Thunderstruck: 4/20/17

Golic & Wingo
Thursday, April 20th

Greeny & Golic discuss the NBA playoffs, including the Thunder losing again, the NFL draft and the Patriots at the White House.


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Yet she is it that really is just an amazing story there and of itself what you do when you're pregnant all obviously get into that but to me that I appreciate Borger fill them for those days and Jalen was here as well Brooke CN as well Bruce Bowen came in you know Eric and you know. Being in Arizona at the time change you don't catch much of the catch bits is bits and pieces when you sleep in. A little bit there that the end of the show here so I'll very and I appreciate those guys fell and then. And now all good good to be back though to lock colder here I'm gonna mad and I guess especially today. And those of us who suffer from seasonal allergies. And I'm not alone in this room are just barely getting through it but we got a ton to get a sweet charity including three quarters of what I meant to get through yesterday that we didn't. Because of the overwhelming stories. But I had imagined it I believe he's the MVP of the league. And last night he was a one man show Russell Westbrook put up unprecedented. Lee huge numbers. But they weren't enough yet he did but let's also remember anything he's doing now means nothing for the MVP there were very that's a regular season or we won't know until June 26 when they have that NBA night what a night. He had last night 51 point in his triple double ridiculous. First quite MBA player history of fifty point triple double the other Oscar Robertson at 43 Charles Barkley 43 Jerry West 42. Yeah a bad fourth quarter that we set a record for attempts in a quarter in the fourth quarter. He had eighteen attempts unfortunately he missed fourteen of them but really the only reason they were in the game him. Was because of what he was doing in that fourth quarter they were minus fifteen as a team with him on the bench so. I mean if this guys can need hibernate. After the season for as much as he has to do on that court for the Steve down out tiger he's going to be out variety of thoughts on that president guy. Well I know Kevin Durant no problem for the warriors they easily. Knock out Portland you're gonna hear it a couple of minutes. One person's opinion that they can do this without Durant I personally don't agree with that certainly last night it wasn't any issue again they did yesterday you guys I'm sure it talked about they did last night without directly interesting stat from last night. This is the first time. Since game three of the 2016 finals at the warriors did not have a single player scored twenty points or more to game. They have lost thirteen straight playoff games and no player. Score twenty points but that happened last night no one would twenty points to remind green. Most of in the team's obviously added himself eleven rebounds tennis as he was obviously been a monster on the defensive end there. They're not going to be challenged in this round to Woolsey you know win win this thing continues ago just with how well that big a word about what 321 gap a fourth or predict and that's why nobody scored twice is. But this thing that is interesting to me we talked about a little bit yesterday. I was going back to what Dick always says about you have one injury they're compensating somewhere else and he's got a problem within me now all the sudden it's the cap now it's the same leg. But you assume maybe there's extra strange possibly. You know normally compensation is another side high I'm told the sawed it off it's that in this case or just its calf strain. You know that that you can get it can be coincidentally got one or not exactly right yeah I might immediately goes through you know are we about to embark upon a never ending series right of terrain not being fully healthy and how will that thing. Play out over the plant honestly tell. It's not what else okay DC's report debug my dad had a good night brought to capitals and the wizards and they sure did that the capital or though the wizard getting that win yesterday wanna nine 101. All over Atlanta John Wall Bradley Beale had 32 and 31 respectively it was a deal that had a big. Fourth quarter because this is the game did the job. Hawks had a monster third quarter and took the lead going into the fourth quarter and it was peel away at sixteen points in the fourth quarter they get that women talked about the capitals about over let's give you know she. That their big in this game third straight game with a goal is Yvette you know she two goals. Property gets points in all four games and I'm throwing the capitals. Doll with this harper goes four for four has a Grand Slam and Zimmerman. Has a Grand Slam at Grand Slam has lost six of his career so a couple of grand slams but no they won that game fourteen to four that have been bad and adjusting day in Washington I guess all the I'm James and the cavaliers back on the Florida night. The project couple different milestones that he's got working here first of all he's won nineteen straight first round games second of all Mike. What happened to be scored twelve points and what his