's six or nerve. Of that man. They're not hiring Doug Gottlieb is there any self awareness going on there would dugout leave. I did should be embarrassed. He used to tell me all the time particularly after. My intern ship and I'm thinking I can step right in Noah glamorous job. Cover baseball team I could have done okay. Hey I would I was capable of doing that. But you ought not loving world war got to pay your did that I didn't believe the world doesn't work that while I was young and stupid Doug Gottlieb is not younger and in turn have a member year. That they're there from Roland in terms current. Brian I get that but I was the good ones of there are many good highly her daughter Anna did donning. The job at the Hudson is and then and yet then it then that would have been the correct career path there are very few people like me who started the top. He and stay in the middle somehow what's wrong are you saying that the Wichita eagle's load starting at the top did a good job that was I did start at the derby day in a report early seventies when you know that some of the things that they that politics that go out and I started at two derby day at a reporter when I was did you earn high school and I didn't necessarily heed your advice someone needs to tell Doug Gottlieb. You gotta start somewhere you heed my advice I thought because I knew that I can do at the job. Did have that work out for here I am. Spring training is gone out and I'm talking a year ago. While you're happily married you have a child looked so that you know on the life flying spy not totally out it all worked out. What do they go shocker yesterday and it's that I think they were good enough to land and not quite good enough to make it happen where does that make any sense though. Last few possessions. It's just it just didn't add up they had no timeouts they had a team with inexperience in those situations. Panic. Yeah that's pretty much what happened lavish now I didn't really panic he just had nowhere to go elated knows exactly had a Connor frank camp wide open in the corner didn't CMO except here's the thing I'm Matt if you would pass until we would have been too late that guy closed off with a double team at the exact right time because he was guarding frame camp. And with a bad back and let pass smiled more adult thinking when I got the south a lot of when we got the Shana I don't think so. I do think she closed off the perfect time that was perfect defense give Kentucky credit. I I sense that while there's certainly strong disappointment. I almost since like. Shocker fans are wait till next year with a team that will be fully intact. That will add. A guard that in some Monta hands Joan and it does that matter rotation and who knows what defections may happen and what additions. May happen. I just get the sense of the shocker is percent OK they got us this year but next year's are here. I know but they said that after the 35 and oh season. Yeah there. Yeah you return everybody off the final four team Billy Connolly plant in the early and I now. But not the big that's a huge flaw does baker and Bentley were about to become juniors and then seniors so we've been saying that that's to be some. Reflection on this year except this year. I said on Twitter went by the Blair there's no enjoy the journey aspect to this season away everything about this season was. Pointed toward march because there was no competition. Between like January 1 in March 1 essentially there is never as. Two important games follow at on the ballot next year ago luck with your January and February next year or so law. Right but this they I guess it would be the same thing but then they get a ten seed and they lose the first weekend of the turner they won't be attend seat next year I do not believe they'll start the season ranked let me give you a number. Eleven. Fourteenth the sorrows go. I'm going eleventh. They will do well they'll play in Mauer hit a get a lot of eyes on them will play at least two. High quality opponents over there they should win that Tehran have Oklahoma State and Oklahoma again. They should be I don't know about oh what Doug Gottlieb not coaching Oklahoma knows what they'll apply hope we've got LL always stay really bad do the world a favor and hired Doug got Utley. Billion just do it we all want that. I just. Here's a guy. Gifts on the air. And says he wants that job and he's never coached in his life anywhere. Is that doesn't know earth. I don't care does dad was a coat on sale and that what what qualifications does he believe the Ascot he knows basketball pretty well we don't know that really I'm sure he's no class at all about it. But I nobody coach it could be a leader I don't think Doug Gottlieb as a leader any recruit I'm tired of talking about it next topic you brought him up. And it's embarrassing. For him. To be doing that. But he said I got a month left here anyway. I might as well lobby for the job that I want. Instead of hey maybe go big go become an assistant somewhere this is my dream job and happily done it hourly about it. Old yesterday. I went on Twitter roll about Landry sham. I made some statements. That I am that I and I don't regret. I've said this is the stuff all Americans Lou as that this is this this is Rehman net reminiscent of Stallworth acts and Antoine. This is the kind of stuff that a redshirt freshman. Pulling a team back into the game almost singlehandedly. Making amazing shots and getting to the basket. How good it is Landry sham it going to be he already is great. Isn't great. Or is he on his way to greatness he had two points in the first half yesterday. Okay well no one could shoot in the first half that was a horrible half of basketball from an offensive standpoint I thought it was great defensively I didn't think the game was bad. If this is just there was no offense nobody could shoot it's weird how that happens to Wichita State because that. They got open shots yes Kentucky has awake and they defend better than Missouri State. Or it was a great great shooting Wichita State team I thought so but everything else less than 