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Thursday, April 20th

Bruce Haertl and Paul Savage touch base on the NBA, who they believe will be the next MVP, which athlete would be the most admirable for the top stop, who's the team to watch for 


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It's these sports daily on JFH. 49. Line eight Thursday hope it's up to a great start don't forget to drive at 4 o'clock. When you're heading home today Bobby jetBlue taking care view on the drive right here on K if they push. Carolyn savage here for the next hour and a half or so. As we continue to take your calls and 8691240. On the identity as a locker room hotline Jacob is on the other side Jae Kuk aria. I'm dead. I guess Justin didn't do this I mean. Brought it always be MVP. And I think people get sick and tired of getting Syrian it is the best season theater Goodyear. Are important this year obviously if you're gonna break out that's where I need you which year. What Westbrook scoring pop during a serious top ten in defense. I mean if you're gonna bite out and here's the best player both in court I hear people say while Hart who is better in defense. That's like saying you're the worst player in the league in defense. You jumped up twenty spots that. And I went and not an idea what I get it even in Oklahoma City. They knew he wasn't gonna play defense and that's why he was gonna score points in a journalist. He helped one of my main thing is obviously we talk about west Burke and not winning championships this and that. If you switch over people. What I understand you give way expert Gordon ward you think those two changed switched. On him directly did the same Tuesday yeah they both now back at the same thing are still people plates. Pretty good defense and to penetrate right at the same time. You give somebody. Did this a ball to you because. Roberson did not get a hit shots he's there to play defense can autopilot upper Loge award at the I'm wondering if there. He's there to try to stop RB CJ pardoned he does a decent job perhaps and are we part and figure something out. Still gets his shots though don't people at odds at Roberson still gets his shots I mean it's kind of like. It's kind of like duke eat your problem this is not your game. I'm not trying to knock down threes and now I know even when he's wide open your right. Yeah and would let it it's. It's funny because we we don't talk about what this person more than on this team and the army's sweep. If we go where the best player on the best ancient when you're DP per year. Then you basically to liken it down here and I are quite Leonard's. That one of them if not he best defender in the league any scary Antonio and benevolent throws we knew what he coached by pop which. Well now that's unfair well I don't quite Leonard is he's at he's. Why Leonard is a superstar in this league now should be anyway you pop. Like that it'll probably finished it in my opinion I think he finished third of the people running ahead of LeBron. Yeah I agree I said earlier but. I mean it's the same thing it's getting to the point now and I know direct read this years ago when abroad where you Miami. We're getting sued routine just being uploaded. Weird. All of us start talent and that of course you went to Ball State. Me neither here nor there but at the same time. You're getting sued thirteen Billie Jean that's kind of not in and the kind of built from the ground that church and other LaMarcus Aldridge is and it told. All right you you get it you get it in that kind of you build out of the patriots way you'd buy into what we're doing important work. And argued what are I still banged up which is the best coached at the same time. Westbrook played both ends of the court. Phenomenally and he willed that team to win at times when it gets and how the score fifty or whatever. And the fact that even tried to get rebound Leno even last year nobody really talking about a lot streaky or. Crashing the boards I mean it wasn't like he just started doing it this year he's hitting triple double last year. Right that. Any area and obviously Andy. It in the complaint about him turning the ball over is more of a result of just him having the ball so much I mean he has the ball. Every single time they come up and down the floor means so. On yeah yeah look I hear he outgrow this one action thank you for Ryan for the caller Jake a protocol I'll throw this one next year as you depart. He wins the MVP this year. And has seasons like this the next few years and probably doesn't win the MVP what do you think of that statement moon. That I'd I would have I would almost agree with you because it would be them like when Jordan was egg we're doing exactly what. He was doing right and then all the but it just became like what you should be doing that Michael tort. He's Michael and Lori the difference of course is that they were winning. Six championships in the eight years right so and that's the due out but it but yeah rabbit look it rates we get individual that is an individual award. It's all right valuable player not most valuable player on eighteen. According in its own yet and for and it's forever. Being debated. About what MVP really is like what constitutes. Most valuable and I think if he had. Ten really sensible sports fans sitting in arguing the point you probably come up with four or five. Really good at different descriptions. That on any given day you written did you wouldn't agree disagree with necessarily they could all be different rides like. It you get into the Bill Russell Wilt Chamberlain are where we're also might have been the most valuable player on his team rebounding defensively he did score. But nobody can do what Wilt Chamberlain like golf nobody will well Andy and will Ellis yeah. Yeah turner adults are absolutely good debate but in. Bring you Jacob before we let Jacob go drastic one report questioned by British report. You Moeller yeah I'd do it appears you made a comment that I've found fascinating and and I wanna explore exactly what you mean I think I know what you mean but I wanna know. If I'm on target or not and it is you made a comment about dispersed. And the and the New England Patriots use you brought them up in the same breath. I think I know what you mean particularly with with pops and how he coaches and what he does. I guess my question is are you talking about the system that. The team being a system. To plug in the plug out this guy goes this gets plugged