The Drive: Rise, Fall, Rage, & Grace

The Drive
Thursday, April 20th

Bob & Jeff discuss the Chiefs opening the 2017 season against the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots.  They also have a discourse on the Indians ascent into 1st place, former St. Louis Cardinal "Hard Hittin" Mark Whiten, & The Shockers up coming series against Missouri State.


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This is the true. Colin. The French and field last night. Welcome to the drive on their native anybody know what I'm talking about there with me this year. There were Thursday edition BO OK else knows not what I mean in my okay. I believe that they don't know beautiful beginning I don't think they even know that the name of that song driving to theorize why yes you may have come okay voice sounds a little horse in a row I don't know what's wrong. I coach last night that then I'm gonna yell. But I get excited now of course Wesson charged you don't you know. We have led to run rat at this sickening few bad brow and threat again. Stop stop problem and I don't able thing to monarch that becomes not hello Arnold rebel all they win this competition. So are at it piles and have a during that I have some lemon juice I have to be able thing tomorrow night as sugars chains and got stuck. Where I will be from seven to nine signing and selling copies. Of my book the best I can do a compilation of columns over the past twelve years. And then. I won't be talking to you people. Because thing and after that it's karaoke time and I just now realized. My voice is a horrible Shea. Then so horrible. This is awful is we need to do as many of the Eagles concerts I went to there was a bottle of yellow Gatorade sitting on a stool. Near the drum set and I've taken that to mean that helps the voice somehow. So you better gets on your how to we know what's in that bottle of the yellow gate they'll look like yellow data we really know is we don't really know but I've I've. Drank a lot of yellow Gatorade in my day if you don't send. No I don't know it has that's exactly un arms and I can't even make a joke like I'd drink about a often because I don't you're not Gatorade gap if I am. I don't know I only have ever seen you during yellow Gatorade. My least favorite cast because it's if it's good enough for non manly it's good enough you know I've I've decided I'm not gonna talk to go. Now there's Jeff folks here I am folks how we do this morning 411 it's for a one plan. My clock in my computers ten minutes that's why is that I don't know we'll silent cry my wife it's usually my wife's computer. Rick kell Stuckey who just competed in the Boston Marathon. We'll join us at 425. She finished fourth on the masters division. 28 female overall. 359. Participant. Overall. Out of 27221. Who started the right. She's on this show today. Pretty amazing how do you find there don't worry about the value FaceBook trying to that's fine but yeah how to live finder. I am a master you Obey my running many its there so yeah that's sort of that's finding that anyone can do that. But how many can you hate that they're now be a day. Where if you wanna define somebody like first story and out of your stock and people but if you look if you need a source for a story. And is in on the you have you have actually maybe do little leg work. To get that now you still do sometimes yes sometimes when it's easier now it's it's still can be plenty hard. The fine people most often it's easy because either you know somebody knows them earn it's. Well we're cal thank goodness responded it kindly and said she'd be happy to be on the show. We will talk to her wrapped up four point five today she's co owner. Of the first gear run company right here in Wichita. At 445. Donny Jones a new assistant basketball coach to Gregg Marshall Wichita State will be with us. And it is top ten Thursday. Our top ten Aerosmith song your are you ready for that I was an Ohio on this at the beginning. But that I went back and listened to some early Aerosmith. From Aerosmith tunes that maybe had been. Pushed to the back of my memory banks. And now I'm ready. Well I went back and count and I went there are other albums they made it 2141007. And 61 songs. What so if he can't mind and it really opulent had a bunch of songs don't don't cry about why are not funny to how tough is it. They clearly understand that I was not being can be one of your peers in your earlier joke fell flat well one was. I didn't make any other jokes now my as bothering me what's wrong with that's what he did. You know when you have no voice in the near left tide goes out what do you do. I guess you're finished. I guess he checked in somewhere and I hope you check out but really going to be the day but I'll inviting all of our listeners to give notice to hears you got to opportunities this week for the book. Bang. Sugar Shane is tomorrow's going to be a blast because. I know Shane Scott the owner a little bit and his wife Tonya. They're good people they run a heck of a business I've only heard good things about this place. And the karaoke is going to be fun so if he can join us though that are from some of the nine you wanna hang around. For karaoke we'd love to see it fairway on Saturday afternoon albeit with some of the other 401 cup fans knew the 701 to fail in business. With my friend three Y. Christopher young from one before. I guess it would be kind of cool it was called the 401 cafe. Like only they quietly retire only talking to Little League retired people can eat I'm only talking to people. That's worthless right now now they don't care. They do care and here I have this day that's warrior Romney wanted me chime in with. We need witnessing all of Wenzhou I did. The 401K fed are on Augusta. Saturday ended. And I did I appreciate your support if you're given an even if you're not patriots and chiefs opened the season it was just amounts. But before I went on the show. I believe that's a Thursday night game all right. A school I would have to be a Thursday night game when it is that the defending champion champion always play on Thursday. That's a fun game the chiefs get a little spotlight to start the