40% in the last five games every time they really had a chance to prove it they didn't so I don't Jeremy. Yeah I get that's five games that's what we call small sample wanted to under or five pretty important game they won four of but what happened to the shooting. I don't know maybe they got tired IA and its Kentucky certainly defendant. But it little strange to watch Wichita State. Struggle offense quietly. Until Landry Shannon just took the team on his back and said. I'm gonna try to will still win and get out get on here we ago they had about. They played against about three capable athletes from again January 1. He had a Jose Johnson is a great half out target of a defender he was. And then he had a couple of guys from Illinois State that's really hit those are the athletes that Wichita State opposed. For two thirds of their season bonds showed it showed what does. Like Connor frank camp who had this tremendous difficulty. Playing at that level lobby I'll be honest I mean it got there it was obvious as much as I love Connor frank camp. Dayton completely took him out of the gate correct and Kentucky. The 75%. Took in my early and have a basket for like the last eighteen minutes of the game needed a check it was all Lander Champlain christianity is the is the sole reason that which does stay was in that game late he did everything. It was since he was outstanding hey this can pull off the last markets McDuff feed it seemed like. That game was a little too big for him the whole turn him I don't know what was going. Our band as it was in William he was an overdrive he was used. He is. 45 rpm to go on 93 RPMs news feed could not slow himself down. That will come with experience. Memorize in only play in the NCAA tournament last year but now he wasn't in this kind of a role now it was an okay figure it out essential star they will be. The number eleven in the country use say fourteen I sail up. Yeah now it's test day doesn't get it eleven that seems high for pre season Woolsey who's closely you'll have. Sixteen teams moving on they were nineteen at the end of this year. I know but they didn't make the sweet sixteen that was about talk about the rankings I know what the break guys and ranking team the pre season rankings have a lot to do and how the previous season and then it did you see them fly. They were on the verge of beating Kentucky right I get that they didn't beacon and they have everybody back though they'll be ranked behind Kentucky they'll be ahead of Kentucky. No I won't Kentucky will lose. Monk. They could they lose off but every year they will be out of Kentucky and LA law. The folks trust me on this they won't be an 8691240. You've got one voice of reason here. Wichita State on the top be ranked ahead of Kentucky and I guarantee it I'll may have thousand dollar I dare on TN everyone Wichita listening right now a thousand. Kentucky. Lose a lot of seniors and have some guys that work key players as seniors this year and they will lose some of their freshman. They will not start next season as highly ranked as Wichita State. Take it they've got black number three. Point guard numbered five power forward and number seven point guard. They have the they have the one down at number three point guard. Would you take sham out of that guy. F 55 star recruits and a four star so yeah that's a bad they'll be ranked ahead of Wichita State. Would you take sham or any of those five starts right I don't know enough not to until I put basketball. That's OK I don't know I would say and Jeff blues. You get the play wheel of fortune. You get to spend only deal I don't I'm not gonna make it short but what you have to give. Is Landry sham. And you could have upstate a volley even up the handy you can have two of Kentucky does not you do that yet okay you can have one do and I don't know. I don't know they I don't know these guys you can have one and he got a redshirt one. Done. You can have one and the other one the start to your school look league's done really out. Why because that I'm now let's Cooley gets to five star recruits in. Well and that increases the profile and that helps as you say the greater good I'd take sham bleeding takes him. Dave you're up first say Dave. And good afternoon about it Jeff enjoy your show thanks so much for all your great writings over the years for the eagle a special like. Since you've written about practicing a just world was right. Two when that I write about Pratt Kansas where he wrote about booty still ball well that's rod rules the it's certainly. Percent middle school when he played there. And then you wrote about the yeah high school football coach you want stately you do follow my award then charge you for many years. You're my hero up pitcher not as much as my hero is Glenn Marshall operation usually my hero Tony wide deadbeat. As I have I have thoughts on that why would that why would Lynn Marshall. Be your hero. Okay. In the first half and nobody said anything about it except for the guys who will call the game on CB yes. Call her friend kept drives the baseline and take leader goaltending. Coach Brown. And I mean you guys were epic games so therefore you know all the rest of the poor officiating on both sides. So. Anyway if she was overheard by someone who didn't like her act that's stopped dead because it's public forum right. Okay the rise of then again I was that the opposite ends so I didn't hear all I have to go on all the reports. Is its and to me it's okay to. Yellow official ride we all have done that is it okay to curse at an official. Probably not it's not not not want a David Samson and around. Yes I guess it depends on your moral authority. What's your moral authority dead but quickly president. Curse is a lot so you know it blow by Dennis saw the whole country gone down that road. I hate Bopp will look at what exactly huge surge dropped the F bomb the what do you know we should say whatever I mean you know what I don't know what she says. But if she was commenting on the officiating from what I saw him on my TV set there was three plate on CBS but missed it. Clear. Goaltending