source WellPoint took pass holder Brian for third on the NBA all time postseason scoring list I must say. That would jumped out at me when I saw that in the notes I thought my goodness he's already going to be third all time in post season scoring well. At the end of this policies he's going to be first ya because right now he needs 300 referred to as Michael Jordan. He needs 358 points he needed for fifteen or 46 or something like that. At the beginning of the postseason and he had scored more than that in every post season they didn't write oh he's gonna he's going to be. The leading score in all post season belonging to score out. In NBA post season history now again. They have not always played this many levels of playoffs so right not a perfect that but they have for a pretty long time out including all through Michael Jordan's career all through Kobe Bryant's career all through Tim Duncan's career all through Shaquille O'Neal's career. And many other all time great but here's the tip of the cap to Michael Jordan a missile LeBron James is gonna pass Colby. Tonight it'll be LeBron James 202 game Colby it took 220 game over LeBron looks better there. Karim is second it took him 237. Games to get to his 57 but a hundred plus points. And Michael Jordan again who LeBron is 358 points behind to I was gonna take him obviously a number of games to get there. Michael Jordan is the leading scorer all time in postseason history a 179. Games a 179. Game what what is that commands to Campbell quickly for after all the top what is Jordan's career post season points per game average and the bronze career post season. Points for that and finally Mike the 27 team. FL schedule will be released today. We know the regular season we'll begin Thursday September 7 we know the patriots will be at home the leaks suggest he'll be play the chiefs. But all of us fans will be out there are scouring what are Thursday night's how many Mondays do we get all those kinds of oh my god I'm always amazed at this. A really hampers. I certainly didn't care. And I I think today is more important to the players now even that one it wasn't down playing what where I've played what I look at is more had to travel I mean obviously you know in in. Division names or year and a half to go where you have to travel worn out to travel. And I was always who I would have to play against I would not only looked at team but obviously I knew when I was a beeline and I knew all the alive and so was what offensive lines. Where I play against and really that was it I am amazed but listen I guess nothing amazes me in sports with fans anymore is just. Don't the BB fever over her. The schedule when it comes out when is hereby acknowledged that Thursday's situation image till Thanksgiving. Lot of questions what Komondor laughs or hi John well that's what everyone's talking about brought you by O'Reilly auto parts better part better prices. Every day Michael Jordan's career. A post season scoring average 33 point four points per game LeBron 28. Points per game I would imagine LeBron has a bigger assist and rebounding numbers. For himself than Michael did either way OK street near big numbers. There are a bunch of different ways you could look at Russell Westbrook and it is a fascinating one to me when you look on social media. There it seems to me about 70%. Maybe sixty or 70%. Of the reaction to Russell last night was. Unbelievable one man show shows why he's MVP he's all alone out there. And then thirty to 40% of it is this guy's a shocker you know I mean how many shots did he take last night he took 43 and and one of the lines from last night. This is why Kevin Durant left yeah add that line in there as well and I would have done that with Kevin Durant authority will have to do it all out there but no no not not for a three point oh wasn't that the whole thing. When when they were together quick shoot so much yeah shoot too much electorate shoot the ball he's a star he's that day he was a bit of a ball hog in that situation and I saw that. More than a few times as well being brought up the right results we did last night this is the Westbrook that would scare the hell out of me if I was a thunder fan and this isn't about not having help. He didn't want any. For what it's worth he made two more shots last night that any of his teammates talk. So may be the most startling thing about him beyond his post game wardrobe. And I love how fashion forward and fashion conscious Russell Westbrook as last night thinking it may have been a bridge too far. And those of you watch him with a sunny has been to or about to see it but one way or another which side you fall on as you watch that performance like how. They'll they'll never they'll never get where they wanna go as a team like this they just won't. I mean did that so that's all my concern is too I love watching this guy play. Could you not as we talked about you've got fifty boxing a mild one ticket to watch somebody play you know it's probably gonna be LeBron or this guy. He's he's ridiculous and what he's doing during the regular season he averaged 24 shots a game we took 43. 