Mayweather vs. McGregor: 5/19/17

Golic & Wingo
Friday, May 19th

Greeny & Golic talked about the All NBA teams impacting players contracts, Mayweather vs. McGregor and Tom Brady. Plus they chatted with Ryan Leaf


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Did you hear that 91% of guys that used government less scary deeper and recommend that government cluster user Bobby says he doesn't know how it works but it gets the job done. Let's get enough for anybody. Pick up some new government plus carry deeper and for yourself at your local retailer. Really. He's known for let's go might get my podcast we can subscribe now going to listen to happen. The ESP. Ask about my my. Mike Leavitt livelihood of insurance against them in general. I can't survive. Big weekend is ahead of good sort itself out which would take over the next couple days. We've got baseball we got happy we got a horse racing the preakness. Is on the schedule as we go to the second leg of horse racing's Triple Crown good morning to tell you that. The horse racing ever since we got that current you know Triple Crown or lately Triple Crown it. It just seemed it to fall off president I think in and obviously we'll see after the break the server and have the ability to possibly have that again but knock ally kind of forgot that race was this weekend which is which is a shame for how much we look forward to each year. To get that next Triple Crown. I got the stat pack although that's an idea provided I got the preakness that path let you know the demise of all yes it's the preakness. And yes of course I remember this conversation armor actually hilariously going back. As far as it is our member Keith Olbermann talking about this on sports and are in the late nineties. Cautioning. That if the home run record were to be broken. Which at that time acquired tonight there were chasing the legendary marriage home run record. Be careful what you wish for early very exciting. And then all of a sudden wall stopped caring about it going forward because it won't be something that's been chased right at that point 35 years this is before we knew. That does home runs are gonna become in Val Wright it's psychologically. And the way they weren't that's what's happened now. I will say if we do get those a second leg here right people will have a close I had I agree it was a big deal in the seventies I still remember Seattle slew and affirmed in back to back years. Waiting around the Triple Crown and it was a big deal both to migrate and all I agree it just been such a long time and then we got you know we got our meal we got our Triple Crown winner we've. We've got to put that aside I guess until we see what happens in this race to see if we're going to be going for gas aren't let's go forward about it and we top. Let's start with the cavaliers and the Celtics tonight I guess the cavs look to win their thirteenth. Straight. Post season game. LeBron James team is never lost a post season series after taking a two zip lead 218. And all of the Celtics could be the thirteenth team in NBA history to face multiple. 20 series deficit. And you mentioned about most configure a contender post season wins travelers sitting at twelve right now lakers at thirteen back in in 88 so. And Michael Jordan to smoke are are I'm Michael Jordan. LeBron James moving up the list to pass Michael Jordan for number one. On post season scoring and we have all the thirty plus points in the 25 plus and 50% feel Rami just. He's just going after record for and after record on this as well as another championship. 32 years old it just continues to give me. I was feeling is not even worth having the conversation about what to the Celtics do to play their way back into the series right all the the conversation. Is about the historical place of LeBron and the cavaliers look I'd love the Celtics to change that narrative tonight I wouldn't bet on it. But I sure would love tic tock every game goes to overtime including production predators last night and it Anaheim with a win 82 app to. Amazing 26. Overtime games in the post season so far the record is 28. Back in 1993. It's a 471. Goal game of this post season that's one shy. All of the record and for the win last night for the doctor. And Perry who gets that goal Corey Perry's third overtime goal this post season he's the first evidence three. Different series to do this so. Pretty impressive and by the way now. Our national of their their ten game home post season streak is over. And for Anaheim they're fifteen and eight on the road in post season overtime game that's pretty good job on the road. Angolans and senators tonight Pittsburgh needs to get its offense going well and knew where the women offense died down members to be Crosby. 1436. Remaining in the polar first period. Game three against the capitals concussion time out war that. They have been averaging a goal every fourteen minutes. Since then. And Crosby is back but instead injury there every year goal every 34. Over 34. Minutes a bolt saw that that's an authentic or right really needs to improve that's a really interesting note and it's one of those things and of course can merely be a coincidence. It's it it's too small of a circumstance to say well obviously there's a causality here. Remember we talked to sit Grozny between the two series and he had the incident where it went into the boards like first and that then the game six I think it was. Of that series or whatever was and all the controversy that ensued and maybe he's not playing as well maybe that's led them not playing as well and one more number on on how big this game is or senators I have a 21 lead and in this and senator had taken a 31 series lead. Nine times in their franchise history and they have won all nine series. Out of all the all NBA teams were announced yesterday there was a lot of significance. Two players who did and more significantly didn't make it. Until that third team let's start with a guy who did make it on the first team and that LeBron Jane yes somebody voted him one vote for the second team the old we wanna get all first team votes whose James Harden Russell Westbrook. Did not get all first place a vote what. Perjure LeBron James eleven time NBA first team all SARS are a selection they're all NBA including ten straight that ties Kobe Bryant. And Karl Malone for the most in NBA history it's LeBron James James Harden. Russell Westbrook Anthony Davis and Hawaii Leonard are your first team goes through three teams. And get into the conversation we will little bit later how effective Paul George. It affected him and away where at least regret this point he's not making an extra 75 mil. I would Connor McGregor has applied for a professional boxing license. In Nevada you may say to yourself wait a minute I thought we had that story already. He had applied forty California right which immediately led meat to apply for a boxing license in California dormitory box for the registration fee that's right I'll give you that the cut of my of my my my purse OK because I'd like to be the tomato can that McGregor warms up again. A before he goes on and faces Mayweather so now Mike I guess I need another twenty bucks just. Or however much it is to apply for a boxing license in Nevada voted that Don will follow or ever have to he didn't get a yet they mean you still need to provide a missing medical documents I want to get said. Montreal scored a way as we move toward. What will be the biggest selling fighter of all time we've actually I haven't talked about which has brought you by. 38 and up to excel you're looking good and a reminder winning word today. Last day of the week last chance to get in for this week's prize which again is extraordinary you and seven frames. Could be on your way to a game of the NBA finals one of the games with a final UN seven friends. Budgets for knowing that the word of the day today which is coming up at 845 and 9:45. Eastern and entering. That word that two ways that go look we'll give you. When we get there it's all brought to you by Dell for small business again make sure your whether it's 845 and or 945 we'll give you the word about a way. You're only a little more in California rose one dollar registration for. Nevada it's fifty I just I'm seeing that as well did you go to that area of course again it's contingent upon. Of McGregor in the contract to write saying I gotta I gotta front of fifty interviewed or get a fight about the fifteenth what sort of the way the producer's role this works right like and second Broadway. They have to put up all the money for the show right and then if the show was a flop. They take all of the loss eat you take are you getting a big play potential piece of the upside but you're taking all the risk I would like to think of myself less as a producer on Broadway got. And more of Don King and I don't think there's ever been a situation in Don king's life. Where he was involved in something and didn't make money out but he also had to put up more than seven people should do it. So that you know again infer in for a dollar and Fred whatever the expression has been. Irony Broadway Connor if you are watching this morning I know that your training you're ready I'm ready quickly when he rises twenty million dollars when you stay ready you just me your physically Bree I'm pretty crazy I am Ivan I mean the best shape I've ever been and now again that as as I'm 49 years old and and have I been on meet. So I mean that is relative so everything else let me ask you quite I've had I. I have as much experience in professional boxing is kind of a record if if you hadn't been working out for the last year down as opposed to working out as far as you have yet a year of would have no chance to make a difference oh yeah oh yeah it would yeah I would get this different to make that worked out I mean I'm ready to go you can run better you can stay away from him along yes I could run fourth for the it was a ten rounds of three minutes did you run you can run for a minute I could run thirty you know what I act. Here's how incredibly intense workout boxing has. The way I try to warm opt in three minutes. Is that we'll get up before I work out an album all joking aside I have been working with us Trenton I get on the elliptical and I do three minutes were I got my what my legs as fast as they can't and I tried to shadow box nonstop for the three minutes just yesterday. Does doing that for three minutes with no one else stand in front of you know when trying to hit you or anything just keeping your hands up over your face for three minutes. Is exhausting yeah so the notion of what these guys are doing is is so otherworldly. You if you could do that you could easily jump on that thing I'll keep your hands that now it's hard on his heart and relative so I mean and forget about the fact that someone is punching him in