call in the first half. And it arrest the game was officiated by the happened my point is hopefully what they can thanks Dave duke usage would want want to thank Bob. Tonight active ministry down by James Madison high school and balanced news all day stall worth every time I dropped by that high schools down by the Cotton Bowl. And down here and just to just wonderful. Article even in the Dallas morning news on so. I read that stalled war thanks we appreciate your call yeah I haven't had a chances talked a talk about Dave saw or. Who passed away last week Robert thanks for your call to the drive. Yet just wonder mentioned that the play at the end of the game. You re I don't think it was what the possible for. Chairman of the vote count frank camp because. If you want to be again a watch it several times afterward they. Prank it was basically standing next shipment when he picked up his dribble janitor who moved over toward awaiting him in camp had been good up there. So crank can't move away. Right at a bio came into frank camps position. The normally drinkable channel where they will get the ball. Would basically been to jump up and passed the ball over at a pop video. And by that time there wasn't any time and so so he couldn't have gotten brink hit the ball. Low crime beat because look was standing next to him if you watch it again Bob go eat. Okay thank my vantage point it looked like he could of the I didn't see it on TV time under repair. What's on the video pre kind of talent you know I'm not arguing understand that no no from my vantage point it looked like that was clear here. Yes wreck and just it just recap for. Thanks Robert I Chris I agree with Abby is this was there wasn't enough time in the play was he failed a high degree of the Robert Wood your beard you realize that overt gesture saying that is made by your side wrong okay. Hi Anthony. Well what your point of been well I think above. Coming mood that bad threw it out of there will be you know monitor door on the replay. Unreal bike. They don't like that crock pot luck in their terms about you know both welcome even know what you were local what we did it been special number like. Knob it will but it could get ball right at the that you know we look at our ability that one point expect it. Don't believe they know little war we're gonna take that shot. But however you know. We can talk about whole lot of what is it would have bet but what done. And now that football they're curious what you wanna talk about what is. Under the Balkan nation here about that it would really want to get their respect without it we do have that respect. If we want to get them very ordinary level of respect. There's torture and that even if Maui invitational days ago here at this particular beer at the bit being yet we will be right there at the bottom line. Thank you Anthony. Now paused and pleasure of skip Austin hi Austin. Out on the big. And so the question I have little early early may not about it. You know I wish our state popped it in rank eleventh as our next year will be opening at Indiana. And creating you know basically getting fired they're. What you feel like the odds are martial may be a consideration that job and it is something he could take. Only lease it appears to be pretty far not pretty Favre at least not first on the list. Because it apparently they've all offered Steve Alford seven years 31 well that that's been reported but debunked by Alford. Though the brought the watches Steve Alford. And then the opening at UCLA. That I gets. You know it gets tricky at some point guard marshals dollars and in the conversation on the sinks. Yeah you know I mean where were marshall's wife obviously showing her displeasure yes it is the game to put it mildly. You know it just basic question what conversation at the dinner table like that job in the interests that are out there as urban Marshal maybe pursue. There's the conversation at the dinner table will be fascinating that I have a I don't know what that is thanks Austin for sure to call. Pat before break cape pat. God guys I would panic also obviously. Yesterday amber and I I don't like when Marshall I know you're you have on your show in Europe. Your friend Twitter but first somebody come on the show and saying shake their hero. Chiefs are a disgrace. NGOs. Wichita State in everybody else and apology well. There are still like it hit between those who do their thing I'll say here's what I'll say pat I I hear where you're coming from. I do get it. I know I know little little I would say that I mean I don't know her extremely well I know her from having her on the show. I do like her. I think yesterday and blues. I hope out of character. At and I agree with Jeff I think there's an in between where you are more Ryan. Well all the parasite has have you ever. I heard other coaches why. Do anything remotely like. She has got to not do those things she's that she's standing in the front row. Of a highly anticipated and NCAA tournament game Wichita State Kentucky the of the ratings are through the rough force. She she can't afford to do that she's doing it right there for the media you have to be a wire you can't thank. We will we get an apology. I think that's up to Lynn I had to I don't know I'd well. I you know I think it could affect maybe I'm naive. If if he's up for the Indiana our baby then that UCLA. I only deny eve I think questions like that RS. Yeah I just wonder if if we're gonna say hey you've got to calm her down if we're gonna give you this job. Anybody. I thought it was a disgrace stand back project talks. Thank you. I'd take on the bright side they won't come back Saddam stay on hold we'll get Syria. It was just talk about Lynn mark we're gonna go in depth about this but. I want one in depth he had going but what a lot of people are saying but I also think some of the unfair leg. Calling her drunk is unfair and is no evidence that you Mario in the you don't know what when she went kindred. You don't know where you're listening to a driver cargo arrest zip board nobody beats arrest TX Ford Field nobody's.