43 and again they were minus fifty when he was on the bench and he played 41 minutes all and they were this game you know is Houston going on at ten all run in the fourth. Too good to get the leading get going in this game. Otherwise they may have been there but they can't consistent with what he's done and I agree with you guys I set out vote for heart I think he's gonna win the MVP as a than it was last night. Though obviously because it's a regular season award. Pom but. It's it's ridiculous what he's doing but they're not. Going to. Get anywhere doing it they're not going to threaten in the west like this they need other players they can't live by this they'll die by this. And though. But you know what though look good. It'll be you know it it'll be in the gladiator Russell Crowe are you entertained they'll Wear you out there are one of the most entertaining team that's gonna go on the first round that we seem that a long time because. He is really really fun to watch but they'll never get anywhere that's what I guess my point and are trying to ask here is do you think in the big picture. He is the reason they were in the game or just a really good Ol boy he's the reason they lost that absolutely the reason they're in the game that just shows you where they are right now he'd bury in the game there where they are this is why he'll probably win the MVP. Very deceived they are they're in the playoffs and doing what they're doing because of him now again. Westgate you know own Vegas had them actually to be into the season they thought that Oklahoma City would get more wins than Houston I think by one game we saw Houston got. A certainly a lot more wins than Oklahoma City. But yeah they're not. Anywhere near this without him no question so he's entertaining. There were they are because of him but they're at a ceiling because of that as well they're not busting through that until they get more players Syria's after the game. Talking about his stats and I really really like his approach. You feel like in the fourth quarter play in a hole twelve minutes and that kind of affect you you're in the leagues and shot at all. I was on. I was. So how would you grade when you look at your mind and about score or degrade our. And he loves. Now we lost and listen again and you don't know how it affects him because in the fourth quarter as I mentioned in off the top he set a record for eighteen attempts. And also for mrs. If reporters while it took eighteen attempts he missed fourteen of those shots but he had to do that to keep his team and it. At least that's what we believe I believe that I don't think if he spreads it out more that. You know you look at the talent on this team they're still a player to shot. You know all of a help for him to go further I'm not that there obviously in the playoffs it was absolutely a competitive game last night. But I sort of magic new degree Barrett a ceiling they're gonna hit a ceiling. You know as they're stealing 65 right in the air seven depending on the year until they get more help and and nobody believes they're a threat. To challenge in the Weston and that's what this is all about right now you have the most entertaining player and and most likely be MVP of the league on your team. But that at the end of that it's like okay now where do you go if you put nothing else after that then you know yes or more to do with them. Answer this question for me which is the likelier. To happen in your mind a they acquire at some point in the near future. Another really significant player who can help Russell Westbrook take this team beyond what we're talking about is I agree they are they are maxed out with what they have. Or B he leaves. Which which is the likelier scenario. In your mind likelier scenario in my in my would be him leaving him but it's hard to think he would leave given how he's talked about staying there after Durant left but. I you know when you start looking at outside of building through the draft when you start looking at free agents I'm not sure who did the big time free agent if they're gonna go there. You know if it is it going to be somewhere in the pieces are going to be while Golden State him initial stacked right now. Is San Antonio gonna get busier guy other stars want to play well that's a thing as well because everybody knows that's why I mentioned early on everybody knows what the deal was when Durant was there was a quick shoot so much like Kevin shoot. Well but Russell Westbrook has certainly made himself ace in May superstar category even though Mark Cuban may not think so right off of what he can do. So he's deserve and are doing that and in this situation he needs to for this team. But then yeah how do you play well the others but again. He was playing looked around last year. And what do they have my Golden State. They're 31 lead right absolutely no I mean this team with Kevin Durant so. I mean out every Lenny opt out of this deal he he he added to it last. Right after next season to season one more than enough so all this talk about him extending the deal extends the deal he can opt out it one more year out loud and I guess that's the question is a big time freeagent go on Oklahoma City to play with him I've come against no I'm gonna guess no the only way they acquired that help is some