the face or you're ugly on something and actually hit it not just that you hit error right not dot Donna Donna and Ed why you're ducking direct. I'd exactly just the warmup but I'm ducking just to get my heart rate up to where I want to be wanna start so again all kidding aside I'm ready to fight McGregor. And he is ready to fight Floyd Mayweather but. The big question. Is is Mayweather ready to fight him. And for all this talk that you and I and everyone how's it doing and is optimistic tone a guy like Dan ray Philo has been covering boxing for us and and in general forever. Is very familiar with this sort of scenario and says don't count your chickens before they're hatched when you go on down the road of getting Floyd Mayweather into the ring. I know Floyd Mayweather. And unless we can guarantee human mind figure payday at the morning and probably not gonna always something books. So there there's a lot of work that's got to get done you know Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight was delayed for years because. In the original incarnation there was a determined over what the protests and protocol to basically in any walk of life I don't care to make it a boxing match. Or you're you're talking to your doctor or your mechanic or whatever and the devil's in the details. Completely agree 100% with everything he said that being said he'll get nut you know get nine figures. I mean he'll get that William out what do you want to get into the Pacquiao fight again what Jose realise it did he get on radio watermelons I figured I'd get that. He's easy to do you think that would everybody was looking forward you think this fight which sell more than that. I do. From the intrigue along from fraud and it's a credit to him not only Mayweather but to McGregor McGregor is not only a great fighter in MMA. But he's one of the special moment we have seen in a while. I mean he's not just your your typical amen I'd yell and I refuted Def. You know and that's it he's good at ya I mean he's good data were where he's going to say that about you. But he's also very show. He does a great job our I think this would be big booby better than that fight I app for the intrigue and chill alone. I think will be bigger than that fight it can't be worse than that fight wound up being. As the fight. This and I'm with the U. I I'll say this I did buy that fight I bought Mayweather packet out. That's the last fight that I bought and I I remember saying to myself at that I'm not get fooled again I will not buy another Floyd Mayweather fight no matter what. Because it's just so boring I I admire his technique he is 888 tactician in the ring. He's exceptional in the in the practiced art of the sweet science but it's extraordinarily boring to me. Having said that this is one that I I would block right. And according to race feel accord including the pay per view Floyd lined up earning. Well over 200 million barrels of that fight but I think we're talking about to give him what he needs to have that guarantee rough justice at like what in the red. Ers like we've talked about with that Connor McGregor in the purses biggest purse was three mil but it's been some paper view so he's made more than that. But we're what we're talking about his biggest here's what your getting for the fight in the purse before we start adding and what the paper view is. It was three mil for farmers could be weighing more than that on the guarantee and then when you throw the paper view over the top it's absolutely 44. Mayweather it's gonna hit nine figures I don't know if it will former Gregor. But it's gonna be good they're the largest thing by far McGregor ever gotten and he's he's playing this extremely well I still have no doubt that this is. And you've done yeah I I'd agree with you believe it will get done because there's just so much money involved. And Mayweather already has so much money but again people who have a lot of money seem to want only one thing and that's more money and I think that he doesn't have another option out there to make this kind of money they're no other fight for him like if you're gonna do one more fight and all the way it's going to. Don't for your record out and what you're gonna get you to it's gonna get to the record the record of fifty you know it's going to count we're gonna be it goes in the boxing industries that ought to cheap way to get the 150. But you know doesn't care. Is Mayweather president's going to count it's going to get him to fifty in order it's going to get them. If not his biggest payday right there with the other payday so that's that's a Smart Smart this whatever you think other guy. You know I he has a one of the all time great boxers and he's a Smart businessman and there are going to be people lining up to give money and in with that tongue in cheek I would say there's no way you can talk about nine figures and say too cheap way to do anything to. It's an awfully expensive way to do it and I believe Mayweather. And McGregor will wind up in the rain within twelve months from me probably in May be even in this calendar year. But within twelve months from now Mike and Mike presented by progressive insurance last year over three million drivers which are progressive call it clicked today find out. If you could say right here we go first team all NBA LeBron JE coli Leonard. Anthony Davis James Harden Russell Westbrook before we get to anything else without having your five. Yes ended duck and it does go by position if you look at all three teams there's two forwards two guards and a senators interest thinkers Anthony Davis. I'm there there on. The roster. You know you go to and other roster as a follow we end DeMarcus Cousins are listed as powerful Roberts. But he's a senator here so but it does it is five by position as I said to forwards who guards and center. Mel I I don't have upper the old me. I think the only thing that would have been interesting. Is if Kevin Durant had not been hurt. Because that's the one thing I'll say we were talking about this Golden State team has been one of the great put together teams that we have since during a candidate. Now one Golden State warrior on the first team. And the wonder what I had the best shot is their best player and I think when when there are healthy was Kevin Durant. Sought Kevin Durant is healthy this whole your word even on that team and who already have knocked off. I think ordered inquire letter not LeBron James or Roman LeBron James was not making the first team but think and act I think you see that that's where you get into this crazy thing with the position gas because to have taken coli Leonard all Jesper seem LN BA this year would have been each episode did you not like given that that's the other thing and it's something that obviously were not going to solve but it's a question out there are you just named the best five whether it's four guards and forwards this particular year or do you triangle by position. I understand the history of it. But you're not actually put together a team that has to play anybody right. So I think if you're gonna put together the all NBA first team especially when this stuff can matter who we're fighting that's my players and of the five best players out there I would add this. If you're going to just put a traditional big up there. There's nothing bigger body and Betty Davis and there is about the Greek freak I think I would have put degree creek Adam. I think I would have put and to cocoon Bo and I say that right I I never even try and say his name good. I think I would have put him ahead of Anthony Davis but. By position that could've happened well I think they listed him as a far but why is he a forward of Anthony davis' to fight I have no idea that's my point right could've made him a center if you want them to be a center is every bit as tall. I mean they they basically put him at that position exclusively because he's that tall. Yeah right I'm wiles and what other ways Anthony Davis a center he's not listed as you pointed out as they send Oregon listed as a four. So whatever I'm it would mean we're we're we're public yet so we're splitting hair we we are we are the second team is the Greek freak and Kevin Durant Rudy go bear in the middle step Korean Isiah Thomas the part that that becomes a joke this is not a knock on go bear. What a very good year and has made himself into a good player but the notion that he's one of the ten best players in the NBA can actually make you laugh a lot more than that that's where you go with because you put a position to incur as a thirteen senators gander Jordan are are you know soul. Are we saying he's one of the fifteen best player all of course the NBA were not so distant. This is again is by position and that's if that's center position which is not what used to be that really kind of throws things operate Ahman Green Jimmy Butler DR Andre George. John Wall and DeMar DeRozan. Are the third team so. I'm that let those are the teams and it leaves you with one very significant name not mentioned of course and as we were discussing for the longest time that name is Paul George what exactly does that mean to Paul George like in the short term and the long. And along it means that as of right now he's not eligible for that new console in the CBA where he could earn up to an extra 75 million dollars in a deal that the long term. Because he could still qualify for that by making one of these teams next year right in the short term. It may mean he gets traded because if the pacers in the absence of being a short he's gonna make that team next year and thus being. A short they at least have that better opportunity of signing him they may very well wind up trading him this offseason not to touch it yeah it's exactly right because that that is a chance and it just worries about a time that they the all of the all NBA team has announced next year. The pacers will not be able to trade him as a become a free agent a month and a half at its just this is that this is that if we got a trade all of you going to make that kind of moved to this is where I'm seeing all these people talk about the potential resurrection of the Celtics and the lakers. The Celtics have the number one pick in the draft the lakers have the number two pick in the draft the Celtics. Many people believe have the inside track on the landing Gordon Hayward right Mike it moved because he played for and Brad David Wright in college. And the lakers everyone thinks is where Paul George wants to go. So if you take the Celtics and look there are a lot closer obviously the ones he already are is there an imperfect team but to make a couple of moves. You you are lay that one seed and into something that would that one pick in the something or whatever it is now you've got the Celtics is a legitimate power house. And out west. You get Paul George used that number