Hour 4: Dalvin Cook: 4/20/17

Golic & Wingo
Thursday, April 20th

Greeny & Golic talked about the NFL Draft and chatted with Dalvin Cook


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And you hear that 91% of guys these dumb man plus carry deeper spring recommended. Dove men plus care user enters said that it's like a mask that hides his smelly secrets and I'd imagine that Enders friends are very thankful pick up in new dove men plus carry deeper sprint for yourself that you're local retailer. In this hour we will have a guy will likely be a first round running back in our studio and we will have. Bubble. Which is a fascinating juxtaposition of its own we'll do love it or shut it. And a couple of minutes really quickly Mike among the many things going on right now is in the NFL. Schedule be released today and fans like me are always fascinated by that is she wearing you know. We all know who the games are you know your team is playing. But you don't know when you're on the sequencing and out of the travel you know the Thursday night don't allow that but. There are reports out here and look at that here I just saw it. And of course I lost it quickly but that suggest that the giants will play in Washington. On Thanksgiving night. Thanksgiving is always one of those that we keep an eye on it now we know there are three games now in the last ten years when average NC you know the lines are going to be hall you know the cowboys right to be home. And now there are multiple ESPN reporters. Who are reporting that that Washington and the giants will play on Thanksgiving that'll be the third game now after the game. I had actually does so we know teams are gonna clam Thursday who just were we are right now aside I've played in a couple of those games. You know outside of missing just sit there on the table and you know you can burden and you know and buckle in my pants and fall asleep. I got to play game instead it's a bit of a difference but our shores for that guy Huff puff. I I I like to plan on Thanksgiving at the phone that's cool I'm glad that that there was very little chance that the jets are gonna play our Thanksgiving because. Who in America or wanna see that I'm the last on the jets played on Thanksgiving was denied of the bought fumble. So I'm not looking forward to reliving that one night immunizing anytime soon are a bunch of very big names. In the news today and before we get rob in here let's got to run through some of these stories that start with Russell Westbrook right. Where do you fault is we had like Olerud here basically. For those are just waking up and didn't see at Westbrook at 51 points and a triple double last night took eighteen shots in the fourth quarter missed fourteen of them and they wind up losing. So we heard led to a sort of on the Russell has no help side. And Rochelle low saying you know part of that his own doing kind of odd that which studied YR I I am on the side of it his own doing I think. Listen the cop out answers of course it's a little bit of both he doesn't have great help on the team right are forward. We're we're not really gone no one know or listening or watching he's gone huh. Really are you kidding I mean he doesn't have great help on that team and Russell Westbrook loves to shoot the ball. Okay we know that he did eighty going to rant was there there were times that people saying we addition to it during a little more. But he he loves to shoot that shot 43 times last night. He does get rebounds and he does get assists and it was a game last night. Where they had the lead and Houston went on a run in the fourth quarter when Russell was you know get his very few Warner breaks. So he went and shot eighteen timed in the fourth quarter so. I don't wanna sound like a cop opera it's a little ball that's not a great supporting cast at all and Russell Westbrook taking over game. It's not like it's earth shattering headlines course mean that that's his that's his gig right did put up numbers that we've never seen in the post season before and they lost. So your it's going to raise those questions about numbers we've never seen in the regular season before either and they were the succeed so I mean. You know a lot of countries saying great performance as you're talking about a out of a one a two seed may be a three seed as low as that but. He put up something that hadn't been done since the sixties and they're as good enough to be the sixteen get knocked out the first round now I tend to fall on that side of it as well. He doesn't have enough help side but. I'll come eighteen shots and quarters an awful lot of confidence and a quarter Mike in my we're by the way our sports and it was brought to you by dove did you hear that. 91% of guys that used dove men plus care a deeper expert recommended. Dove men plus care user Andrew said it's like a mask that hides his smelly secret and yes that makes dove men plus care a deeper as British Smart choice pick up. Some at your local retailer. Today other big names this is necessarily a big name it may be he will become one eventually. I'm fascinated by this Patrick Holmes thing again Louis ridicule here yesterday said it and melon X shape I backed it up today. Patrick our homes at quarterback from Texas Tech has gone from a guy who were the beginning of this process was going to be drafted in the third or fourth round to a guy who is now. Trending towards being a lock first rounder and