sort of really really Smart trade. You're not trading Kyle could you can you figure out a way to get. Eight a meaningful peace now I can get pulled George know I can get Jimmy Butler that's not what's gonna happen. But can you bring in one or maybe even two. Really good players that fit with him. That can elevate them to another lab look at this currently constituted you I think you describe them exactly right they're the greatest show on to our yeah he's unbelievable to watch is all by himself out there. And then when the game has undergone they're gonna lose yet. So that's that's pretty much where we stand with that that was that while the other one last night to the effort to John Wall to divert quickly and that one they're hiding that series and NB ATV. Yes there really are and the Milwaukee Toronto series that they've they've got to pick you know that the got to play all these games at the same times. They've got to pick it Jews there's not social this is realized that I that I knew that game was and so I have Milo Comcast voice command so you don't hit the ball down for voice command I go. TNT. Some shall comes up yeah I want them. ABC that nothing of our. ESPN. Hello there I'm like I notice there's no way into. I love this and I are talking about it and I was coming up. Don't. Like my yeah I think in the thick of NB ATV outlet for the ESPN apple and I hit the CO score I saw and I said are you kidding me. But I probably did that but that community and there. Isn't a lot yeah and all of us under watch last night John Wall was to review well. As I say deal on the fourth quarter with sixty I believe it was sixteen in the fourth quarter Armenia last. That turned into an entertaining game because of a 35 and Atlanta put up on the third quarter to take a legal owner of the fourth quarter with a little bit of this that we got to talk about yesterday because it was later in this hour that we got the news about Aaron Hernandez and and that obviously took to show. And an entirely different direction than it was intended. But if you look at the way things stack up right now in the east. Chicago is a bad matchup as a sort of where we were yesterday were Jalen Chicago's a bad match up for Boston right and Washington is a bad matchup for Chicago. So obviously anything can happen. But right now I think to the back to make. Is that Washington and Cleveland Atlanta Houston and his sandwich and happy to be a pretty at all either I do is well like I completely agree. As would who worked on I know I I've obviously been call when all is but the whole Boston thing it's just been unbelievable. Audible or have atrocities like he was right right there. We got the worst number one seed of all time yes they'll likely has to lose and what a clever now and we talked about it again yesterday or where it went what I how different how what impact. The unimaginable track you Levin had a chance you haven't been here to sort of express with water to one that I mean I I don't know. I mean listen we have seen this time and time again with with various. People in in these athletes' lives who have passed away and is obviously a very unbelievably horrific shocking accident that when I'm with a 22 year old sister. But but I I I can't answer that because everybody reacts to a differently if he had left. Okay that if you if he didn't play in the game and left to be this family who who's gonna say anything about that. So I don't know we've seen players perform incredibly well we've seen them perform. And we see all different variations of it as I've always had a it is like that that safe haven. For a player but this was so quick after the accident that. I would've understood justice is completely understood if he felt the need to be out there because of the shock cover too for his family. But as you mentioned you do you have to family yet your family you have your team as your family and he stated he played in as we said it's a bad match up for them. Regardless of that it's it's. I don't know how to answer that question because everybody will deal with it differently and there's no right or wrong way to deal with a disease to shame you have to. I Jalen was saying yesterday his opinion and anyone can offers an opinion. That that. Circumstance is a huge factor in what is happening at his body egregious. And it is hard totally into which is totally understandable and as teammates are going through all sort of with him as best they can and that's our common unbelievably different and understandably so you're giving him his space you wanna be their form which you don't want you know you don't want to crowd him it to. It's a tough situation to know. Oh no doubt about it or just horrible for him and his family that they will be playing Friday night in Chicago and and we'll see if they're able to get back into the answers if they want to go out. So more quickly here and what our other the bulls all the sudden look really good and had a serious threat. But then you look at Washington like what Washington does while that doesn't seem to play. Well into the bulls because that you have because Rondo is older and wade is older in the that Washington has an and they also can go to a lower court in the walls