two pick up blondes are you make a cup all the right moves along the way it may be just like that the Celtics and the lakers are sort of back in business pop possibly I mean back in business when no next year the year after that the Celtics are kind of in business now I mean that that LeBron James doesn't allow it what most of what were the ones he'd what's. In business mean that you're about you have the chance to be the best team and get out of the east what are the last team standing with LeBron they are mean and I I well I mean there's. It depends. You're just on its on its face value yes the last two teams battling it out but and you dive a little deeper in the last two teams battling it out and is that a battle. I mean do we think it's going to be a battle we'll fight that night but I don't if one player for Paul George oracle Blair or Jimmy Butler is added. To the Boston Celtics that we think next year they're gonna I still think it's going to be a cyclical thing I mean. That's who we tried to do yesterday were some of awhile ago I was asked Mike Miller here you're sitting here what team could create. And be in the next year or two before. LeBron gets too old and before the foursome and Golden State. You know break up. You know we're eventually they will bomb but not for at least a couple years what team could get made that could fight them now. I. Use as an interesting question as the rest of the country joins us I didn't have any time to think about it yeah. Which was if you could teach your dog to say one word one word what would agree and it actually have its meaning like to be able to communicate not one word could on old not a sentence not a phrase one word. Yeah I knew I had thought of and I say greedy because that's how. That you're right I guess as to be able to tell you that she needs a go to the bathroom radical would be view word but Doug never accidental I mean a knock on board. Were pretty good with that she goes a machine gets she goes out a lot to get walked twice today and goes to the part one today yeah she's out a lot but I think that that. We've never really had that problem but yes it still would be beneficial to know we ourselves and if you like I said I gotta. Bulldogs who won holes ratcheted sort of brought the other will sit at the door and just wait he brought and I got I got my my my Pug Harry. Perry won't quietly walked to the door if you don't notice him going to the door. Don't go to the door stand there for five seconds I second look back at UH come and a walk in the other room and just like go oh. That's a problem bathroom. In how it actually raises an interesting question. If you yourself yeah. Could only say when workers. Could only communicate. Here in one design took her. During your latte. Like oh well I'll get a figure of three of them just change the camera out there there's. And Powell and your particular case made I can think of three of them that much leads that might be competing for the top spot. One of them has slowed down one of them is bathroom does. And then the third one of my screen worked I could play the million dollar home madness and it is located at that I'd tight DMZ or stop working well don't tell me it's an orange out. I know it's an RIC is bored it's not working its original is exhibiting I don't know what's an. Bathroom or. Yeah I mean those who beat Clark who wouldn't be now they would beat out you know did Austin would be please put. Sometimes. At this month. There's dictate question. So those three out. You strike me as a food guys. Is what analysts still go bacon of all of them brightness the debate in the read a couple things look at that was found at a Catholic thought. Mike in my by the way. Sponsor what the topic that we were we brought up a moment ago. Where Ramona speaking for many. Saying that she's uncomfortable. With the role the media now plays and kind of shaping the future of belief in its own way if you look at it. With these huge super Max is that a guy like Paul George could have gotten NL won't get at least not this. You hear or isn't immediately eligible for a time and is there a better answer and you several why would you just offer it right to any player who meets the certain criteria having been in the league a certain number of years have been on that team. Ryan Priscilla was listening anything greeted at us the reason you can't just decide to give it to anyone is that everyone went out. That doesn't makes it's a free agent this thing or Reggie White while giving a basket for Reggie White money you know anybody was think about giving me do you. Oh they weren't sure today. Asked for whatever you want it's what the owners decide yeah. You know and and then then like that game began how much can you offer of that 75. Kind of defeated the entire purpose of having the salary cap right. There's this. That the cap doesn't apply now to your own players like. The salary cap doesn't apply to homegrown players right at that that's the sister beauty you'll have to make decisions on the hole that you water reefs. It's over to Europe and does Superman. The reason this thing work mr. has given us out of why that's. Why. And does that count against you why oh why does that make any particular does one have to give that guy. And he runs the risk of losing. Gives what is currently the match would it take you wanna give it to him that he's got word that nobody George you if you're here. It's a way I think it's a way of keeping costs sent right it's sort of keep your cost more fixed you've got a salary cap you can only go over it in certain exceptional. Let me ask you just. Do you think your. Paul George qualified for this. They were pay him. Keep him yes that it then they can afford it right there could. They could afford to do you don't want to do with like the fourth guy on your roster don't really help you. You you have a choice just like it's your choice what to pay them but I think based upon what the salary cap which is a total percentage of the revenues of us. You could throw accurate buyers sellers out of that black you've got to make decisions legalize. Yes I understand what you're saying that. In principle I think what you're saying is right. I think that they don't do it because. It is it would be salaries and all of a sudden start escalate micro cap who aren't worth it but it wouldn't apply to your cat that's the right which seems to apply your own players. That's what these max's all decisions you gotta make that who you keep we like that it could be you know it's it's not a bad. Greedy you know how to win a business on the house show up early for meetings that way everybody who's only on time look like soccer I got about. Later when a business what's the instant free night took a liking to inn and suites even show up with no advance reservation and redeem your liking their returns loyalty points. For a free night that same night. Just by using the lucky to act like I'd win it business more than your I'd create new business impossible I'm undefeated business Motorola Q dot com now prepare to win ad business. There are Mike my presented by progressive insurance Bryan went arsenal tortoise and amended on the shelf mental performance line. And maybe most important of all in this hour the winning word. 845 so 45 minutes from now he's in time and then again at 945. Along whether our friends at Dell we are giving you a special NBA finals experience. There's Rajiv ideal for small business people a single gave the word or gave it two ways to enter UN seven friends could be headed to the NBA finals. Right now I have two things I wanna share okay for we bring that windy and the congress all right. Do you want the one that is for a for early sports related of one it has nothing there was weren't up your sport okay. A David two on this not into a sports check. For the second time. In recent memory. Something that I sort of dreamt about having when I was a little kid is about to become a reality. So the first of it was when I was a little kid I think I've mentioned this before my brother and I used constantly debate. Who went in a fight between this person members are and the best one was ratified Ahmed Ali Oher Andre the Jai right right Mohamed Ali was the best boxer. Andre the Giant was the best wrestler who would win a fight we were never gonna find out going or not we are. Floyd Mayweather and kind of McGregor are gonna fight we're gonna get we're gonna get something of the answer. And now another one of my childhood dreams has country which is you know how much I love. Those sugary cereals. When I was a kid I wasn't allowed to eat your all out battle we had corn flakes and rice crispy isn't product nineteen did you like did you sleep bower junior Kim ghostly or someone else's cats and when it and you just it was a very light and did their oh my god one get that apple Jack became my best friend is for apple that estrogen. But one of the most popular such serial press is lucky charm to admit to staple how many times did you not find yourself saying. Why can't they make a lucky charms with just the marshmallows. Well now they have them. General Mills announced this week they're giving away 101000 boxes of lucky charms filled with only marshmallows. To win one of the limited edition boxes which are that the shelves across the US starting this month customers must buys specially marked cereal boxes that include a fourteen digit code is a website you can go to. But this now Mike is a thing it exists dream come true. Dream come true about you receive this story already. We get your reaction is such that you already know that listen that I would pour out that into a bull about milk and just pick out the marshmallow right or argue but I liked the way it leaves the milk I think that they were when she couldn't agree more sugary cereal that then the milk it dealt physical like some of the best part of the sugary cereals depending on what you like is the milk residual at the end of greater drinking outfit and has residual the right word no me neither milk that's left over yeah are just trying to figure of one word to take next. Melt there ago. Davos this is a win it's a fabulous when. Write to me this is number Lieberman and I just need to know how to get my hands on. 9909. And a boxer and a half hour but I will stick to see is saved me one yeah it's all an off Arnold save my other story for after Brian winners Chris he is ready to go there's a ton of really good. NBA subject on the table this morning far better than generally speaking in the NBA games were seeing in these playoffs. Let's talk about all those in more weather NBA insider extraordinaire Brian when Arthur joins us on the shell Pennzoil performance on good morning Wendy. You know feel real milk is now officially a flavor for stuff they felt stuff that they had that flavor. And I personally like Captain Crunch cereal milk the