NBA Playoffs 2017

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Friday, May 19th

Bruce Haertl and Paul Savage get some insight from our listeners as they share thoughts on who they think are the top players in the league despite wins and losses, players that have been over looked and overrated 


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I added that locker room hotline Sean has been hanging on hold throughout the break we appreciate your patience Shawn nice to have you on sports daily what's up. Out of our pocket about. Cleveland Golden State you need everybody talking about it. There's orchid at one given that the order. And yep. And you'd get urged the better players started I respect route yeah I absolutely. Best series. I can't read my B Ol so not thicker. Bought the series. That that pattern often well. And a regular series. That you don't you got a chance to guard them beat LA. You know you're big dogs. I like to remind me of those days. You know not go very well cheer between. Him and next year ever blocked. So it beat by Israeli. There are a lot of our whole. The floor. In the back the back old art it happened to me you're right you know nobody had a back to back number. It's built. Until later though. They've ever want it but they're they're got to separate the next here and logic this big dog bit. Yeah I I don't disagree with you Sean and and I think and really it's the only story line that can save the NBA at this particular juncture are now look. I like the NBA I I make no apologies for liking the NBA. I think yeah I think it's each I I I enjoy the athletic schism. Everything that goes into it it did there's a lot of people that immediately go to the well they don't play any defense they don't do this they don't do that. Seasons too long and you know what I and I would listen to all of that because. Mound that's how it affects them and that's fine. Now here we are to this point of the post season and what's the rallying cry well wait to the playoffs well playoffs. Haven't been very good this year and they just and they haven't and they haven't been very competitive. Save for a little bit of extracurricular activity in the in the wizards and Celtics series we really haven't had we haven't had too much. It drama. And some good old fashioned hatred I mean we we we just haven't had too much of that. That is pushed this and what we have had. Is the promise. The Golden State in Cleveland at the end to make everything right now there's an element of people out there. And Sean I I think that you and I would be of the like mind. I don't get it. People that are like Newton. It's boring it's disabled teens I I think disabled teens makes it interesting. And ended in and I agree with you not for guys of our age that remember the the Celtics and showtime and and that rivalry. War remember. Yeah how about. How about the pistons and did in the rise of Jordan's. Pools or. You mean they're out there have been lots of good to yeah really good rivalries. Within days and they were teens and teens that you wanted to see. Against each other in the playoffs now I would agree. There hasn't been much build up not to this final other than just waiting to see these two teams play one another. But I think that the payoff could be well worth the wait and I don't have a problem with that I think it's great and because I agree with you that those old. Lakers Celtics series on those three or four years were they were the two best teams in basketball and at the two best players. No well actually two or three or four of the best players in basketball. Those were those were can't miss Andy you watched the regular season match up she watched the post season and the enrollment. NA and I think we're a similar place so I agree with you I think it's I think it's going to be a great name of a great payoff I hope so anyway. Oh. Thanks John much appreciated Tyson is up next an 8691240. That's the I got it at dad's locker room hot line. Tyson nice to have you on the show. You a couple who couple comments on the NBA already seeing. Cops still and that you guys are especially if not that's not a party sure. Our but he. In theory in what what a great announcer our position anymore I mean what they're mostly small forward and shooting guard yeah that India again. You know you're right at your acre spot best players. And then Lila. What you have went in let me ask you this Tyson would you have any if you look at the first five. Would you have would you have anybody different on it. I well it and it is that so it deserves the honor you I love him that he gave you and aren't they. I mean you connect an argument is that they're they're they're urgently. Right. You know. You know I want that my switch would be Kevin Durant. Thought wait a second I just hit me. Second or third best player in the late wayside I know he's O Paulo is the related reaction I'm sorry about that hold on long ball ball ball he's pretty damn good I know well pretty good I know he's pretty good definitely hot. Yes he is there's no question he stopped five not. Not even a question and and and I challenge you next year. 22. You tune in to a couple