maybe first half of the first round it's remarkable how that number could change over the course of the process via. And you know if I sit here say owners say it sounds like number appear on the kid but this is stuff I don't get. If our running a team. The last evaluation. I got from my scouts would be the one I would use the overriding factor. Of when that kid season's done you break down his season for me on tape you break down how you think he is is a player. That's my Bible okay and that's what I'm using now. When I am and I honestly don't care what the guys do in shorts in the future I really don't. Now getting him in a classroom is something that you can't do when you when you're just watching him on film. Getting in a classroom talking to him. Getting to the white or watching the tape that certainly can be a factor don't get me wrong at all. But the majority is on tape. What with a guy and so I'm. I'm with you when you said before you kind of encapsulated a pretty pretty well once saying that that a guy considered that you know in the Rollins he was. Consider all of a sudden is a top ten to Shawn Watson we talk about so well now all of a sudden he can't play. You know he's now in the second or third round and thought was maybe be a first round again. I don't get it I am going to believe my eyes and what I see. And that means I'm watching tape I don't get. The pom benefit of having them in a classroom so certainly I don't have that part of it. But I can certainly see how they're reading what they're reading how quickly they redid their frozen stuff. On the field. And while mall Holmes that the thing about all visual look editors say. Man if I could name some of those things is his want to go downfield too much at times you don't go for the big ball but. Meant what he does oil boy. I like it but how many guys that come out of that conference and we are gone wild look at the numbers look at the stats look at the time to throw a look at how well he throws. And they go on to be average at best in the NFL he may not he may be different he may go on to be great I don't know. But the big change from December on when they're done playing games. Blows my mind at times just blows my mind because what we have is more and more and more time to keep talking about it dissecting it and oxygen during the first play Easter break and on the tape. I am a tape guy I may watch got live Miami tape guy and I may I'm going to believe what my eyes tell me. And then the third big name the biggest of all the names in the news. I'm maybe the greatest athlete in the history of her sport may be one of the greatest athlete our country has ever produced. Serena Williams with the announcement yesterday that she is expecting a baby. And I've got a list here of of great athletes who have had babies and then gone back to their sport and had a Norman's nest starting in tennis which of course is her sport. Here's the list of women in the open era to win Grand Slam titles as a parent Kim Clijsters won three of them. I've Angola Dong won Wimbledon in 1980 and Margaret Court won three majors all of them in 1973. After having it may be what I do not know how old they were Arenas 35 years old. So you do have to wonder. And of course because destroy as wonderful news we have all watched arena grow up from where she was a little girl watching her older sister Venus playing to now becoming this extraordinary. The woman who is who was one of the most fascinate on figures and I'm so far beyond gestures boredom in the place that she occupies. Just in the inner and our society right now. Is colossal she's she's one of the I think one of the most respected people that we have and I think. Was about to say in arguably the greatest female tennis player of all time has probably not in arguable but whatever yeah. The point is. You do have to wonder at the age of 35. She'll be you know 36 years old extended do you think that she comes back and is able to be the best player in the world again I thought and we don't usually discuss here I. Think if that's where we. I remember this being it's completely different thing. A talking about tiger went tiger dominated I remember was it was a Jack Nicklaus who said. You know for you to marry and start having kids in your life start to order from different direction where our you know he was a lot he was younger. So now she's 35 she's having a child so there's obviously major difference there a body wise soul. And and I think a lot of it will have to do with her is that what she wants to do is her goal gonna be let me just put it this way. If she has that baby and her goal is to say I'm gonna come back and continue to be the best player in the world. I don't doubt one bit. I don't doubt it one bit. If she were to say you know what I'm a mom now. And I'm going to enjoy this I've had a great career whether issue I don't know if you're beekeeper and I don't know I'm just going through situations. This year to say I'm gonna enjoy being a mother now. Then so more power tour but is she says I'm gonna come back and I'm going to work to be the best tennis player in the world continue to be. I have zero doubt she will be for how long a time I don't know but can't you get back to that in my opinion without question. Other examples Candace Parker had a baby. In May of 2009 she was the MVP of the WNBA for years later. We know all about territory as Mike who won multi now swimming medals