best. Really this is really good we just lost Zoellick now I think for the rest is that all it is just checked out mentally think of what excess milk from what cereal I would like the most. You have turned this into a thing now may be cocoa pop vocal cardinal Dracula helped get one of OK Wendy let's get down a bit of a thank you very much for that important piece of information welcome help us with something else we just gotta do this here and Carcillo jumped in on Twitter and everything else so. Remote not speaking for a lot of people yesterday as the first second and third team NBA all team rosters were announced. Saying that she's not real comfortable with the role now the significance of these media votes to players and in particular will use all Georgia sort of the best example. Of that he doesn't have the extra seventy million dollars sit there and NASA may be the pacers trade him now. So these votes the media is casting not only have financial ramifications of the players but really have have league wide ramifications. Angola brought up the question. Why couldn't why do you have to have any stipulation of that sort at all why could you just say. Any player who's been hot in the league a certain number of years and has been on a particular particular team a certain number of years. Is then eligible for something greater than the normal Max contract in order to keep them there and let the owners in the general managers decide if they want to pay those players that money. On the surface that sort of makes sense to me what is the reason that it doesn't. Couldn't have a provision basically installed to protect. Some of the owners from themselves because if you allowed the everybody to get to a million dollar contract you have thirty team giving out 32. Million dollar contract. That that's part of it. The other part of it is. They've had to come up with more and more creative ways. To try to stem the tide of stars weaving in major free agency this is our reaction. To the Kevin Durant move. Last summer when Kevin Durant was picking between the warriors. And the found error there was not an appreciable difference in the money that the thunder could offer. And that was deemed that the flaw by that the owners they can wait a minute. How can this not be an advantage for the home team for all of these good measures installed. To protect. The Kevin Durant LeBron James. Dwight Howard Chris Paul Carmelo Anthony even the guys. Who forced trades essentially is what Paul George could do with a vault protected. And it's an extreme situation that it would come down this poll George. Matter we made go through this entire fee BA that just about to start. In the next 67 years have not seen this happen again it's an extreme situation. And while I agree that if not a comfortable feeling to go in and both Paul George and EI. Known I have control over seventy million dollars and I didn't do that I spoke to talk about this topic. Near the end of the regular season and how you felt about it looked uncomfortable. But out of all the other options to the qualification. Whether it's the fans. Who can't be trusted you can see by the all star votes or are the only two players who don't trust each other. If the media members are responsible. Which they should be to be giving these boats it is the best topic is the best option have a bunch of bad options to figure this stuff. Now listen I agree because that they already had something on their played anyway what whatever it meant to these guys to be all NBI act like compared that are pro ball in the NFL delegate bonuses that are in the media votes not so now okay they're 75 mil attached to what I. If it doesn't do anything another comparison. I guess is. Hall of fame voting right Douglas used baseball for examiner where the writers vote for the hall and duke and there are a lot of things that go into being a hall of Famer Robbie eagle the light long distinction of being hall of Famer but there are also financial. A benefits are being well financial about this is not unique that you already know feels different because it it's not windy in this case but no longer just money but nothing changed and the voters side of it at all it's not like all of a sudden because. The league said this do we think voters are gonna now get together and polluted and how to do something then then what are we weren't related Chad not only a narrow windy did it change anything for viewers have voted did it make it. That fact that it now impacts the actual balance of power in the league that did that change it for you at all as a voter. Wada code written there and those component has been a part of those PV epileptic cheers not exactly the play but. I'd media voting had control over over bonuses. For example last year Anthony Davis not making the Allenby eighteen caught him about 24 million dollars. Now that was because he got injured didn't make it wasn't a value proposition that the media had control of the vote. I know that this group them in any island voting for stuff in the nineties. But I kinda hard to believe there was never a more important vote. In the history of of Indian media voting bandits that I was the winner of that when I was casting my ballot I was writing about that the time. I took it very seriously I examined it very closely. I did everything I possibly could. To figure out that the most fair way in fact again if they do that again I looked up how many minutes he had pretty good with. Played with Ford and how many minutes he played at center and I decided to make in the center on my ballot. Which will open up a forward spot that could have gone to Paul George. But I would I would Jimmy Butler over him. I took it very seriously I can't speak the other 99 voters. But I took it seriously and it's one of the things that I think should be pointed out knowing this value of this the NBA chopped down the voting pool this year. It used to be hundreds of different people who voted now it's only 100 people that are of the same boat. And it was rude he was reduced to be abused trying to find people that they believe are responsible and will feel in the book come out whether or not the public agrees because unlike. When the players vote for stuff to reveal when needed when the executive focused out all of our votes. Our public if he'll probably want to hold government accountable to all who made public. What I got to ask where did I mean you just made an effort to say you take it very seriously and for this reason and that reason. If this 75 mil wasn't on the line would you not take it seriously. What will you distract me like I was on the on the witness stand outside the I mean he had no idea why don't spend time you know making your decisions. The all NBA team that enough for example the all defensive team in the difficult thing to vote on. And some people are just gonna feel about and other people actually seek out the advice for the fifty coaches. Or I'd like to talk to scouts because they watch this stuff for the closely. But did I get advice from people from my second team all defense I did not. I think I tried to wipe out there are good people look at some stats I would not analyze it very very long did take three days. Forty though they came because I knew it wouldn't let I considered it for a long period of time but at that looked up all kinds of stats. And and really analyze it and the NBA live on used to be divided laughed because that was sort of the thing just about at the end and we know you sort of weighed different things. Now do Indian that I you know I am delighted that and I feel like I hope my my. I hope my colleague did well I would assume that going forward be they will. Brian we're horses with a us on the shelf until performance like Tuesday. Shell V power nitro plus premium gas for the rest. Total engine protection you can get to the sum total of all of this. At the end of the day Wendy is that Paul George doesn't make even the third team in your mind does that mean he will be traded this off season. It's hard to read greedy because it with a brand new president in in Indiana now temperature had been with the organization. For a while. But now he's in control he's moved up from general manager the president to replace Larry Byrd. Out there which is stuffed understanding of the patriots could roll the dice here. If Paul and George makes no NBA team next year. They could still offer him this contract. For the question is do you live with the life I've kinda hard to believe that any player in the NBA. Is going to turn down the extra 75 million. We know we don't have a preference for a maybe indicate it could happen. But I tell how good a little bit of apples to apples are there and popular is being offered 75 million more. By AD patriot that he is by the lakers next summer that he would choose to leave. So there in the component if you believe in Paula George. And you're the patriot if you could roll the dice and maybe you could even go in the February instead let Fiat are playing. Let's see how this thing isn't going to run but the pacers haven't they have two options because Paul has made it clear to them. He would like them to invest the team so that they can become more of a contender. Good contender anywhere he broke his leg we do a few years ago they have regret overall repeat. Put food and pet food situation they can go try to although on this roster. To try to you know add a player or Tutu make them more of a contender to entice Paul George there are. They can trade him. And in my mind you know. He training and a substitute a superstar player like Paul. He would have been break the last thing that Richard absolute last resort because I don't care. What anybody says his country you can optimize the number one pick apart just you could outfitted them with number two pick you can't guarantee me. That Markoff also want to apologize Jackson is going to be as good as Paul George was gonna be as good as Jimmy Butler. He may think it's good because Beckham look at the the the top five in the draft the last 56 years tell me how Republicans they're aren't there. If I would panic through I would go to the end of the year before I traded him but but the get your question it isn't clear which direction they're gonna go at this point. How about Gordon Hayward where does he make the biggest difference he's freeagent. Well he's gonna get 39 I gotta put together and offer him a full a full I'm Max contract that's. Starting at thirty million dollars for five years and that's a really compelling offer. For him in night he needs off however if the Boston Celtics. That's his college coach Bret Stephens they almost won a championship together they're gonna have Max salary cap space they're gonna have the number one pick. In the draft and they've got a team that's in the Eastern Conference finals. It's a very compelling offer to Gordon Hayward