Royals Take Down The Yankees

Sports Daily
Friday, May 19th

Bruce Haertl and Paul Savage shed some light on The Royals as they come away with a win against the Yankees, Bruce thinks the Royals still have something to prove as they position themselves to be more competitive 


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This these sports daily Ontario played. Well yeah. Got some nice support from his teammates. And the royals get away and five to one over the Yankees salvaged the yeah third inning three game series. Yankees get out of their with a series win. But nonetheless. Kansas City gets himself when Danny Duffy going seven innings only allowing three hits Paul what it. Guys three and everybody's got a T 97 ERA is continuing to strike out guys at a high rate. Really good stuff and then the stock is obviously with three RBIs and a home run Massa is only hitting 257. But. But you gotta feel like keeping he's the guy just kind of making this club go and do you you just look up and down this line up. Escobar getting 184 was in the lead off spot last night in stock this in the annual meeting 257. Lorenzo Cain it you know AD is a high watermark but essentially for starters is I don't think through the terror now would be. I think catcher spot would be. Consider to be an everyday guy their costs were backed up getting around to 89 so that's solid. And then Salvador perot's last night was to DH not to catcher needing to seventy. Bonifacio is sitting to 62 solera 162. Which goes on and on merit filled. 244. But they find a way to go get themselves five runs last night and they finally beat the Yankees so yeah they got that going for right. The amazing thing to me is the fact that you're still only format came back and he you know dropped the series. You're still six games get this or six games under 500. And nearly one half games out relics and singer army. This hill hobby although it's going to take is you know the sweep of a series here a sweep of the series there and all the side you're you're in contention your water two games out of a first place I mean assuming that the rest of the yep divisional keep playing at the paste are playing. So it's an amazing thing to meet only beaten and half out by the way it worked. Where were at the forty game mark and I know one. And how aggressive is that this is this is your bar this is your benchmark is my quarter pole we thought we are actor quarter pole I mean it's again after game here or there because it's up I guess is that when world order a court Ortiz behind in forty is good enough I guess. So you're there so your thoughts now on the quarter pole of this baseball season for the royals you you can't wait. I think we did last year and I think it's interesting that Dayton Moore is the holding the line I end and in what else can he do at this particular point in Nene it's I think you would be his normal sensibility anyway. But. And there's no reason for him to jump the gun and he pointed out in a piece by Reston died the other day in Kansas City Star. That look in mean he if you can find someone. But to put together a deal you can do it very very quickly so there's no reason that they need to start. A floating people now and and do that and or to decide whether or not they're going to be there you know big time sellers at the trade deadline nor. Or whether they're gonna hold the line and they'll come up with a different kind of plan I think that they're going to have to sell. Not at the deadline. For various reasons whether it's set to be competitive for this year. Or and certainly to be competitive in the years to come but that remains to be seen the fact of the matter is their only four and a half games back. If that's the number that you look at instead of the six games under 500 where they are right now then I get that they've got three coming up with Minnesota this weekend. Paul Minnesota's leading the division right now a Kansas City sweep. Pulls them due within one and a half but our series than two within one and how that Minnesota now that and we don't know what Detroit Cleveland and Chicago. I do Indian Durham but that Kansas City with a sweep and that's what you are thinking in that in that clubhouse right now is that okay oh we just we lost two out of three. Not to the Yankees the previous to that we've won three straight. Against the Euro Orioles. So I mean you can you can look at the royals now in any one of a couple of ways either they've won seven of their last ten. Were they dropped two of their last three well you know what as a glass half full kind of guy ought take seven of the last ten. And they've won two of the last three series and they want to have the last three series against pretty competitive teams. Now you've got the twins coming in after the twins just lost the series to Colorado. And you get them coming in this weekend the royals could really I mean if they could barring something like they did again in the Orioles series. Where they where they put a little pitching together and scratch out a few runs against a team that is certainly not. By any stretch of the imagination intimidating. And in the one game they won against Colorado was a two to nothing game. They didn't you know that you're pretty good shape like I said we're in the midst of this home stand. And we talked about it there in the midst of this homestand that could be very telling. And right now their what their four and two on that home stand right as correct. And tore into right now for two guys has a C they took three straight against Baltimore. And it's and they did and they want you out one is so there four and two so far on this home stand in this got the twins. Nino coming yet so. But let's see you all we've got Ryan on the united I'd like I said I think it's I think Sunday is an uninteresting day. When you're the Kansas City Royals it is not you and you might you may end up being three and a half games within the division lead if you can be you can play good baseball. I'm here depending on what Cleveland. And the White Sox end up doing. Time in the tigers' rise soda that you gotta go on the road to New York City got to go role on the road to Cleveland. And then you get the tigers that become an so they're playing all the teams that they need to be playing right now in their playing some tough teams. In the royals can prove that a little bit of metal knee and didn't get through the month of may in relatively good