in after the birth of her daughter Kerri Walsh won Olympic gold in 2012 and beach volleyball after having. Two children. And Sydney LaRue Dwyer had a baby in September of last year after helping the USA win the World Cup in 2015 and she is now. Recently returned to playing professionally where that he Kansas City so it will be entered a look at I mean obviously I share your belief whatever Serena wants to do was obviously a cart yeah. But it is at least worth considering the notion that that may be. That will mean that we will not see her again and if so we have seen. The conclusion although I share your believe I think you'll come back and play that drove you can't share my belief that if you want to she has a determination to come back examiner be investing in that she will why would you doubt it's exactly what it what exactly as you've ever seen her that you would doubt anything that he might be able to do. I'm but if it is the case that. Because it's her choice or for whatever reason we never see your play tennis again. We have seen. It's so hard to quantify it's so hard because tennis is a tough sport to compare to other sports anyway. And and the gender. Makes it also difficult to compare all of it is very hard. You could make a defensible argument that we have seen the end. Of one of the five or six greatest careers. That we've ever had from an American as default I don't think there's any doubt about right don't gonna I don't know how you quantify that exactly how do you compare I billion user to Jim Brown but that's the fun of some day doing a list like who like that. She will be in that conversation that is I mean it's no question I'd love to figure out like at some we should put together a committee in fact if you have the time I'd like you to chair this committee. I don't have the time where we were trying to figure out how what criteria are we using to quantify that. Because they're gonna make an argument that Serena Williams is. In a handful of greatest athlete that the United States has ever produced you could do you usually do yes you can I'd like to figure out how you would sit and do it. I'm not going to be on the committee. Do you not have time. Is it because of the scorpion to have a lot my hair is actually swallowing a little more not to watch night we got old problem miracle it got bit by a scorpion and didn't even seek medical assistance it is in saint I think it really is more got stung their blankets stock market whatever it is that a scorpion does too we want it did to your long may your hand is swelling is still hurts and I have got you have not sought any medical assistant don't have any other symptoms but a very hollow here expecting that the last Arnold's been a couple that had you know the poison is not currently doing other damage to you're not aware as I don't feel anything else there are other symptoms like this doesn't sneak up on. Move on I'm very concerned about it. We are Micah Hyde represented by a progressive insurance I guess on the shell Pennzoil performance line and now we're doing this. It's time for another edition I'm. I'm more shopping aisle we might do in mind. Here's. Schaub has brought you about Granger and Bob is on his way indoors robbery or what bothers there's no chairman calls to set the proper care bring up here. You kidding me this marketing year this deficit that we know apparently last week Bob walked into the studio announced the talent is now here. And why you guys don't do that staff did not take tough. Given carriers aren't sure where I mean whatever we have you know real talent here other people bring up the cheer for them but public or have you guys ever so that. Balance here. We've never had to say. I never worn a T shirt that looked like a tuxedo bubble has got for those of you know watching what has got the T shirt tuxedo Garland. And it occurred to me when you walked in today if you look like two different people tell me which one of these you yet you people tell you look a little bit like Jack Black. Now you've never heard that before now the cola do you think it looks like at all I feel like Jack Martin's. From the doubt I'll ever backer you as a person whose face is perhaps not quite as well known don't know is not as a helmet on but do but you'll you'll like the money's gonna get on the road that he's not giving any of the money I'm not and the other one and it looked like an an and I am sure a lot of people an artist so you'll just like Hugh. Whose name is Brian Quinn from him practical Joker ever that it is not bothering me for a long time wanna watch that show like that show I've not seen that it's a funny show it is here picture if these poor idea got a picture of Q. He is these four guys get election countdown thanks and they do. Say they they they they get challenged duties like ridiculous challenges. Like they got to walk up to people and get them to sign something it looked at greatest at their fort childhood friend. And then in the end somebody loses have to do something ridiculous remember we also said he would people think it looks like Luke made from North Carolina. Yes the basketball player yeah okay he does actually it was a whenever you look like a lot of it'll look guys all of whom are our I mean that that is the wrong way. Better looking and perhaps arguably more successful that you'll so. I think you need to maximize this look other people seem to be doing it better. There