and others commit smoking they registered. But the need brought him he's going to get in there and and make it very adjusting for him. Again historically. A guy that it's offered a five year Mac like Gordon Hayward would never leave Utah. But because we'll lose that extra advantage that they could have. I don't know maybe he's dead over the next four years I don't care about that the minute differences in the and that India and offered the only advantage the jets have. Have now is being able to offer that figured to huge advantage. It's more it's forty million dollars but it needed not as much as that this 75 that they could have. Mike and Mike are brought your part by the free eighteen birdies that make your phone the best club in your bag if you're playing golf this weekend Brian when worst. Is whether so let's just play fantasy that's well because it's fun if the Celtics are able. The last man standing against LeBron here they had a really good cheer their team on the com. If they are able to lure Gordon Hayward. You've got the first pick in the draft. If they decided rather than taking let's say mark health faults or or. Jason Tatum or whoever it might be that they weren't just did a shopping that peck. What would that pick get them in the NBA right now with that pick get them Jimmy Butler. And my. It might have happened if you have a Booth took the bit to contribute brother Paul Dooley did Butler has to remove weapons contract and Paul has won. For the blue run under the gun as much as the pacers are but if you ever blew open your interest in treating him you're only treating him. Right total premium package like you know if the topic call you salute them this is not negotiation. You're gonna give up anything in feet and can't going to be number one pick there was even some belief that the public's reluctance to trade that pick. I after the draft when it's no longer the number one pick that they can offer to trade that it may actually improve the ability to make a trade because. Nobody you're reputed to boot into it it's no longer tuchman to trade keep you know it's got up it's got a huge negotiation that it would once they've drafted mark helpful or whomever. It's you know in and they can't get this nebulous picked. It makes it easier to negotiate with them but whatever the boo boo. Again. They have fled that they that they did they don't intend to trade Jimmy Butler but they have also taken called on him over the last year. Put indicate that they are willing to at least consider something but it you're gonna put together a package you're gonna go the trade machine. Don't come where if you know a couple of players and I lottery protected pick. Because he is under control what you do think Jimmy Butler may be all NBA team OK came he he is a guy who. Right now would have. You know the need to bowl would have the ability to retain within 75 million dollar. Extra extension in two years they don't have as much stretch as the pacers do. So to catch the ball out of out of at a Chicago you're going to be a lot you're going to be the number one pick plot other fans can consult. Well when you we've done all we could not ask your real basketball question because I don't really know what they're used to ask for game two tonight Cleveland and Boston I mean. Any expectation that it's gonna be much different. What we saw in game one. Well I mean look at it captive they're pretty much dominate the topics we won ten the last twelve times they've played and obviously. They'd kick them in the tail the last two times they've played here in Boston. And that's just an over the last couple months. I would say about the future outlook and you're looking for a reason. To have hope that that the Boston missed a lot of wide open shots early in the game they were older than eight. In the first half an open three point. If you can a couple of I think it changes the beginning of the game and it happened. I don't think the Celtics had a great game plan for keeping LeBron out of the paint now. Even a Red Auerbach would still work that he wouldn't be able to design a a game Clinton's stop LeBron and that's. That's true but they did not do a good job. Making him take jumpers he was only one debate on jumpers he gained one. And so I think the Celtics will make adjustments tonight basically. Do anything they can't force him in the jumpers now. His jumper have been great other at a time in this playoff he came in. To this theory that shooting 47% from threes and he might dropped daggers on them with wide open threes if they let them but I expect that game plan to change. The most alarming thing for the Celtics that people are like talking about. I don't have confidence slowing down and now that said that it probably 1245 tonight. But if the guy who at one point he even had 43 consecutive game with twenty points or more he's got a Celtics. Team record for that you've got a team record this Celtics you've done something. He's been held under under twenty points in for the last six games came to his fellow not to stop him. And he's been slowing down a little bit for a different kind of it left to rot they go down that they go to Cleveland down 02 there it's curtains. So I expect this conflict completely fell out that I did everything that he has left. And for those of the ingredients that dad said that. The cavs are so far away that more dominant team here Brad Stevens. That it encompasses the perfect roster for LeBron James it took a cab guy he's very long time to figure out how to put the perfect roster I'm abroad. But they have done it. And what you feel that he's involved. Mike in my presented by progressive insurance super quickly. A windy and are your with the east but do you have any sense of Kohl eyeliner status Leno is listed as questionable he didn't practice that a lot of times since the injury before the game tomorrow. In any sense of whether Leonard will be able to play and if so what we should expect from him. I would think that if if he's given 5050 that he would play even though the spurs are more protective and long term thinking and any other team in the league. If I don't win tomorrow that it's over so I think you've given a chance. And even if he'd he'd be at the yank him early in the game I think you're given a chance and I know he'll want a place so I don't I've not my ankle but that's the but that's my gut feel. Windy you're the best thanks as always enjoy the cereal milk and user. Brian when north with a market fundamentals aren't cute animals love right now I do like Jack summit cinnamon and apple jacket while I like chocolate milk chocolate to me. Is out there as well with cinnamon toast crunch in the lead right now. I we might get Mike and for all the last couple days we've been talking a lot about the upcoming fight between content McGregor. And Floyd Mayweather talking about it. Sort of as a fait accompli and sometimes you look at all of the evidence that you see things in McGregor applying for a boxing license and that and all of that. And and and all of these different you know pieces of evidence that would suggest that on the verge of happening. We all of these things aren't that simple. Because there was a lot of evidence that that Floyd Mayweather was going to fight Manny Pacquiao once upon a time right and it took like twenty years or that happened. So let's bring in brattle Camara who covers Yemeni ferocity as the end and has been at the inside this thing forever. A bracket morning and welcome in my in my case is it your sense of where you'd sit and know that you're more closely aligned. With the McGregor side and the Mayweather side of that might be easier side. But for word use it how would you assess the likelihood that this fight will happen sometime in the relatively near future. It's really hard its sleeve or put in number on no that's not the answer that you don't want to not yet give. Everyone wants to know what what the percent chance of this happening and it is hard to predict because you can put these guys in the same room and the sort happened negotiating. And everything we don't find it and wanting to throw off you know I think did that they did clear a big political. And in Cotter signing a deal with your seat that was it was a big hurdle in my mind you know defensive a truck that you if you haven't thought that about their biggest star. You know let alone in any of their players really belittle the biggest start to took over boxing fight somebody else like he's probably going to lose. I I never thought that you he would get on board with this and now that they are officially. I did think that was the big hurdle but. You know tiger talking about speaking to the Mayweather side I spoke to Detroit last night. And he told me that you've been talking to and it was such Vermont department now you know who do it why are you Floyd Mayweather and they. The most likely will not meet until next week or appreciated that opted to back like. You get the weeks and walk what my own perspective and not have to worry that to the epic its side. Well that that's another question that came up when we heard that Dana White McGregor worked it out from that side and now he's gonna talk to Mayweather side. Is Dana White that Don king of this fight what what what is his. Parked in this on the losing side. You know what he is you know and I think a lot of us. Bought. You know become harder side negotiated for its size by the way it's worked out there is that congress side has negotiated with Dana White and they have. I think that that have something in place with the contractor side. With Dana White in the agreement they came to and that says you could you could be the broker that you know you Wii U which we trust you. You know go to the Mayweather sighed and negotiate for us. You know not to say they haven't been in contact with the Mayweather side by. I think it's just you can't get too many cooks in the kitchen right and so. Another big part of this this despite putting it together but they were the same forever that there is a lot of egos involved. There are a lot of big egos involved were used to get what they want. So the mortgage that you can remove some of those egos get in the negotiating room. The better off chance I think you have taken the fight though. As of right now you know the planet is to have Dana White meat without pain and again it was viewed by appointment whether at that. You still have a Beagle and play of course but they're not in physically in that room trying to negotiate this deal. Mike in my Brett locomotive covers MMA forest. Went when the story comes out that Dane and McGregor have made a deal that the USC has made a deal with McGregor does that mean that they have determined what McGregor his take on this thing is going to be that's Dane as number two give that. Doesn't have to wait until we see a lot of other. Factors that go