all this is yet to replace. Yeah okay I'm rushing through things here because there's so much has happened what you're gonna wanna get your take on it. Let's start with this one because the draft police and a week from tonight. And it name that we thought we might here's somewhere maybe Friday maybe even the Saturday. It's certainly one that Louis Riddick is telling us not only should we expect to hear Thursday meaning round one but perhaps even early Thursday. That was critical of that yesterday talking about. I have a general sense that you that mr. biscuit OB one of the top to take and I just don't know who the other one will be I have a feeling that it's not gonna beat Shawn Watson I have a feeling that the more you talk to people really like quarterback Blake and really dig in the quarterback played at Patrick mom's gonna be that second quarterback that taken somewhere because I know this I know that some the best quarterback teachers have told me this decision making actors' fees will always comes down to a quarterback and we know that theory but Patrick Holmes armed power as they like to call it is intoxicating for people right now here it's and it's got people's minds blown. A house to control of football so that's another guy who I think we need to look for the top ten maybe in the top five as well these. He argued agrees to look for Patrick Holmes in the top ten or maybe even the top five serve and I I I believe anything is possible here I think anything's possible to number one position. Okay so again that was Lewis Redick with us in studio yesterday you heard me sort of stop from their Mike is I want to make sure I was hearing him right. He's telling you he would not be surprised if we hear Patrick Holmes being called in the first and pay I don't know I don't think that it goes that I have personally I do liked watching you wanna talk about the antithesis of Mitt Stravinsky. For me. From a experience standpoint. It started thirteen games my home started with four games ago freshman year. The guy's got one over he threw for. 591. Times this year or or or last year 573. Times I mean this guy has thrown a volley on over the last three years and. So to watch him but again he plays in that fast paced offense where we haven't seen a lot of success. Move over into the NFL side of the ball flight got a break on him a little while awhile ago. On the board. Six to about two quarter real good look at athlete. Real good look at actually when he runs likes to run more off the scramble and anything design but that's the system he was in the thing I would say about him that the one. Thing I didn't like about him because to me the two most important things at that next level arc accuracy. And and don't turn the ball. And it doesn't turn the ball over that much chauffeur taught touchdowns and doesn't turn the ball over that much and his accuracy improved. Each year he played so why did like that. The one word I would use with him is he's a bit impatient. He's a bit impatient and getting out of the pocket and he's a bit impatient with his reads and noble for home run ball too many times now. Connect it coached out of him to settle in the pocket a little more to trust what's around your trust Richard C go through your progression to anticipate the throw little bit. He's got a heck of an arm needs I think anticipate even a little more. In throwing into the windows which are way. In that offense sometimes those windows there are even windows gave the windows have been removed the guys can be unbelievably open. I'm I'm just covering both sides in this Kazaa because as I said there's hacker sees improvement but when you go to the NFL. It's not only accuracy but it's where you put the ball are you throwing your guy open. Are you throwing game giving him a chance after he catches the ball are you throwing him and get club you know so there are there are the different nuances of that. So we'll see if he can do that I do like him I like is athletic ability I love his arm no doubt about it but the word I would use on him he'd just can be a bit. Impatient because he wants to get the ball out there and you especially want to get the ball way down field goal for the big play. LaTroy Hawkins was a long time baseball player. His father told him you could be a big league pitcher and he was a great pitcher out in high school and chose football I asked him. Why would you choose football over baseball win in baseball the contrary we don't all see what's going on that he could throw the ball 95 miles an hour which he could. In every every chance to get up a huge deal football you get hurt you and I just love the game now wanted to play the game. So I think he has a fairly mature understanding of what he's about to get into on the next level because of his upbringing there's somebody who's been a pro. And he obviously has that kind of attachment to the game because it could have chosen baseball so. I I'd there's a there's nothing about a not to like images from sitting and talking to him for ten minutes which I grant is not a very big sample but that's kind of what a lot of the teams get I he was very impressive. I think what teams will see is. Good size six to a little over six