are a fatten pilots governorship but others got headlines and we've got opinions out. All right James Harden is an even better fit for Mike didn't always offense and Steve Nash was shot. What's not to love about that I mean Nash is an incredible this guy as well hard to assist wanna. Incredible as so much this year putting a better score than natural sell I'd hard without a doubt what you want numbers. Steve Nash was the back to back MVP playing for Mike and Tony averaged seventeen points eleven assists and three rebounds a game. Pardon is averaging 29 points eleven assists and eight rebounds per game. We had to Antonio last week he said his only regret. Was that he maybe didn't push this far enough then Phoenix Nashville is a great player pardons on another level what I think without a doubt when when the coast and that's that I want threes or layups. I mean. Or garlic hard you're salivating when you hear that levity shuttered republic next James Franklin inviting the media to play in the Penn State's spring game. Lover show what's not to law about that if they're really gonna put on pad you take it shot at a he says he's serious ball that those who choose to do what they can catch on that and get hit. But they gonna catch but I he would hit that I and I can't hit that obviously would create a lot of liability issues and I might sign a piece of paper man. They're not gonna have the reporters out there like participating in the nutcracker drill or whatever it is you guys do that Oklahoma drill there knocking it hit that I that I don't want them out there. I don't want to mop. So don't be bringing someone on the field just for you know little pomp and circumstance little cute thing. You wanna get the experience get the experience get hit your media guide how would you wanna go attend Penn State's media day and participate. I could have a participate per player to Medvedev like you just leave after that while I'm on what what do you think the writer from the you know that the net Eli knows that it all right playing I don't need to get it these guys want to feel like what it's like actually played the game of football. Get hit. That's my point you step on the field impact I'm hitting you. I'll say I love the story I would show of the getting hit hard. But I excuse expand on this on nutcracker drill you you wanted to do that what it was is that auto record that could be called back it's not not not like the ballet that you wondered alive I want to deal Lyman a fullback alike and have whatever you want to her. It was the 1008 homers drove them all and you know I actually had it right installs its interchangeably known as the alcoholic and I had exactly did you bomb my next they're really is one Pro Bowl quarterback in the upcoming NFL draft lovers of what now Pro Bowl quarterback. Listen you can get down to like the eighth one with these Pro Bowl the and yet that's got to be one of the eight best quarterbacks I'm good I'm that Michelle Obama to say no ominous I don't think so it's always more than we think a quarterbacks that end up playing all you hear his. These guys all the time but you know summer gonna play you know that's going to happen. But I'll show of this and say none will be Pro Bowl quarterbacks the last draft without a troubled quarterback and it was 2013. EJ Manuel geno Smith and Mike Glenn and with the only three quarterbacks taken in the first three rounds. We heard the chase say today you think seven quarterbacks we'll go in the first two rounds this year. I'll save a process of elimination one of them will eventually be good and make the problem may be a small may be its Watson maybe it's. Peterman and one of the guys that people aren't even barely talking about I will say that I love it at least one of them eventually will all eventually I document next year. Where in Iraq next year like Democrats got it okay yeah want to know what shop what to do it to me what what are your name next furor earning an owner herb I don't know I. And you don't actually I mean at some point the question says the lose one world one probable court I like some port and yeah I love it that Daschle and I know I would totally shelve any of them have trouble down next picture wouldn't be definitive in your question there about Obama next. Doc Rivers will be the coach of the clippers next year lover shovel next year there's all this talk about next oldest dog. About it may be going back to Orlando where they fired the general manager in May be running that show he completely dismiss that possibility but of course. His team is in the playoffs right now so what's he got it all on bleaker for could be gone he said he wants to bring the team back intact. Like you want to bring to everyone's sort of assume this is the last run for this group. For what it's worth dock at before the playoffs started I wanna keep this group together whether we win or lose now again what's he gonna say. But before the playoffs began. I'm going to say that I love it that he will be the coach of the clipper like him to say the same thing I don't think is gonna leave I think the team will look different but I think he will be the coach. Bob inaction Don Mattingly removing two starting pitchers with no hitters in tact this season. Well Russia listen I'm amid the general headline I shot that I hated because you wanna I wanna see that happen but. Listen. In baseball now with pitchers in pitch count I know some