into this I guess what I'm saying is does McGregor now have a deal in place that says this is how much money you'll get paid for this fight. That that has not been described to me you know of course but that's that's what are the deal and they won't disclose that but I think what that. Is going to be a big question and that's what though is that McGregor a per contract. Exclusive contract with Europe see now is that what boxing. A court order that it decide that but they were able to work it out. That. You know what we will allow you to do if we will be part of you're the favorite to Cotter we will allow you to do this will be part of it. Obviously we want to be compensated for as well we we want to Tibet if a suspect fight are you are star. You are contract with but we will allow you to go up and do it right. But the question always what was or how it whether that you know because you got two fighters or water or. Who each won a big piece of apartment potter had to split his piece of art with a USB. So what it that's what looked like look like you know that again it helping the terms of that but they have on the terms which again I think it's you know what with the speaker of the clear. In your opinion will this be the biggest pay per view fight ever. I don't think it will pass Mayweather Pacquiao of 2015. And obviously that was. That was afford it took five years to make of the fight that with constantly being built two and in the public what it is that shattered repeat review records of the movement that. I don't think it will break that record but it. You know reloaded I went in either the difference between Latin between two years ago and now with the social media you'll not be way to get away from. You will not be able to get away from the flight even if you're not a fight fans about sports and that the fight will point you it'll be in your life. It it's probably been here like already for the last year you hearing about it if it ought to wait actually. Want to promote and really start kicking out for this fight if it does happen. A lot of people who don't normally buy paper use or art or despite. It would not shock me. It ended up being the richest fight in and comment sports history but I wanted I would and I would think they were packed. If you're a fan of MMA got to check out Brad salmon may podcast five round with Brett welcome auto on the ESPN app. Or on apple podcaster the most recent episode featuring a conversation with the light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier you know you cover this stuff closely and we just sort of sit back and and enjoy it. So you've been around them regularly I'm always been fascinated you know by this question. Is he. Had a brilliant. Marketing genius. Or is he genuinely. Insane. Yeah. You know what I think you both. I think he's he's so crazy that he doesn't know it's great you know if you if you're at it that question. He with the date at all he does do is talk truth and and then back it up and that's that's what he would be telling you if he was the show right now. And to a degree apart argue that you know he he would take a risk with it. Mixed martial arts career. But I've that we're crazy you know that that other guys wouldn't do you know taking a short notice fight you know he's preparing for one guy. To get back I pulled out that you get you could. Completely different opponent. That you were preparing for went with the title fight a wide. And they'll take that fight you know traditionally guys just don't do that Egypt has been a corporate confidence in himself. And that's why you know if you take the fighting in Mayweather. You know a lot of people ask what does he really think he can quit you know he's he's not. Stupid I mean he probably knows that the operative but he also has to fill what's confidence itself and ability to prepare his ability to hurt somebody if he candidate and not a and he will go and they are thinking that you've got shot like into the. From your side of it I think this fight's gonna happens overnight in the fight the opening bell rings I go out how does this fight Cody affect. You don't. Even in his mixed martial arts career cutter to show that he will bear out you know he's one of those guys that we all of these people's interests earlier fight Clinton but that the media can't fight. You know for five rounds in the martial arts you know or go beyond that probably the boxing ring but he is one of those guys who most dangerous early like Lloyd. You don't do given his style and given his IQ. He's gonna stay away from them early on. At their whereabouts a little bit you know a lot of a lot of what power does is it power punches and those are great because you'll need to land want to hurt your opponent but they also Wear out. And if the sport that he's not super familiar with. Keep tightening at this as a very professionally for the first time could be a lot of a lot of adrenaline obviously force and group and I think that he would Wear out I do I think that you would get higher. Halfway through its flight an important would start to make it look silly but what I can't say is that I keeping the car would not yet but you know you would think that. Are you want shot at this like a twelve round. That's right absolutely that the world on fire knocked out Floyd Mayweather and and given its first professional loss so I don't think he would ever quit. But I do you think if you book tiger halfway through the play. Well that's sort of answers my last question which is. And it sort of pertaining to my previous thought. About the genius behind this this is gonna be overwhelmingly the biggest payday the Macgregor is ever had and is likely ever to Iraq. So is he doing as because there's all the money in the world involved or do you believe but that's NAFTA be exclusively. Do you think he goes into that ring thinking is gonna win. I do you think you'll go to that ranking in the EV EE at least as of and the chancellor that it. Again that is just so much confidence in itself but you'll prepare that much as possible. And he knows that that he carried a lot of power. The yet I don't think of it itself and in depicting that he's the favorite you might say that a profile cities should be paper but I think it has now though he's the underdog. But it. You know people about you know like what do you think the fight will be entertaining that I do think the fight will be irritated yet let's go back to the point of he has one shot at this you know it's it's it's something they came up. Did it is it hard director that are happening when this first came up with an idea. Everybody who knows anything about these two sport that there is no way to fight it out and because of how popular is. For the pain but he has the help of David he'd gotten. He gets the opportunity to step into a boxing great the greatest fighter of his generation. And Floyd Mayweather that is an opportunity that he. It won't be lost and that that this is something that doesn't happen with everybody united shot. So yeah I think people would make the most that you all the guy who just showed that the get a paycheck packet say I don't think it is special rate while they. If that five billion dollars for the fight but lose though we feel like I think you will do everything he can't try to play. You're listening to make nice with Leann. Caller you're on the air. How highly and longtime listener first caller. Why in your professional opinion unit at my calls off the air this car. Yet the Carl that he had he dates it was great thoughts. Well you know. When you switched to Geico did you concede a lot of money on car insurance. You should call them well Geico because hitting big game percent or more car insurance is always agree dancer. Today's word is lets you view a CK. So today's word is glad to hear the two ways to went to remember these are the all lead to ways to officially be entered. And you can enter both ways. So Texan worked quite active 777000. Or at her online Mike contest. Dot com slash files quack is the word. Text at 777. 000. And our online might contest dot com slash finals good luck this the end of week 21 more week different prize next week. But I get online right now or text right now the word quack for your chance to win. All right a lot of fun. No question about it and and and it is what it is as good a prize as we've ever done here we have another week of the contest next week with a another thing is that our rules meaning another way that you could get another prize that you write it when. So great fun OK I don't you're right off the top but this hour. There were two stories I wanted to get it right. Then we had windy on hold so I only got 21 we got to want the lucky charm marshmallows which of course was the more important one it's a very good without question there is they're they're they're making 101000 boxes of lucky charms with just the marshmallows salt box of cereal or just the marshmallow awesome what's the other the other story that came across right at the top of this hour now it's all over Twitter but. I had seen it. In our hot list. Tom Brady has signed a new endorsement deal because with the luxury car manufacturer. As and mark bowl mind. You'll drive and endorse a car. That costs 2121000. Dollars. You'll also specially designed. Twelve of them especially designed like Tom Brady model pride Marten. They will manufactured twelve of those and those from what I'm reading will sell for over 300000. Dollars. Wall at all Darren route all I have to say is a want to sell over 3000 about a 100000 dollars. If you get afforded by it because down the road you can sell that sucker auction for a heck of a lot more so which would you rather have. The Tom Brady special and Maarten if I'm getting back. And I can afford the first one I can probably afford the second one I'm getting the second one you didn't let me finish the question. Would you rather have the Tom Brady and Maarten and or the box of marshmallow only. Turns a little rule. I would mean if I can get a thousand of those boxes yeah I take over the a thousand bucks so that your ratio 500. Would go on about. It's not listen not a negotiation. Tonight in 2000 you know what everyone is making the joke admire and silicon. Yeah you know. Only big callers can afford this. Combine that you. My goodness Doug if you can't afford the Aston Martin candor if you can and 300000 dollars Monica let me tell it like dude I get involved in some high quality stuff that actress endorses him like a couple thousand dollars it's like I and the mattress and and now that you you don't get much higher and in his car and more power tool. That sort of it is absolutely do your thing man. Your thing that sort of separate him from him a football players though right that even like Manning equity indoors endorses that. Like endorses Everyman kind of Andre endorses an. Cast in mark I