pelican games. And you didn't and you'll see what we're talking about this guy's unbelievable what I mean he's he's that good a player he's that he's that good players that I wouldn't even blushed. I would blush a little bit if he wasn't on the first team. That's it women had to have this guy at the brow is on the first team. I will give you this he does have one of the best set of eyebrows in the entire NBA and he is on the all right route pock you're all jealous if I could have that going always crossed my forehead and 1001 hour mark of a man it would be. But but but but but. My account there is so. How LeBron James not unanimous first period well we have speculation until we can we ask you got rid of Saddam I I hear ya got. You did not hear a great question that we did combat we we demanded to know the guy's name earlier to show I sell you yet you missed that part where we did discuss who is the idiot. They did not think liberal on JV is the first Ebert so we were also wondering mad as well argue day event and right now an area stakes Tyson I really appreciate it absolutely yeah. Absolutely. Yeah I got a problem with the with the first team. Or the second quite frankly I really don't I've got I've got one problem that's been known Maria to step Currie. But you don't guys I had casual yes I do and that's okay. That's OK there's nothing wrong with that. Stefan curry appreciates it then. What he does well I don't know if that matters to him but I guess in the world have up contracts and everything else I guess it does have an effect on her future earnings and I'm sure that it may affect extent Curry's. Future contracts with regards to being a second team or rather than a first team. And I doubt it I mean I mean really mean when you get right down to it now I don't know. Slugged it mattered to Paul George. I could tell you that have to follow that story. As to what it cost him and he was pretty close I mean when you look at. Honorable mention for the number of appointed to get can you imagine though that that this up this is a situation where I am not making the first second or third he was gonna cost him why. Potentially you know. Thirty million dollars on his next contract can you imagine the joy he did not immediately tied to first or second team are third duty I don't know that I I need I I would need to see that now here are meters now that it's one of those it's one of those earlier saying that he has a stipulation in his contract it would pay him up to thirty million dollars for making the first -- the second team right if he had made as a matter of fact he. Particularly just let me just throw this out if you're all NBA he could re sign with his current team. Foray contract of five years for 207. Million. If he does that make his contract to say does it make one of the teams up per albeit NBA team he makes the same this with the same team he would make five years a 177. Million bats third because he didn't make the NBA one of them those three teams he caught it cost him exactly thirty million dollars. And no matter at all. You know I can't imagine that because we're we're we're that's like silly money. Because when you're talking about the difference between 200 and what a Tutu when he end and I 170. And whatever it is now. Thirty million is really kind of grocery money isn't it well that's the way you may look at it but that's not the way these guys look at it because it's a part of it's a part of respect you know what I mean it's it's yeah again it's not just the money. He adds I want the respect that is due I would feel plenty respected if I had all deal worked 170 no I off and I understand it until sincerely I get and I know what you're saying. But that's not what it's all about the I got you know I don't I don't usually whenever they ask you may say it's not about the money it's always about the money in this case. There's a there's a respect factor as well and the money is is the measuring stick of that respect and and that's all that's all money is. In this case it's so what is about the money but it's also about to respect and and that's partly the way these guys operate. You know they compare with I don't care whether it's the up. BS cif indoor football league or the NBA or Major League Baseball you know these guys talk about money. How much are you making there are no secrets when it comes to money would agree within the ranks. Of York. For eternity of whatever and professionally your point everybody knows generally published I mean everybody knows what everybody's Macon that's right Iberia but that is it's better step but it's it's one of those things where it's about respect as well. And of course the the interesting thing is that I have if Paul George. Now signs with a new NBA team always eligible for us for a year 132. Million dollar. Contract which cost him what seventy million in my math rarely write a fairly close seventy well that woody and I agree billion dollars in in image contract mining. How to possibly live on now what I see your missing the point that's not on this. No point I get it I get it but but yet but I don't care. I don't care that I don't care if it's a if if