to about two quarters of good good athlete as well can run when he needs to write as I said runs warnings ground when I think that was. More than system than anything else is good enough athlete to do that. He had you know we checked the box for. Size for arm strength for put the ball all over the place needs a little more touch I think that is intermediate ball as well. But the but the point I'm making is. There are coaches out there that say okay look at this guy and now we're you can coach a mop. Now we can get everything in and that's what coaches think. You know and and listen I understand and think that's what a coach Stan stories with the coach a guy carpet. You're not getting a lot of times you wanna think when you get to the NFL you're getting a finished product and there are still things that you could work on. And certainly at the most important position on the field a quarterback position but I think teams will see this guy and say man he's got. What we can use we just need to molded me into what we want on the other side of that I'll say again. Quarterbacks in that conference word they go on to do in the NFL it's it's not a great stretch not a great structure in names of guys who have gone on. And become big time stars you know you're you're looking at big twelve quarterback geno Smith. RG three Ryan can mail so obviously doing his thing Brandon we Blaine Gabbert Sam Bradford Colt McCoy Josh Freeman. So it is not litter with a list of you know potential hall of famers there or even guys that that have been perennial you know top of the pack so. Will seat and a lot of those guys he looked good as well. Had the size had the arm strength had a you know and obviously Detroit Honda passes come from that conference though. That took yet to be wary of there are plenty of losses and rose to this guy's game and cons as well. But I do think. From where it was originally seen that that's the thing to me I'll latest reports that is about the draft I'm always amazed that. How much it can change after the guy stopped playing. Your spot from me I'm judging a guy now what I see on the football field. Now you have rogue isolated somewhere where you've watched atomic tape and watched him play and you put him somewhere. And now because you saw him in shorts and a teacher to run and throw all eyes at the com mine and or the pro day now all of a sudden. And and I'm not saying it's wrong to do good because teams are doing that teams are are jumping these guys up by what they see. In shorts and T shirt and my thought processes. Going to go on what I see on the field. I've watched tape on all these guys and I'm all of a sudden Wear them stand in their arm up and jumper and then. And doing this and being poked and prodded in and in their shorts and T shirts and throwing on air and also say well. It I saw play on the field I think you know he's you know second rounder reportage you see him in shorts top ten. So that that's right say well a little bit on that let's be a little bit careful. But listen it doesn't matter what I say if the team to get intrigued by that and the teams see that may say. We think that's something to work with that top and then at that position. That's how we've seen guys go higher than sometimes they should. Guys don't really talk about any her friend despite that 91% of dove men plus care users recommend and here's what they said the blocks yeah. Frustration I think it's offensive and it's comfortable. So obsessed regulates the slow. Plus if I don't then it's hard I think is quite masculine. You men under arms and I'm the worst thing at the gym it's kind of like what you're damn harm to its guests from dove men plus care any per Sprint Cup on swept not on skin. Rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans probably support Mike and Mike when it comes to the big decision of choosing a mortgage lender it's important to work was summoned you can trust who as your best interest in mind with rocket mortgage you're gonna transparent online process that gives you the confidence you need to make an informed decision to skip the bank skip the waiting and go completely online at Quicken Loans dot com slash Mike's equal housing lender licensed in all fifty states and MLS consumer axis dot org number 3030. I'm not sure we've ever seen a juxtaposition quite like this one. That we had yesterday Mike of course you were not here it was during the show that we got the news of Aaron Hernandez. And and so I'm a single day you have. A franchise going to the White House. To celebrating Super Bowl championship with the president. With several of its high profile players not going already at what was already going to be something of a controversial right day and then on that same day its former star Aaron Hernandez. Are hanged himself in prison at the age of 27 leaving behind four year old daughter and as I say yesterday and and I want it does give you the opportunity to comment in any way you wish him. I at a multiple times it was very hard for me look this is our job is to sit here in strike an appropriate tone. I don't very hard time yesterday. Tried to decide what was the appropriate tone to strike this was not. You know I mean like like I saw a lot