mean you know that's like James Bond actor I bet it does your unabated as the commercials and talk. I you know conversation that we've added it was at three hours of really interest in sports conversation that's the moment. That they chose to bring back in the open to the hell it was either that or the best. Cereal milk flavor if you finish the serial look at Riley's got himself into provider micro presented by progressive insurance are guess on the shelf until performance while we are in the sky lounge and we are joined. By Riley for the best known names. In NFL history for any number of different reasons and it's our pleasure. Brian have you here with your stories soon to be told by east sixties and really nice to see and burn it to me to imprison. Preaches. Love having you here and are you excited that what he terms is coming our 101000 just marshmallow boxes. I am the very very excited actually yeah I mean look out. I was lucky charms I always say green was not a lollar TE sugary cereals as a kid recently were in the gold palace where you're allowed you out because we just ran around everywhere I mean we were outside all the time on didn't care right what she put in your burning off a lot of thought and out all over the place I loved it when it rained because she got a voice to stay in the house other go otherwise we were we were gone now. Ryan late with us here as I imagine in the Scots lounges is a Scott yard pick ups got turf builder lawn food today OK let's get to the story here and this is so interesting and and those are you watching on ESPN two are just saw a nice. He's sort of setting this up the new. Examines your journey from top draft for our chart top draft prospect to prison here current battle with sobriety yield debut. Sunday may 21. Since this weekend 9 AM eastern and then later. And the week is a ninety minute. Of telling this story in this way. Why when I walked out of the prison cell and into my parents. How. I'd I didn't wanna be in the public I ever again. And I went through treatment. When I got out of prison. And I started going to these meetings where I met. Men who now mentored me. Who live very public sober lives. And they simply told me. Leading up to a suitable fifty in San Cisco that. This is what you do you find this piece in and you share your story you give it away otherwise you can't keep it. And that changed. And we started something I went on the damp Patrick showing except Cisco he made a reference to this I went on NFL live with Trey in the group. And Tom and all the sixty. Gave me call the next week and that was over in about a year and a half ago we started this process so this is. This is a lengthy process this wasn't just like let's meet up for a month and and take care of things they followed me around for the last year and a half. So before we get back to the beginning of this. You know from having the issues that you had I've I've always been told that. You can't start to get help until you know realize you need help when was that for you when was that moment for you. Well I think. I think we all who go through this no we need help it's a matter of actually asking for that oh that's the that's the big. Big significant change you have to make as a person and I wasn't able to do it luckily every time I got nominees are. Beg for help from a higher power alone finally he dissent as yours department. And they're the ones that tell me what was rock bottom what was that moment well I think that's. You know looking at ways to kill yourself on Kugel and then at making attempts to do that and then waking up in in a prison cell on the floor. In a suicide. Smart. Well. In hand on display for everybody and that started. You know that I sat itself will be in place for months and months month I didn't figure anything out to about twenty point six months in the 32 months. I always say figured out is that throw wanted to go next so now you view when you get the help that you. Felt you needed now where was the point that you said OK now I know you deal with it every day but. OK I can't deal with this every day and startup positive path. Why think that the substance of abuses. Compounds the issue but it's not the issue it's your behaviors. I was a drug addict long before ever took a drug the way I behaved. Spoiled entitled athletes. That type of behavior is now out now about now I know what it looks like is what attic behavior looks like a while in prison. Wendy my roommate just got all over me about how I didn't understand my value and not only the guys in the air but when I got out because he said you're gonna get out at some point. He says the come down with me to the library we're gonna. We're gonna help guy who don't know how to read and learn how to read and it was the first time in my life I have been of service to anybody. That wasn't selfish and anyway. That's a that's part of the story that I had not heard enough so that. That was really the beginning of it was recognizing. That life was not just about getting what you want but it's actually about giving to others as well. And as an addict who has addictive behavior which being an athlete is great because and you jump right into it it's kind of become a an addiction a source for meat sued the service side of things like just jumped into it had to him when I got out I knew it had to be my foundation otherwise I was just gonna behave the same way in a prior wood ended up either debtor back in prison so. It's been a huge part of my recovery. Alone I have a company in Los Angeles called transcend recovery community that's given me. Even a broader platform to be of service and not take all the pressure on its not about me it's actually about the solution in the story. It can be anybody tell the story was gone through that just so happens sometimes that. The higher profile part of it can reach a different demographic than them I may have been nominal. The addiction. I know I know quite give him was was was certainly an issue how. Was that all through football throwing the first target the payments and they just kept going and going. I'd I didn't start abusing and I'd like to blame Mike for NFL career on the fact that I was file the time but had I just didn't play well. I started abusing the drug after I retired. I was introduced to it of course through orthopedic surgeries law's plain. And then in the NFL they're given to you late you know this you need to do this too bright otherwise you're gonna lose your job you get paid a lot of money and I never. I was if they would have given you a disclaimer when they handle that little white don't say hey. Fourteen years from now you're going to be breaking into somebody's house and wanted them to kill yourself because this little white pill. I think give a different. Take on whether you accept that pill move forward. If I'll ask it because I listen I took them to viking in the painkillers the whole deal. And while it's not gonna come would that disclaimer that you just gave but if it did come where if they did give them to us with they hate. This could be addictive later on this this could ask from ramifications. Do you think that would have been enough to stop you. In your twice because I'm just trying to think of me in my twenties I wanted to be on the field I wasn't on the field I may never get back on the field. So I wonder if that disclaimer even would have been enough for me. It's tough to say it it's its goals with whether the NFL knew about the concussion issue if they would have told me what I of Benson on down. Or what would abide taken the risk and say yeah this and I think inherently we all know was a violent game. You know it wasn't. Physically on punishing. So. I think the education of its in the new being able to make that decision on your own. That that takes you you're able to take accountability for all that then in. In without that. You may become resentful and placed blame on somebody went really. Ultimately it's your decision you want as much information as you can't in any big make the best this decision possibly want. The new. AM eastern time and then later during the week as a ninety minute EXT primetime special fascinating story. Our Ryan leaf when you look back now. Because. Every year around the draft and we just had a your story comes up and for for all of the reasons I'm sure that while that I was actually let me start with that. When people bring it up when you hear read brought up now in the in this state that you're in in the mental place in an emotional players that you are in. What emotions do you have when you see all the old video and and you see. Who Ryan leaf was. It's. It was difficult. Autumn like that which led to a lot of substances. Because I wanted to numb that feeling of failure or of judgment. And now it's just you know it's just part of my life it's just. Everybody has the story everybody has the story in everybody's that tell their story when there are struggles. I just exacerbated by because I thought it was more important than other people because I played a sport. When in reality that's not true which is all flawed human beings trying to be better every single day and I didn't get that. I had to be humble little way that most people don't need to be to finally get that and when I did. When this happens analysis is the story for me to help other people it's a serviceable. Item that I have in my toolkit against you. To help people I got the opportunity to the calm on the year and mentored the incoming quarterbacks and what an honor that is. That my story does impact on in a pretty much and pretty much what not to do. But I also was a second pick in the NFL draft knows what that's what those guys are trying to accomplish. You know what I wanna get to that have you speaking to the incoming rookies but ripe for got on air and just the TV audience sought. When it was UN Peyton Manning and that was a discussion you didn't wanna go to Indianapolis she thought to be a lot better in San Diego from a and it's certainly from promises they're both great cities of San Diego we get it you know. And Leigh Steinberg said don't go to the interview and every one way to do it and you didn't go for the interviewers and Bill Polian said in Peyton Manning did that was a great interview. Have you not felt that way had you gone to the interview had you not care where you went do you think you would have won number one. Well that's who I don't know about that or maybe. Com. I was more talented. But everybody's talent that that level when you get there what to do with that from Sunday to Sunday. Alone I think for me that no matter where I would a went though to. I was the problem. What was going on my brain what I thought about myself and how I treated other people. Was the problem. And so it really doesn't matter where I would wins about a bit with hall of famers like marketers and in Marshall fault. It