season. The patriots travelman then we move along to week two now why would you go to Alison I'm not that she's guy by any any stretch of the imagination. In fact as the raiders got like defied all via. I'd like to I'd like to have a a confrontation. With my raiders people. Against the chiefs people. Though and I just knocked it sees so let's say what's the problem. The same page here generally. He's your your okay yeah okay this game that will be in end. At a New England here's Jason Jason you kind of make it a habit of being the first collar why is that. Like jet engine up I Jack that the network thanks JC two but quality time. I would not at all. What else that they did this week is that. Jason I'll let you go I'm done I'm done with the how weak is what else does Jason need to say when a guy. Calls Michelle. To say. Would Jeff go gap. And affinia any others would like to do that 869 tools and ethnic government tired act Ottawa let your insecurity. You can follow me on Twitter at. It's getting tired volley during the show up farming and the south I Mac thank you does and following back for you. People who think that's a big deal. Of the look at your tweet we can DM I mean this is the possibilities are really endless. But we'll say this as I said yesterday and Twitter means. More to you do not necessarily than anyone I've ever seen him 46 absolutely I love interacting with people on Twitter during the show. When I'm home right now whatever but it. During the show I wanna be available and accessible. So it I lost because you're not doing a whole lot to help the shop doing a time and help the zionist overlooked and that Twitter which is why people tweet at me because hey I connect with Jeff Bob's just grumpy do you feel any pangs. Now personally got a new show on had a listen. All the national shows to me. Seemed pretty much alike they promote football here about who they gonna I think paying for football I am no. Not at all. Zero. There's nothing there the Indians by the lawyer in first place so it's not gonna happen how they go from last affirmed swept the twins. And that and the tigers got swept by Tampa Bay. Tommy is that riot. Well no wonder you've been quiet today. Why did the moons of the moves around here revolve around our baseball team that's really true nice to back a shift every day Cleveland comes back to win today against Minnesota. Which he should come back to win against Minnesota we showed that we did. Edwin and con of those races Arista to eighteen so everything looks great and he's fine in fact he's walking a lot he'll be fine I'm not. Not very agreed that in the Francisco and door was offered a hundred million dollar contract for the season. And turned it down note now about that necessarily surprising. How about that and need to find a way to lock him up behind it not happen this guy has earning potential area guy whose looks around. Okay no and I'll look he looks around Cleveland says I'm getting now here's quickly enough fine as I came tearing Frankie Miller you want. But if you don't know the real chance if you don't get a ring and you bolt. I'm not gonna say now I'll tell wait for four right amana happen you cannot. Proclaim him to be the greatest thing ever and love. And already start talking about you bowl and around your dad pulling out of ring. Then we got to where you have to have a talk and that's a ways away. Because he might still sign an extension who knows what can happen the long time. Before we need to have that discussion but I need him and now. Then you you know it's on the table. Avenue noticed you ran as me know that he's look cases. He wants to get out play why. I'm just. Should know it might do have a lot of play for Terry Francona who doesn't want he's not going to be there forever and now. They'll be there awhile. And the next guy it's it's like Gregg Marshall when you get somebody like Terry Francona. Or Gregg Marshall to up the profile of the job. There are gonna maybe replicate did give the guy but the next guy will be that eat much more high profile than what you could have gotten without. Ask Cleveland drawing early in the season well. The an idea no matter had just cited as pop and have drawn much better than they have. Don't give me don't go to your little attend I wanna see it and I and I will give argue I will give our listeners those numbers. Please do now before the show's over now or very early in April was cold and it in the north. So I'll give them a little bit of thanks we appreciate but I guarantee you lived there around 20000 again now they're about Tony five but a you don't have any idea it doesn't matter they're the best team in the American wait until it's proven otherwise you saw the shocker last night they beat Kansas State to nothing and next stadium. Pretty impressive at they let's get. To want to look at all the time. Mulcahy is exactly the same team which I guess if fear. Look and added to be MIA nothing means you're better than them but you know they lost the previous week. But they have the 500 record I think their records were the exact same coming into the game. Yeah which star state pitched well they hit at that the end of that game with five runs in the eighth. Are today though about their lineup they've used 31 lineups and 36 games no no no and you don't really use W you look for the magic line upstart know working now they got Grayson Jenna still in the lead off spot they've scored about seventy runs in the last eight games. So they're go all right now we'll see what happens when they go to Missouri State this weekend now we have Missouri State six and on the conference. Slicks on the cop well there are six and now which does state that disease which does states three in three. Two on formula for now they took TI profiler during an authority who'd Missouri State beat I don't know I didn't check up. Again added perspectives and report you put the record I'm a little page in you don't really now they beat two teams the girl wants. Twelve combined to wanna what ever well maybe they did and maybe they did and that should be pointed out when you point to a glowing record. Flick saw it and lose the competition. Off let's find out they've