it explain exactly. The comparison between the spurs and the patriots. What and it's it's one of those things where you know in any in any walk of life have yet a person to buy into your system. So it doesn't matter what you do need to be selling something but if you get somebody to buy into it truly believe it and you get everyone involved in doing B vaccine thing that you know. What they're doing it how they're doing it before they even think. And so you getting to the Alabama football on Nick Saban talked about the process and how. You don't think about total score all you can think about it but it session mature in an epic boats out of all of the possession you're in that for that. Defense is that I don't you think about and then once that ends you start again don't think about the total and that it. Just continue to run through that process and Popovich. Almost psychology you can kind of get to the bat well both of them other kind of give their players to just buy into it and they know exactly what they're supposed to do when the sports you can put you in the Super Bowl. Figure by blunt Bobble the ball well because he has some ball after the fumble. I mean it was a Super Bowl would paint he's my best running back has been running the ball. Like he set a standard you beat you couldn't live up to it you're not gonna play this good in math Anderson Cooper bowler it would gain we want. They still stood behind it in his players truly believed in that nobody said anything about it after the game can they want to obviously but. They did win that game. Well there are also playing from behind in an end and offensively they are doing beyond our bad yeah yeah right I mean they were doing they were doing differently but your point is good I think your your initial point. This is absolutely solid. You've got to have guys that I yen. And at the professional level Paul. But I think that that's not always together. I think that's part of what makes the patriot way and we all get so tired of hearing it. Unless you're a patriots standing you've revel in it and count on that. Com. But you've got to you've got a lot of very highly. Confident opinion needed. Com. The types of athletes. That have. Many times their own agenda. And it's very difficult I think in this stain age define teams like the patriots or like the like disbursed I think the warriors are like this to to a large degree I mean I think that. I mean Kevin Durant is one of the great stars in the in sports today. But he wanted to be a part. Of something bigger than him in order to win a championship. It's so I and I and I think that that's a pretty selfless. Basketball team at act and I never got why Oklahoma City they have kind of and I I am from Oklahoma City but I never sure which city spared. Hated under and so much like did they are you want to shame you wanna keep that guy he's been their since they want to do this yeah. Com you wanna keep in the U wanna say we continue we should've won last year we can do it this year and but Eaton beat. I can money and winning obviously you what you that would just be part of something better bigger than yourself and know that. I can do five or more on staff. Clay impact anyone anyone of these guys are in the lead. I don't have to I don't rapid. Basically take it and put it on my back I know yet what's forgotten we in the pocket when you know. Ten to twelve footer eight industry from now and then but I mean he literally can pass anyone there school. You know you're right you're absolutely right ticket good stuff today really appreciate you taking the time. Look forward to hearing from you. Next time yeah I I agree I I think Jacobs. Parallel between the the spurs indeed. Patriots. Is a pretty apple went home early do. There's no question and there's two things that I look at what I look at the way that depth that statement is true and let the ball movement if I was to ask you name two or three of the best teams in the NBA with ball movement and and I was San Antonio and golden statue would be my two those are my relatives of those remarks to his well. And that's part of a system that's a part of an on selfishness that is. That is what it takes to be a part of the program or you build your program and this is what is expected that's a beautiful flag it would guys buying him like that the numbers will still come our leaders. At what got you and it's and it's not like San Antonio. Has and had a pretty good star system. You take Tim Duncan and and rod Parker good point openly and Aldridge you know if they're playing somewhere else during this stretch. If they'd been in L lay your. Chicago or something like that. Dave they would I mean they're all stars in and of their own right. But nothing like they would have been if they'd been in the glare. Media lies. Places like that and I mean not even close right on San Antonio's been the perfect place. For the on Gregg Popovich is fiefdom. Where he's able to comment. New rule with the isu with and you wanna say I heavy hand but with his way. And and and new and nobody that comes into that program. Doubts him. You know I mean he can do it why Lennar is. Amongst the discussion of the best players in the NBA. That includes the LeBron James and staff curry and Russell Westbrook. Demi quiet pride I mean but he plays for San Antonio and you don't mean the idea I doesn't make them less of a player just means that he is. At what he's more of a piece of the puzzle in San Antonio that he is. A player that stands alone like a Russell Westbrook. Not every team could overcome what Tim Duncan retiring I mean granted it took a year I mean it was a year that he wasn't as the old Tim Duncan. But I mean you take a powerful force like that from inside the paint many many many NBA teams you know they made they become a lot lot worse than they work but do you look at to listen disburse derive backwards they have always bad. And that and were talking about lose the first ballot hall of Famer into the. Hers are 5050 shot with the warriors to make the NBA finals there's no question there's very little to choose dry clean and unique you're right do you give maybe you give a little nod to the warriors but. But not so much that it's a bit do you bitch that you just go ahead and say dome don't bother playing the series and show up and play it because I think it's going to be a seven game class and back. In just a minute stay with a sort on savage with you right here sports daily on these sports station K after each.