didn't matter it was so it was me because I went to San Diego and had Junior Seau around me and Rodney Harrison. In I didn't listen in I didn't you know follow them around like. Like a little lost puppy like I should've. So that leads me out of this course you just talked about when you're young and coming into the league and we were all there at at one point those of us that played. And now imagine yourself sitting there and some former players talking to you about. Don't do this look what happened to me and you know we all did when we're young well that's a shame and it can happen to me so now you're doing that. Do you think it can can have and I will have an effect you think these young invincible thinking guys are gonna listen. Well that's the thing that's the best. Constructive criticism I've got about I I don't go in and wave my finger and they don't do this or don't do that I just simply going and and share my story ends. What I've been told from people that I wanna struck down strive to be like them. You control you control I want to control I'm home is actually going to give them some information what they do without. Entirely up to them and I the other result I did my part and I sleep well at night because of that I hope they do. I think a lot of the young players coming in league right now are much more well prepared than anything like we were in 1998. Social media the Internet. Actual. Coaches at their position that gurus are calling them your getting them ready I think there's so much more well prepared. But they still don't have any idea what the ball south gonna look like if they lose a few games out the gate because. There's seven days between hosts game it's not like the NBA and you go out and lay an egg and you play the next night and scored thirty. Knowing remembers the the night before. So what what's your message to them for what do you tell the biggest messages that. Even though your great football player doesn't make you good purse and if you can build that foundation first everything your fault it's or follow suit and that's worked for me knowing that now and seen that and am in the are pretty they're good people the Shawn Watson impress me. Immensely at the combine just the way he interactive his. Humility that was the biggest thing my humility was he was this nonexistent I thought I was better than you because I played. Football it was about money power Christie's let's let thoughts successful. And it it's not. Was that something they came and I don't know that everyone who is in your position can answer this question. Was that something they came from out sided view was that something you learned or that's something that was just inside me that notion that you were better than everyone prison what you did. Would that have been the case regardless of your environmental was that something that you learned. And it was that everything is a bit learned that. Where I come from is very small town. There's been one. Montana and ever draft in the first round. In on him there's more first round draft picks in the Manning family than in the state of Montana contract. So. I developed a lot of resentments early on in life when people. Got on me and my hometown kind of well set I was kind of a bad leg. I got very resentful and resentments will kill you because you become defensive and that's how I acted out. And I would go embarrass people and that's Howard get back you know what what I was invited the party are wasn't. Friends I didn't have any friends there was a popular I didn't bear some on the basketball court on the football field that's how I want. And that just you know that an eight alienate she to a point where you become isolated. In a was all up and down on a pedestal. Too high because of helpful people put me now on top of that pedestal because I've I wanted to be different in away from everybody. When you had to. To deal where you are now look back on that. And see video of its see video of what you were like as a player whether or yelling get verbal whatever those videos work that hard to watch the first. Yet that the yelling at the report thing has probably my most embarrassing moment now with mug shot and all the things is because. At least in most videos are in front of the judge I'm taking accountability for. The only at the reporter and liked the behavior that way but it's like a petulant child. You know a man baby in a Booth in a moment where you're making millions of dollars yet you think your better than a reporter who's doing his job. And you have to intimidate and it was it was a microcosm of how I became my whole life and how I dealt with people who like the were. Less than it tried to intimidate in a day. Don't you know why do you remember the emotions. That drove you to that was it was that motivated by anger was it motivated by. Some sort of insecurity amend can you reach out and touch what those feelings were that drove you to act that way. Probably the insecurity in and you know being judged. Com it was the worst football game ever played in my life. Till this day it's Tillis and the criticism. I just. A personalized so much and I wanted to blame others I always go back to the biggest or the Tim Tebow game against Mississippi. Where they law yes right came out did his speech here is that speech. Should be played for every quarterback ever to lose or play a poor game and show the accountability. If I played a great game that game but he came out and said this is. This isn't gonna hap again this is unacceptable on the worked my tail off so this will never happen again. That's exact kind of comment that needed to come from a leader of your football team. In instead I'd like pointed fingers and place blame. The arms I've I've been your openness is just remarkable and Anna this has been mentioned to me and and Adam drew everyone. By so many in the buildup to this but to actually sit here and and and experience it is is really something. So I know a lot of people come out on the other side of addiction and things like that any good plays how did you come out in this place how did you get from where you were. Heard sure there are a lot of people listening or an hour going through any number of different things how did you get from where you were to where you are now. A lot of people. Lot of people. Helped me. My parents my Brothers stood by me. Mean I out of prison so for 32 months and went outside twice I didn't talk to anybody about my mom and during that time. And yet when I walked out they were still there. Stayed with them as a 36. Year old man 37 year old man in their basement. For ninety days before it could get to treatment. And they've just been unconditionally loving and supportive and that's a big difference a lot of people that come out of the situations don't have that supports. But I did. And I utilized it but I had to make a car choice is like a hundred need to rely a choice so I had to accept help I had to render. I'd understand that my best thinking. I've been thinking in my life takes took me to a prisons so I had to take suggestions from people. Who have what I want. And I call my board of directors I mean there's five guys that I go with decision making in my life because I don't make the right choices. And the self awareness understand that. Is life change. And I do I go to home with those decision makers I am the chairman slight alternately make Detroit's. So I feel like I have some semblance of control there but. That's that's the biggest thing I take suggestion and understand that I'm willing to surrender and accept helped you go back to your football career and pull any good memories. College football. Was amazing. The best in about three years in my life. And that's what's neat about this piece is that the first time we've ever done anything. Associated I mean. You just so quickly go the NFL it was so such a huge colossal. Blow up that we never got to go back and reflect on how fun and in great doubt football team was and this kind of does that a little bit and I was a little hesitant behind that someone has to be about recovery. In helping people. But it's also good feeling good to see those things and in it and remember those things what might my old teammates the totality of the story there's no doubt about it can't break. See this again this Sunday 9 AM eastern time the and other things that you just said to wrap this up but jumped out at me when you said if I'm gonna get the things that I want to I have to do the following. What is it you want where where where you are right now that you've got a lot of time left what is it you want now. Well I want to be of service to anybody who's out they're struggling with mental health of abuse issues period. That I think is the foundation of at all. And then after that I wanna be. A good husband about to be a father. For the first time and I can tell you right now when I walked out of prison cell I'd. In my mind did not want. To stick. A child my last name. And how selfish and narcissistic is that in when she told me that she was pregnant. The smile on my face that she never anything bigger and I knew because that reaction when it was going to be like and done of those of things I want. When it comes to personal things I think that. Everybody has dreams and goals you know I was a broadcast journalism major wanna do things like this I wanna. Talk sports 'cause this is what my father and I did every single morning at the breakfast table it was what brought us together. Even though these were your decision is that what you were you wore it you say you wanna talk sports and do that is there any resentment to sports because it was while it didn't. It's the vehicle what kind of got you made the decision to get their but it was because of sports that you got there are no resentment toward. For a long time there was I think. The program on part of you go through. Release of these resentment and you have to address them and I easily could have been resentful of the NFL the media. Sports in general. The chargers things like that but you know you. The accountability par what was my part and all that you know doesn't matter what anybody else did how to behave in the situations. Well. Makes you then. Dissipate at that that resentment dissipate and you start actually going. And praying for them to have the life that you now and that's what's the worst thing to do for them do you like vehemently. You know despise the way at that moment in the near actually say and that night. I wish I wish them the bad it was them to have the life that I have right now that peace in that. That goes away and then you're able to actually. And also not be so judgmental and critical. Myself being a broadcaster that way or are colored guy. But there won't be judgment and that there'll actually be like empathy. Now would be a huge change from. Indy and one night when I look forward to.