got a pretty good record overall they're like 24 and thirteen overall this is the good team which just states in need to play well. To beat Missouri State who has already defeated Bradley would switched us they lost two out of three. And they swept Dallas Baptist and. How. Left pretty young then incidents. But I think that slowed enough that'll be a challenge for Wichita State. The head down to Springfield where I am going to get. This summer. To watch the Springfield cardinals. Play some baseball. I'm gonna go over there we might stay in Branson who's on that roster all of a lot of people militarily are very good pitching staff Jack player. Who's just been on a dynamic so far for the cardinals. Got Rick yank deals book often at all today. Rick Ankiel volatile we need to give him on this show. Well we will Betty comes back with the Kansas stars this year that we can get a month. He was on the cardinals broadcast the other not talking about his career and he was with Jim Edmonds. Who by the way is pretty good good on TV. Yeah we told guys like Jim Edmonds. Well yeah yeah yeah I'd like boo. Matt Underwood pick a broadcasting Matt undoing at Jensen Lewis on our post Jensen Lou if former closer by the way. Jim Edmonds is borderline hall of fame should be a hall of Famer we got generally carver that your face we've got Tim McCarver doing so against fox that we got the mad Hungarian now robots out her Brodsky. I mean doing games forever let's think about. That I feel so bad for you wanna start to talk about these things north clip I feel connected. You war with those so first for a while and then some more along the line. You don't get to take. Stock again. Jim Edmonds it can't claim or what I wanted what EE he's not your guy no I don't want to be. Nor is our Abbas ski and a wannabe. Nor is Tim McCarver and I get out her by ASCII file of the cardinals fan until because he let the cardinals but he was a cardinal before. You know you don't get a mute you forfeited all there tradition. And history it's where all the players who came before you are never let the fact that I was the cardinals fan into my brain until just now. And I kind of remember and a little bit. And it's weird to even think about it feels like. Like thinking about somebody dated before your wife. Like it there's no meaning to it but. It's like it's there in the back you like I'd love somebody else that one point eight you know I'm saying it's bizarre. Well I never loved anyone but the cardinals rank ever. As far back as I can remember. I had one team one baseball. And they have been. So good to me. Over the past 55. Years. But I couldn't even think about anyone else you know what kind of value should be is available clip I go back and watch relatively free cardinals. Rather it's related to the cardinals yes a lot of the mark winds for home run nine. I watch it just the other day in fact that they got for you there I was listening to the game that you woke me up the next morning and recount ended. By saying he had no one not two not 34 home runs they did the same thing all the way up to twelve RBIs are remember this vividly. They want a good father hourlong look at this what followed later up early at six toy enact that for the listeners. You're like covering over me for sound exactly like because I listened to a game and it was those unbelievable can you imagine seeing that. Was an identity manager of the of Jack Buck. Gallows on the road. Was in Cincinnati. And he clobbered for a whole month. Pressed him. Twelve are mark Litton hearted mark went up what we call them former Indian. These you know whereas mark I hope he's still with us yeah of course she's alive well I hope he has. Here's what mark Witten remembers about his bread and analysts than it did not pan out. Now man the way we thought he had a tremendous throwing arm he was a fantastic right fielder. And that was a time when we thought mark Witten was going to be the next big thing his career did not pan out. But he will always and forever. Have that lie. Which led me the next morning to say Jeff Jeff flake out. Mark good bad not one not sue not three but four. Home run our Gideon five dollars a right now if you can tell me. That trade traded by this and that Cleveland Indians to St. Louis Cardinals for I can't remember Juan and new car. And Mark Clark not Joaquin and are correct. Mark Clark was a promising pitcher one point who never. He did a couple good I think Eddie Indians used finally was able and that was the fleas and they got but I saw Mark Clark pitched for the cardinals one time. But you've been there are nine and 92 I think you. Let's all remember about now the number did jump to me. Which is bizarre as that let it I say that. I can barely remember Mark Clark. And I may not get his number but a number immediately popped into my head which is they had an ability I haven't you've listened this show. I believe should be getting more national. Recognize it's not number 55. Float close 54 golf man so yeah I just want off. Trying to figure out what it was with the cardinals he was 55 for the Indians got today announced. That it irritates me beyond belief. Why are people not calling this show. An all out of this since the way oil gasoline well that time isn't that weird mark Clinton's easy number eighteen. No no problem you were about a thousand number is eight pianist and I've never wore number baloney I toad get a clue. He wore 402322. I think he was point two for the cardinals. Tony 722 again 2520. Million again must've been in storage that night now he was warning you most wanted to. Now if you say it now you say Mark Clark. What guy I wish you sitting on anywhere. Can know Mark Clark the number that's crave home I knew Mark Clark. Facts the way you do that through that's impressive I do believe I saw him pitch in 1992. I had. That was fun. But that was fun did you enjoy that you feel better now now. My boy's voice is terrible. We invite you to go to camp page radio FaceBook page for your chance to win two royals tickets plus a parking pass but the fifth page radio. FaceBook page you're listening to drive power by rescue four. Nobody beats the rough here at Ford Field nobody.