of the old timers hate that. But it is where we are now in baseball. And if you feel that you need to do that that I understand and I can sit there and sell. Screw everything you guys are doing with pitch count or why you're trying to take care that a lot of guys stay out there get a no hitter. I understand apart from the headlines standpoint I shop because I want it to the guy with a chance to get the note and wait and jet is coming off of of arm problems right and he's had it. You have to do you have to do it so I mean I love it. Even though I I I agree with the I hated but I love it it's what you have to do if you're a manager you have to lose a couple of battles. In order to try and win the war but I like this last one Bubba golf of the teams in Washington this season the wizards have the best chance to reach the finals Lovett portion of wizards to admit that four seed galloped through zip on the hawks yet the capitals who. You know always have the best record and don't go anywhere. With that unfortunately. And the nationals and the Redskins I'm gonna say the nationals Palmer say they can keep it together from the injury standpoint. There I think what 949 and five right now. I Bryce Harper started out pretty darn solid this year. I'll say that nationals. And I know that's probably the hardest one to do it and I'm gonna definitively say I shot that because the questions as the wizards have the best chance to reach the ball and I shot that there's no way in the world they getting through Cleveland Georgia Tech. If you had to pick one of those where I would probably pick the capitals because Amanda the best team in the Aaron and a flat footed tie the first round they want the presidents cup so. While that is an area under achieving I get it. But I mean if you're picking the one if if in theory they're the best team in the league. And they're not like down three nothing in a series right now why would you like Roddick yet theory bit going to go and practical application they've been their before and not done an uncle the national governors governors brought you by Granger no matter the job Rangers got your back Granger. For the ones who get it done. There's a picture of Q right there goalie there's a view not watching and I'll be a okay looks like Bob does look like yeah yes Zack Marten or Luke may. I cycled back mark. Mr. rose act more a lot of good looking guys and Lola is a handsome and these are all very publicly your chair and Leo yeah well them. I. 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Rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans probably support Mike and Mike when it comes to the big decision of choosing a mortgage lender it's important to work was summoned you can trust who as your best interest in mind with rocket mortgage you're gonna transparent online process they gave you the company June need to make an informed decision to skip the bank skip the waiting and go completely online at Quicken Loans dot com slash Mike's equal housing lender licensed in all fifty states and MLS consumer axis dot org number 3030. I or Micah Micah those watching on ESPN two we welcome you inside the Scots green allowed just got to as the official lawn care company. Of Major League Baseball but it's football we are talking Angola just did a terrific breakdown of our next guest showing all the different ways. But he will be a terrific NFL running back you'll hear his name called the first round a week from tonight. Out of Florida State deadly cook is with us at our studio good morning welcome Belle and how are you more commitment don't have meant I was breakdown OK are you that you're gonna unload. A path. I just love drawn on the Telus for lowest grade Ed Ed so let's talk about it is some of the strengths and accentuate some of those have been may be some of the things. They need to be worked on clearly go look I was talking a lot about. Your patience as a running back your willingness to allow the blocks to sort of define your holes and being elected you describe that I'm always fascinated. By that as an all these things are happening so fast. Give me a sense of what you're looking at and what's going through your mind as you were watching the blocks develop and deciding which hole you're gonna pay. It was all about being patient men put laws and and the right place and as while watching tape and watch FM and more and more new teammates knew and gave me chemist who would and so. There's a bug you know I was in a way place so you can put so by the end and in a position me please to what you're actually out there. It are their thoughts going through is that purely instinctual he watched enough. That you just sort of feel it or you actually thinking OK he went that way so I'm going this is all there's always think of men whose codes emotional you always Thursday though what the thinking you know what this league Korea so in practice. And in a new rules we we we preach on that a lot so moon going again isn't it just be free template. You think your step behind and there's no doubt about that I equate what you guys do too like pool billiards. Is the person taken the shot. Isn't so much concern about the shot he knows he's gonna make that shot you know you're gonna get past the line that it's that next shot the next tiger setting up for some talk about your eyes. When you're following blocks where are your highs. As far as downfield as concern. Dome this