of people saying this is not a sympathetic figure. And I understand that fully is right about a guy who was convicted of one murderer was implicated in several others ended any number of horrible horrible things. So I didn't know exactly what the appropriate you just we discovered the news yesterday we talked about an hour we saw. Fit and and it evolved as the morning went on but it was it was one of the more on usual. Days that we've had here and certainly again the juxtaposition of that in the morning and then the team a bright house later in the day was almost unbelievable. Yeah did you get. Vet during the show and they had the immediate reaction that Edison and truly some obviously news going on right away that you have to react to. And and I had similar reactions I just wasn't on air you know as I'm sitting in. Arizona they're they're on vacation and in looking and thinking about it my first thought was I'm not gonna lie is going to be well I I've. I'm feeling he was reduced on America. I'd you know this is a guy who was who's gonna be in jail with no. Possibility of parole so. The thought of him who he was going to his life was going to end in prison wasn't going to be by somebody by natural causes by somebody else's hand by his own hand. Certainly sympathy didn't enter my mind at all not one bit. For this guy who everything he did was by his own hand. And where he is and where he ended up was by his own hand including. The end of his life and now that I know there are those that are questioning did you know a lot of people saying he would never do that I've heard those same people say oh we never kill anybody. And and we we saw that turned out so. And I guess we don't know what somebody's going to do we're faced with their mortality I'm in this cage for the rest of my life. With no possible ability of getting out of it what they may do. Sort of thing it did was by his own hand so there's no sympathy for him at all. Did do what what do I I would hope a lot of people would do is let's remember again the victims in all this in old Lloyd's family. You don't get to see him anymore and and and those people and I know a lot of product with a daughter who I believe. I'm born Howard talking before is about seven or eight months old when he went to when he got arrested. So I mean and she's I'm sure I can have any memory of that tin and sorely memory as she was getting older was her father. In jail I have no idea what kind of relationship they had I have no idea how many times went there to see I don't know with a man. Or if there's a man in her life you know that overseeing her I'd I don't know I have no idea. Now she's not gonna grow up with a father but she's also the father if she would have grown up with it would have been in jail for the rest of his life. So that's a horrible set foot beat the wait. Is horrible for those that are here. Without question but as I'll say it was all by his own hand. All by his own hand in this was the guy who who and unfortunately even when he hit. The big time still sought out that that other life that he was in an oil lost his father at sixteen and that was very hard to match them because this family again is from right around here are no you. I'm sure you were touched on that. And in his Brothers were worse he and his brother were star football players around here. So you know he chose to stay in that like he chose his path soul. I heard a lot of back and forth once some were trying to say we don't mean to be sympathetic but saying you're sounding sympathetic I'm about him. I get where everybody's coming from Robert just flat out say I was zero sympathy for him not. Because this was. All his doing but the wake you laugh and for those affected and I mean a lot of it the victims' families who are having to deal with. The fact that they don't have their people around anymore for the rest of their lives. Those other people that I think god. And as as I'll say I mean when you're in jail for the rest are like I I don't know anybody in that position I've certainly not a map position and I have no close to me who's ever been. I don't know how you react but. Is it this is shocking. Right because it's happening in our world but. You know when you start to read about it this certainly does happen you know especially with people that have no chance of ever getting out so. But this is in our world and end all gonna hurt my son talk about it this morning and I he's right a lot of people are saying oh what a shame what a wasted a waste of talent. Chin you know from the football side of it took me about that. She human being. You know this had nothing to do with the fact that he was a great football player all what await what a waste of a great football players. You know what he did he get himself from prison and then and then ends up. Killing himself about a human being who chose a bad path in life that ended up affecting other people lives greatly and then. Him taking his own life as as was reported mostly out that plays out but a decision as it was reported. So that this is all by his own hand and it's a shame from the human being signed it. Not not not the point to potential as a football player the damn about that. You know I mean