The Drive: :Running Down Dreams with Raquel Stucky

The Drive
Thursday, April 20th

Kansas's own Raquel Stucky, who in 2014 set the record for the fastest women's time in The Prairie Fire Marathon joins Bob & Jeff to talk about her love of running, the preparation for running the Boston Marathon, and what plans she has for the future. 


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Bo loses. You liked him before. So he's. And 85 music this week this is. Debuts music then TV this is the eighth song ever played on MTV. I'm healed by Todd runs not his best moment but. Repel Stuckey had one of her best moments there where in the hope in the month of running in the Boston Marathon. Finished. My goodness finish fourth on the masses division Tony eight female to finish overall. Raquel. Awesome performance thanks for being with those. But just tell us about the experience of participating. In the Boston Marathon. While Nokia. You know that it really was a great experience. Any kind he expected elite category of and aberration that. Without much prestige it. It's it's an honor I mean it really is that very exciting how and the most part. You are all burners they're out they're not trying to compete and and be our best though. But I gotta say it italics to treat when your. It EL one. When you get treated so it's a little more her. I mean you know you haven't got it you know he can't just go out there and in they get so how can right. You know it's hard to fake 26 point two miles without it up. A tough but you gotta be ready got to be prepared you know I mean don't always go and they're just some races that you know beat you're ready to handle and and you do have to be prepared for Ed this. But in the especially the type course. You want to bring your best and mean that it's kind of the way you want to show up I mean. Yes there's been great great show up for you know here you're 90% ready. And you do to either an injury or higher. You know you're you're Cheney didn't go as planned or something happen at. It was one of those I really wanted to come back and I had had an injury. Last when church so and I'd this is what I wanted to come back in and to be my back into the already felt. Or god do you prepare for the Boston Marathon not even physically because you've run a lot of marathons and run them while they just. Yet and you run it before so were you more use this time to maybe be in the emotional. Impact that something like that has an and trying not to get caught up in in the surroundings of something that huge. You have to prepare for that net to train your brain your regular train near your body you know and unfortunately Itanium brainer a lot harder. You don't get. You know training your body get at core adult you know he'd get faster your calf become easier you know you can use your challengers aren't as. Cart to where to begin unit training schedule hollered to train block but mentally I mean you can go from. Just have a great positive mental day to just. You know what when something goes wrong it now you deeper that to just go down. Tyrell you know and just everything that kind of become the negative and because heavier. Terror to keep going out and it part of and get hot at an emotion that someone. Saying that. You know I had to make sure that I wasn't gonna be there. Going to and spending hours than an X oh and it's not usually my saying you know I just. Kind of like you just. Relaxed and unity ticket and then. You could hack by politically he did give up something you know I I just say the whole time up until after the race and then the. Repel Stuckey what those side co owner of first gear and watched four time. And AA IA all American Southwestern College who hails from liberal how to someone. Get so caught up and running because we all Ron as kids. Some of us grow to hate it. Design him as I have and eat eat that you grew to love that why why do you love running and why do I hate it. Right I don't know why you hate it I didn't know why I do love it it. I. You know I. This is what I grew up doing better than what I ate I didn't mean to do my dad and my two older Brothers are runners and so it can't just. In my history I get to the PayPal I. So when I was little my dad we're turning the witch com marathon and you know and so he'd he'd train for that. Way out western Kansas and it doesn't really inspiring to me my two older Brothers were runners. My. My older the Q would he they'll run and we often run together if that you know leading up to. My lack enough reform maritime we've we've had. We run together in the morning and he's just been kind of like my. My big training partner rarely so growing up I would I would look up to them so much that that's just. I knew I wanted to do do that and you wanted to go to college in Iran because my my brother is that you know so it was just it. It's built and I think in Allen and I just. I've groaned. Did you develop that for myself can't confront sailor. Gone then and moved along I mean that running becomes the very individual thing and you have to act will understand. You know how much it becomes does part of you you know I've I'm. Haven't ever ever stay I know that when I go for a run by the next morning or later on or whatever. Clarity and I can get from that such a good feeling that you you know I don't know what I would do without it. So. And I love it I love to compete and I just. Be able to push myself then and so it. Nervous you know when I'm getting ready for rain I have it work out some approaching I don't. Get the butterflies than I can run that goes away and I know on now. We're guilty have anything left on on your checklist you if you run Boston Erica a couple times at least you've. How to get the Kansas record right so you've you've done the Olympic trials what else would you like to do in this sport. You know if any I don't know like as an. I wanna continue you know I think. Not getting any younger court Illini feel like it's. You know why I do. I want to be able to continue to do. The level of earnings and doing a look a lot just at that he had no plan. I wanna be running when I'm eighty you know I don't wanna just. Completely. We're in my ability young do you in my country years back. I chased them when you know like Ellen Deepak and ER. I don't want dealer to get that at a better time. I'm considering. It just taking another Olympic trials qualifier. Are all things I think I'm capable of doing just. I'm kind of might just. There are different things that in LA and get it all out I'll roll it out and the back in the future than I am I am. Willing to do that and I'd also like to run. You know I have spent a loner and like London or Rotterdam I wonder and other world major effects of the Condit do. One I just drive around a look at the sides you know win here I'm kidding I'm kidding Raquel. I get nervous talking under runners on intimidated by runners I'll just be honest with an. Our hospital known you know how many marathons have you run or kill. Run. Academic or he maritime belly. Have you felt have you felt the same or at the end of each marathon are the different they can explain to us what those feelings are like when you finally come to the end of third. I'm marathon. On now every analyze that is that different game I mean it it really is they're I don't think you have two of the same. You know. I've had one of my best marathon right finished you know and negative split and I'd just. I would love to have that feeling back again that we all now. All the where uttered no act doesn't. They're very kind of rare instances of and do not. You could have a great marathon and then you know. Seven months later you run another clinic at the airport and I happened to me I mean I've I had great ones that had those that. You're coming into the finish and you're much error in that next step you're going to be able to turn over and get another you know so it. It. Had a all like yes now I had stayed bot and a pretty. Pretty exhilarating I mean just. A lot of times. The reason why we pressure now is. Her personal you know I I don't income many runners. Do you find that to rise because they're personal reason or other. You know you'd you'd you'd have to it was almost like that style motivation from court and L Stanley near is pretty important and that I wanna be able to. To say that. I hope to have some influence on I can't. Someday you know and and that they can look back at Princeton. And find that motivation coming that they all they're all different. Now all you know mom and I was thinking now on our and my first one at the age at 190. While. Well we appreciate your time at ski it's always good to talk to you two people who love to run it in in it and lightens me tremendously. We're kelp thank you we appreciate it at our Tokyo aren't that's overkill stuck PM of the blame. Commissar of the music doesn't have a nice story itself tell Leonard Tommy or fire. And on the saddest story but so that we do things a certain last year in notebook Tommy reads to me. Today less threat that's okay Tommy is happily buy your rapidly bad drive on cafe.