polite you know once I want target the amount Austin Marleau was doing Marcy was buckled the second level defender so you know was a breakthrough on this grouping them wait a similar to be successful with the blood there was a book corner right week. So analysts argue it was argued to rely on after the my lowers the more he was book was down sue was Lemond. And then. Michael also showed in his breakdown of viewing this is increasingly the role of the running back in the NFL right now is the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. Which he did successfully Mike showed you making one nice tough catch in traffic and then. That dump off where you've got based operate let's talk about that play that kind of play when you got that ball and you weren't open space and you're setting guys up worked looking to take an angle on you. Now what thoughts are going through your mind. Won't really is make a plea closing or non violent and noticed that no all ago rose Columbus cover me saying oh. Just want to go on to the games legislation though estimates missed me. So moved and left leg I got the upper hand in legislative momentum. Q how hard is it to keep a poker face when you know you gotta backer on you're just had a lot of look at it. Hope to Cubans in today's figures it out there. It is our managers or so ago I read as you know you government you go to you do move view one implement. Is audited those it is de La du. Listen I I think your the prototypical back right now and or talk about letter for netting Christian McCaffery and they they do great things as well but I think the NFL is your style right now. Why in in nabbed summer talk you know they had you up as the Topper back somehow you're as a third running back why do you think the fluctuation right now what what what are you think is being said about Jews that. You think may not be the right thing to be said about you. I don't know Rihanna is a loaded draft list can go home up those they agree on a mature move in the island of who knows they learn stuff from me. And noses there by the go to different opinions on what they want and rabbit so I some of that than the negative side on the field. There's talk all he needs Iran more between the tackles when you hear that what do you what do you think I've been to a no figure into the right system to boo we do have what state. And though we do a lot of you know Collins column please Chris plays and running a zone a lot goes visited the minds of the mix and a salute all the tape the another thing they said and I'm I'm a master of these nights seven surgeries on my right tremor I left you got a few surgeries on the shoulder which were rotator cuff and lay broom. So then there are those that say it's set a drop in the shoulder get more mister Forman so as far as the shoulder it searchers are returning shoulder health. Where are you there and how do you think that may help you at the next level or MPG with the next well what they're giving up because you know and it's who sows so those are used and uses go back and say I never mystical ball and coat you know it's not from the so I don't know that there were you go do their view tight. And no debt and having them be opposed. Delta and cook a Florida State one of those games in college you didn't miss. Was the bowl game this year against Michigan. Which was notable for a variety of reasons including several very highly touted players not playing in that game legible preparers didn't play that game Jake but did and got injured significantly injured. And and from what I understand you said it never even entered your mind not to play take us through that thought process on these did. These same group of 71 about a week since you know fall count spring football and for the last as there is so you know. There was no it's senseless to go and get better and the wonderful while painful Florida State University so you know. A low ball meant if the ball hit the ball a lot of them and it was you blow room go to Vista. I love that mentality but did anyone in your circle alerted anyone anywhere that you paid attention to. Suggest to you that you would consider not playing that game no Marleau Lou. Most there. What would've been your thought he had somebody else on your team who was it would consider one of the top prospects what if in a team meeting after the last game central us. Listen I love you guys have been with you guys the last four or five years or ever was but ominous skip this game and to get ready. For the the draft what would you move thought about that. I think other teammate as a broad and I was being tied 22 known to go to impersonate and no. And the television was a better opportunity in the net known as the Beverly Google about a globe bundle opening day you know. We go brothers' no matter what this is he making them but we really want to complete by a word no from well. And as far as this whole process because one of the other things that because it talked about or viewers is off the field and some of the people vet to supposedly hang hang out with. This process is an unbelievable processor go through it is it is a meat grinder in order out about it and you get poked and prodded as are sure your did. And everything gets looked at off the field as well so when you went through that process how did you answer those that that question some of the off field things. Really moment of the truth will set you free you