these guys have. Of that age friendly competition about who makes what and who here and I don't care it's all ridiculous money. It's all ridiculous money. And it in if that's if it's that big a deal today and great find of respect I get fine I I get it. But at some point be realistic about the much amount of money that you're making. Compared to the stands. That are basically paint. To a large degree those salaries are your exact just just chill the hell out in back off and be a NB somewhat humble. And B and certainly appreciative now well we certainly know what you're governor you make and why you write paper. Bucks for beer. Well this is this conversation is part of the reason I understand about us. I thought so I mean we all get that and we all understand that but it is that is a source of pride. And and that is part of the charm of the step we're just talked about it in the last segment is why do I lock like step hurry because. He may be the one guy that looks this stuff that takes it more serious than anybody else but you don't know that he doesn't. He doesn't want that he doesn't you don't throw that up in front of everybody's face he's one of those guys. Who's got more money than god he's got more money than he'll ever be able to spend an entire lifetime sit in the bank sit with investment people at this very moment. And yet you don't know what area you might and we just. Well I don't know on the well I don't pay attention to it to be honest I noted step curry is involved in a lot of a commercial. Enterprises. And in DC is at an anesthesia. And you know he's you what second to LeBron right. Well she LeBron the most and then and then and then and then you see stiff Corey all right Jason via DS Indio Twitter line. A hurdle won't be as good as you think curry was hurt last year when and then green suspended NBA made data series last year. Well okay at I don't know about the NBA making it a series. Can I get the morning's you've got to this point. The two can well I mean I don't know do you want in erupt near you on the dogs are a point poker I mean for goodness that's figures like Tom. You come down young all right I have a little out how to get so excited this morning maybe it's because you've had a lot of prairie fire copycat. That's your left arm lay and not require a cup that it may not be as good as I think that an end and I I'm not say. I'm saying. That's my hope. My hope is that it can live up to the types of expectations that I think a lot of people have four. Last year wasn't a great series by any stretch of the imagination. Golden State had him down. Three games to one you're right curry was hurt and was a shadow of its former self. And then dream on green with all hit his silliness gets herself suspected guys but what you have right now and and this could change. Is you have two teams that are in relatively good health. You have two teams that have won the last two NBA championships. You've got. The biggest star power. That any two teams could bring it. To the same floor any combination of two teams could bring to the same floor. On the same floor together. So how can it be any better. Right so you've got history. You've got the two best teams easily over the last three years in the NBA certainly the two best teams now. You have. Five of five or six if you include Tyree Irving and I would. Of the biggest stars in the NBA playing on the same floor. So it's to be the largest combination of star power that you could have from the come from Bubba. From any two teams facing off against one another. I mean. It it's ED you hope against hope that it's going to be a memorable NBA finals it might not be. Then we we've all seen it before that that's what competition can do sometimes it means that. Kudos that Cleveland could beat him in five games a Golden State to do the same I mean. We're all hope for our Euro open first seven game series archer. Oh absolutely in fact I'm hoping for a little chippy this if you get my drift nappy Honolulu early chipping is absolutely why not I don't want a love fest out there. I don't want Abby you know you could pay respects at the at the press conference after the game. I don't want I don't want allow fest out our Watson chipping has I want an attitude I want I want these guys to fight and scrap. And I want every game to be competitive I don't want to blow out I want this I want this. And part of it is that the year the CI mean this season of the year right now we're we're we're into up in dual lol this is this is fun it's got my attention it's got everybody's attention is got your attention. A leader sports fan you're paying attention this stuff so I want this to be chippy I don't want to be dirty. I don't want anybody suspended don't get me wrong I don't wanna re ready to last year that's right go watch because I now I certainly understand. Those collars and those tweeters that those people that. Contact us and say you know last year's games. There were certain games that were taken out of out of the the field of competition was just out of the hands of the plane being down right and I don't want Jesse's right that's right he is that in a moment stay with us.