The Name Game

The Drive
Thursday, May 18th

A quick review of what is happening in the Stanley Cup playoffs and a cool challenging name trivia teaser is called in from Jim.


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I don't know why am I. The drive well and Jeff Daly 691240. JFH. Ryan Johnson declined an interview her father come along I want to. We're all over Tommy book that he wrote down around song titled just trying to clarify. Well blank do you think. I thought how fit you so mad about that sectarian thing it's yeah he's been everything else you got to be here today it really is this is calypso by the great John Denver the late. Great John Denver selected for our music by Debbie Lou it's pretty good choice. Good choice. Yeah dividend to get by actually both of the girls of picks in the bidding gets players they've been good players. Back to the phones they've 691240. People so fired up wanted to get after you. Hey nick. The new. Car. Being bought oh Burt terribly. In chief Peter. Give you explained in June 00. What Nolan can't. Pretty good already. No it doesn't the thing is. I noted that out. Jersey look voted that way. Hey nick never I've been UN face off. Did that happen neck was he cheating would do you have a computer in front of a deep yeah exactly that you can call back any time next we love you. Don't forget a lot Jacob but get a call your number I don't think I would tell you about the story that what I did and he'd be at eight book. But out of high school I do I do remember. That pretty good one. Mayor Greg I ain't got Bobby all credit they made and at certain. It Nick Swisher. Don't burn any. Question that meal. I taught you guys began snake oil Welch got. A lot. Love that look pretty good and an absolutely destroyed. Pittsburgh last night that game was over halfway through the first period score 48 seconds in the mid scored three goals in little over two minutes. Just opted out so. As of right now that they can win the next one home be up 31 Ottawa is going to be to be tough to be tough to beat three year old. And then he got Anaheim in Nashville tonight LB and other ballots and a great series to watch Jack you are out. Source because they mark. I think you are maybe Artest or an. Yeah I don't think we did he knew I knew it I don't know why I'm I'm kind of with she could have been near their internal eye opener on the top ten. But well by far the best best woman's golfer ever really by far by far. Terry to work your way and nineteen European went animators. Yeah all right kids can be made that okay well if if my next check orders Japanese restaurant athletes what are our program. A Brock Lesnar would have been the guy by the way Brock Lesnar NCAA heavyweight champion. UFC heavyweight champion then read every heavyweight champion Oleg I'd ever do that and I almost put them on the list because of it. Now for three straight decades. Left. What are debenture paper reader yeah that's fake Brock Lesnar won two in the real world. Well this year. Stripper like horses are real athlete that it now. They are but they're they're sport is predetermined and thank you Chad. You can put Brock Lesnar unless there is a freak so yeah almost did one and your unit and okay. Brock Lesnar yeah he's into that secretary champions secretariat. Brock Lesnar would choke him out. Page. So got a great I got to bring these are for you guys then there's errors Jew wrong about it more Major League. There are sticks nickname shared. But oil aimed at least without using Google. In the Bay Area what do you what is the question again. Okay of the four Major League Baseball book out all right there are six nickname shared by at least keeping the OK so. Elect old school would be the senators want right the giants. The giants that aren't well to look at spoke. Cardinals. Cardinals. Laura. Not stuff now to get a little tougher to think out the government on the harder it almost at the box but. There's got to be good Eagles right or some isn't that no pro it is not two Eagles I don't know this is a tough question Jim. Are the top of your head I probably could think of them but I'm on the hot seat but that's a great question. Give me give give us one more and and I feel like I wanna think of the other three. Well I jets. Chips. That's about it Jason's dynamic Jason I am hoping I might be that Jack never stopped got. Pocket card yeah yeah I know I'm I'm I'm. I I I'm I'm blank Jason hasn't had a look on this face like this since he just secretariat as a great after. It just looks dumbfounded. I got at least you are not in Google it cooler maybe even more than just like operators. Nagging at New York. And the Panthers Carolina lord unbearable. Dozen vehicles like Alan Anderson all square W ordered by yourself it don't look great well oiler yeah. I like it Jim thank you appreciate the phone call. That's pretty don't Ellis insightful stuff from jam. Now that would be good nominated act a little bit made you stop I would no doubt it permanently I was only left field I don't ever love a guy shut down like I felt like you do most the time right there. Most don't think your head ever thought of salon and I was going to the hockey teams trying to think. Any pain and became public enough and laid idiot I'm going to the Canadians Mike who's Yeltsin because I Canadians but he got a clean I'm Canadian and knocks the flames amid didn't work out for you very knowledge did not work out well at all. Into an idea to drive home and Malia opt to wait and see Arnold we're gonna get home we both got to go west yeah it's still Dicey out there. There's the radar right there and and it's just covered in icky things we have to point to. Seven inning games starting at 5 PM on Saturday so one gave us scheduled tomorrow at seven. As opening night and then a double header against Salina on Saturday starting at five. Wonder which one Belinda going out to know their question but I do question I've got a dinner reservation in my wife and five hunt Saturday yes regal life. Like get into the school year celebration. Kind of one of those things my kids like Kobe. They love going there. Good place full of a lot of good players. Well I was. We'll come back and rabbit out. Right here on the drive revolving debt.