shape I think it makes June and July very interesting program. Well I know why because the royals hit on the road they don't come home to basically the end of the month I mean they did he literally get home on March to 49 desert next home game Nate. Yeah I'm sorry it may not want to write but it's one of those things where my goodness that's a long sweep army Minnesota on the road yankees on the road Cleveland on the road than you finally get home. For the tigers. But depth we don't know a lot more about where this country subtle is after this our road swing writer does a big long road swing again they were alert. Anyway I mean we know our yard pass that it would they're there offensively challenged and they're going to be offensively challenged and needed this is. That it did this is nothing new they were offensively challenged when they were winning world when they were winning the World Series. Mean I wasn't the greatest offensive team in baseball by any stretch of the imagination. You know but can they win in other ways the billions that the recent sample size of what we're seeing from the royals. This series against the Yankees notwithstanding is enough to make you say okay. Hold on yet they're still six games under in the grand scheme of things not very impressive. But in the American League central where nobody is taking charge. Where. Did did doesn't have the look of anyone taking charge. Who cares if you're the tallest in a room full of vertically challenged you know what all you need to do is get to the playoffs that's all anyone's trying to do is get. To the playoffs and you know on not so sure. That that a few games over 500 in this division may not end up doing the trek. I think your I mean it may not well I write I've chuckling because. I think you're exactly right I mean you know I mean if I cartels want the World Series. In years are given a 1010 or so I don't on main the time escapes me but that they wanna World Series coming off of it. Eighty 185. Win season 86 and I don't wanna. Insult my cardinals fans that and leisure but it but yes I mean you know let it 81 games is 500. 81 games is 500 so if you're if you're in this division the way that it is at the quarter Paul barring some sort of change. And everybody in this divisions got some challenges. Who's to say that 85 or 86. Doesn't may be when you division this year and it might who's to say what happens once you get to the playoffs army after all that well we don't yet that that can't be. Shivering is just as nice as the team who wins a 108 games in the regular season or or whatever the case might be well over I mean we've seen those kind of situations happen all the time. And of course we have were the Major League Baseball is full of situations where teams win well over a hundred games and don't win a World Series and it happens I mean this is the white baseball as as you like to say it is the nature of baseball just get there. A taller asked yeah just get give yourself a chance give herself a jet and by the way you've got a chance if you're the Kansas City Royals. As pork if your sink swinging the bats right now you have a chance a chance to get dinner. More half games out six games under 500. We have to assume that the backs we'll start clicking one of these days I mean I'm assuming it now maybe nanometers no guarantees but I'm assuming that the bats will not stay as quiet as they've been in the first quarter of the season. The bats will pick up I'm assuming may well and you'll see it you'll see more you'll see better results for the can't see. Royals are in the perfect at the royals are not perfect. But there in the only situation right now that leaves them a chance to be competitive that's right if they would if they were in the west. Right now. They would be eleven and a half games out and try and their season would be done that if they were in the east right now. The royals would be what seven and and denying sixteen day be eight back. Eight games back right now right they wouldn't be done but they'd be floundering and you can't be good at at this point you can just throw away the wildcard I mean forget it. I mean just there's there's they're out Karzai canal it's not gonna it's not even the carts that's right now. Who though it's not in the wild cards right a hole the very well you know you're you're going to have some teams. And it's not like anyone's and you know ripping it up but you're good but Baltimore or Boston will be one of those two teams in the east. And you would think that the way Texas is playing right now that they've got a pretty good shot in the west which got a lot of teams that you got to crawl over to get even even. Even with another 122. Games to be play. You know you you you got a lot of work to do. And to get there so it ought you know I I don't picket Buehrle throw out I don't I think it's too early to throw out the baby with the bath water. I think that I think that Dayton wars prudent at this particular point in patients. Is probably well measure. I give faked to his sense that hey look if you need to putting deals together you can do it pretty quickly. Don't worry about it and we we can make that move we're aware of the pieces that we have. And unfortunately the pieces that they have if they move those pieces it's basically a signal that this is a lost year. So I mean you'd you would be. I I don't know the royals can make the type of additions that would help get them over the top. I think it would be if they aren't end up being sellers it would be more for. The next couple of years you know any doubt. Because because you be getting because you be getting rid of some guys that would that you would probably need. That to finish off this year so but that's neither here and there. That's it will figure that out probably about what the middle of July will start figuring out will have a much better sense. Four where the royals are relative to buying or selling. Horse corpse standing pat. But right now literally four and half games out I don't care that you're six games under 500 you gotta chill a little debt. Got to see what happens. Then see what happens and I think that the royals have at least. Put themselves in that position at the very least they put themselves in a position where you know what. We'll see what happens and let's take a break we're back in just a moment turtle and savage. Right here on the sports station K at page and we're back in a moment.