know food truthfully. More and then be open and honest about everything so. Whatever they actually knows what NASA so narrow and Armenians. It was with open about everything what kinds of questions at that people have with regard to those issues don't just generate trust me a note compliment of of those situations which I can't. You know. And though Moodle from a and he knows that customers and those are. How about the other stuff that people I've I've found it fascinating just reading some of the questions that guy they got as Mitchell Robiskie. Said someone asked him on a scale of one to ten how good are you were doing the Nene. And I thought to myself. Why on earth is someone asking that question to anyone much less of a job interview. But did you have any sorts of questions like that the decision to make no sense at all. Own. You did I was ready phone because you know some of the previous Gaza cult who's really doesn't create questions actually doing is that it Credo. What I am amazed at is how much are high school what Miami central Vermont the freedom to women there was there were 2003 or never US army what. In the water there with with the type of running backs coming out of there we had a grip a does an Arabic man and the oddest thing you know LaBroque play than and it uses you know this is due to do some good hormones to the doctor Freeman at all. I told him the whole weekly you sort he had to save you about this process in the next steps so it does keep my head we're here every day in the controller to do so it was tested the right now when I met and moved them. Is there are some thing out there that you wanna get out there that people maybe don't know about sure you don't feel as is being talked about you enough. There is is there anything. Largest relating properly no agreement on the grid among ball a foot estate. The so you have in the visited luminous Venezuela up and coming. And nowhere will organization dressed me newbie they're on a vegan agreed to go through or a week away have you got. And any sense from the people who represent you or any of the conversations you've had a of what to expect that night of where. Not necessarily a team but what range you should expect to hear your name called in Milan has been open about low paying those who'd be patient and know where my man because those can be some of them remember. A title one thing you can you can at least enjoy now knowing the fact that you'll never have to run 42. High jumps at all. Broad jump and all these non football thing is if you had to work out so much for news now from the draft on you can just play football you're beautiful you have to move back at you also our short of getting drafted higher than Michael it to us he would go around in the tenth round and they don't even have ten rounds anymore I see the look on your face once upon a time. There where that surrounds the there'll be seven but their words and Mike was drafted in the tent area SSI I played nine years a look anything is news anything is possible I got drafted at midnight now as normal. I have a cup best of luck in Georgia today purity as analysts in Philly next week it's big big she's D'Amico got a Florida State I'm what did you extend my pick him to win the Heisman Trophy before the season. Began to put together a huge year. Now concerns minded speeches from Geico. Hardship my grandmother would go through it every month to pay her insurance they'll fare issue at hand write a paper check incurred it. Then using her own tongue she would way to stamp. For an envelope. Today however we need not weary our hand and tons today we can pay our Geico bill with the Geico lap. A way with hard chip in with bill paying on the guy collapse. Thank you. Join our chat with. Delving cook and and I I have heard only because you pay attention all the things people say about the questions about him off the field and all of that we talked about it with him. And clearly I don't know anything about that. And the shoulder obvious is a concern. So absent those two which are things I can't. Delve into why I just watched the guy play to me he's the best running back in this draft and out or gets close. I don't know if I go that far not being close listen like I wish Leonard four and at a magnificent long wonderful career and a that guy Jimmy looks like a guy who was going to be heard all the time. He is running people over every time I looked up he was hurt regularly in college. I mean that's that's usually not a good sign sort of deluxe level he's obviously explosively talented and I wish him nothing but the greatest of success. But if you tell me I could draft one of those two guys I would take Devin caught. Now I mean and obviously the shoulder is a concern for him again major rotator coffee in high school two years ago the form of a player from the last year the back of it. So that that's actually concerned you know he's gonna take a lot of hits on her shoulders was no doubt about it's all in his shoulder gonna get torque in different positions so that that's a legitimate concern. I wouldn't say Galvin Coke head and shoulders above everybody else. As I said I think he's the more typical prototypical back right now four net I think can be your feet accused in an offence were they thrown the ball more in order worked a lot on that. And you can only control so much when you're in a system your rent so I know from the season on he worked a lot on route running is pass catching abilities. Which I really think will be key at the next level if you get that guy in space and you become a pass catching threat. And doesn't just trying to run everybody over college and we senior run by people as well. He is going to be a a absolute. Train on the loose I keep saying training Mets like compare to Chris. We run around juror run faster than you were run over you know we've seen him do that he just has to pick a spot to where want to run people over. I'll make my prediction and I had this one right last year I told you before the draft Zeke Elliott will be the NFL's. Offensive rookie of the year and actually I think he wasn't right that Prescott was. So I didn't have that you didn't rely Brian Kelly it was sensational did you find it good otherworldly good seek Elliott lived up to everything he looked up all the and then so on I will take that prediction right now regardless of where is drafted. I will picked Alvin cook to be the NFL's offensive rookie of the we will CNN I mean that it seems at this point at least from our guys that will be the third running backs elected. For now will be the first one McCaffery the second one and then delta group referred once so Woolsey Woolsey were to emea and up. I'm so confused by that like. I understand that they delve into all this character stuff that they were concerned with that that may be staying close to home and look we just kept coming off the this week now or the or Hernandez story is what it is but. To me to watch that I played football I think he's spectacular. Some of the Twitter reaction here Joseph to reach go look you're exactly right hander Shawn Watson he's the best quarterback in the draft proved it on the field. Against the toughest competition. Building I would say that seems to be working against Watson is. Going into last year coming off of the performance he had against Alabama in the championship game and Nick Saban calling him the best quarterback he'd ever faced right. He did not have a consistently great year note ought to be people were gonna be tanking for him and then all of a sudden they weren't. So somewhat rural yeah even early on he would Ian admitted that last year got tomb a bit he didn't run as much last year through a little more. I had had for more interceptions and and that's a concern listen I'm not saying he's a prototypical and a perfect one more disorder about this class this year. He did throw seventeen interceptions you're gonna look at dollars and take why did you throw those who what are you doing. But as far as me throwing everything into the into the barrel and picking it out. I just I just try and I you keep using that word I trust him the most. I think all their abilities that only won his head and shoulders above the other so I look for sometimes. More than intangible things to Kerry got time this is from culture fade to read status bubble looks like blogger for revenge of the nerds. We thought we we bought all of our staff all the sudden looks like a lot of people out like he looks like we said Luke may from North Carolina. He definitively looks as I said this morning like you from impractical jokers are those who know that show. And now this comes then he's writing doesn't look like bugger he dug into the lead us. So Bubba got that kind of face he just looks like a lot like a lot different people so we has no identity himself and it finally and and most importantly sell tweets that I Scola here fine. And Hawaii about a seven and sent to PG stung me in the wrist my whole arm went numb gotten a medical attention pain went away in a week. Again if we just joining us Zoellick was started by a scorpion and Arizona and did nothing about it and it's still swollen is still hurts I find that impossible. And it's right in my hand again I I content on the knuckle. I and and it's because he had this happened that it sneak up on you didn't. No they don't sneak up well how to hobbies any raided his area it's not like a scorpion. We we make eye contact and he hack syllabus and I don't do that I indicated I was hanging Tom. Wind chimes are in our landscape while in the trees so I Adams had just did that yesterday jittery day it's I had them laid laying down on the ground while is picking up my hand was by you know. Down in the landscape and I was doing it a few times. And you know one time I got his area. You know and in that just on you saw it you actually saw the corporate bond ultimate. But I mean you physically saw pleaded trying to catch veteran like what I wanna try to let it get to the doctor to know what it was not only do it's a scorpio a bear that I thought out and different breeds of scorpion I didn't name him. What am I offer. Ali al-Qaeda. Our guys I named him quite loudly I am sure you know he start he scurried off you know you want and hey you know scorpion one goal nothing on that water and no point did it occurred university medical because everything's made my hand it's still very swollen knee hurts it it's more. But how long holiday to go away and all that how will you know if it's been too long because I'll know what hasn't gone anywhere else and am I don't have any shortness of breath my muscles aren't twitching David I've not heard willingly endorsed by the end. You can get it says it is nothing's Arabic I'm not gonna worry about the candidate. In this Saturday he lives though some more on my property seeing him on couch.