for again because of the war over the weight that was left there that's so so. Don't have the symphony of sympathy for him booed by his own hand but the weight he left that part of it is a shame for the victims and their families who have to deal with at all. Through his pronounced dead shortly after 4 o'clock in the morning yesterday and less than twelve hours later. Six players that he played with during his career. Six of the 34 who were there yesterday pluses former coach Bill Belichick plus the owner Robert Kraft who gave him a forty million dollar contract. Where at the White House and celebrating a Super Bowl championship the juxtaposition of those things is almost imaginable let's bring. Mike Greece in on that thought covers the patriots. For us I'm like let's start with that and then work our way to some of the other things. In what way was the Aaron Hernandez story relevant and talked about and a part of the events at the White House yesterday. Well it was nothing. Specific to the patriots because they didn't allow it to be paid they obviously went into the day. Saying this is about the 2016. Team that is being honored at the White House. And they didn't want to have any connection to that Aaron Hernandez and news. Which is why we didn't hear from owner Robert Kraft after this ceremony which swept which is why we didn't hear from Bill Belichick after the ceremony. Which we would have heard from them in in other circumstances lake we did two years ago when they were there. With president Barack Obama honoring them and those six players that you mentioned receiver Julian settlement kicker Stephen that's got a few Rob Gronkowski. Sebastian Vollmer Rob Ninkovich Neitzel that they weren't made available to answer questions they had two players. Who had no connection Aaron Hernandez and you almost felt bad for them guys because. They're giving us about a player that they had never played we did and so. The patriots made a concerted effort to it to not have that be part of their experience. Certainly wasn't the only thing I'm sure they would be asked about the it's about the players also that that didn't wanna shop from this isn't the first or last time players from any sport that are invited to the White House aren't gonna go to the White House for whatever reason. They're going to give dependent the big name out of that ended up being Tom Brady who's who's I know mother was. Was in town and gave the last minute that he wasn't going to be there. What was anything said about that about the players that chose not to be there and specifically that I about Tom Brady. Well I related a story just from talking with Deborah McCord he's their captain eight year veteran who is probably the most publicly you know outspoken on the reasons why he wasn't going. And you know I said that him and that this type of thing could potentially be divisive. Among it players you know it summer going in some. And he said not with this team that we have the guys that are mature and a leadership there have been able to understand that. Everyone has their own individual and I think that that that dynamic and important to point out because Kevin McCourt Chris Long Martellus Bennett. Alan Branch of the Garret blunt. Five players that you know came out and said look I'm not going to fit and about scheduling conflicts this is about. I don't agree with what's happening either you know with White House policies or with the way this president you know it acts. But other players went in the into Indy experience might you know that the thing that stood out to be was. This rookie receiver Malcolm Mitchell who of course everyone remembers from the Super Bowl. Talking about how we don't want was brought to tears by having his name mentioned to. In this ceremonies so I think the players were able that where there were able to enjoy it for what it was but they also respected those who stayed away for other reasons. Migration is what this that have. Obviously Tom Brady's absence becomes a big deal because he's Tom Brady because of his relationship. With the president we saw he posted us up multiple different things. Yesterday on social media including the tribute to his parents or their fortieth anniversary is certainly entitled to his privacy but. His celebrity does also mean people are going to be paying attention what if anything do you know I might about the reason he wasn't there. Well so it was it was family base to end and his mother was within town here in Boston and everyone knows this story about how she's been battling cancer for almost two years now. And he took the opportunity to stay with her and give it to her I'm one of the top Steve and Nazis and you know he's part of this voluntary offseason program and he decided to stay back with her and and his family. Sure he had attended that one game last season the Super Bowl we saw the emotional connection that they obviously have in the moments after that game. Until he made that decision. To stay with her. And and and I think the players respected that one thing we did know that the president trumps ceremony. You mentioned they players simply didn't mention Tom Brady's name and that's stood up to some folks as well. My creases weather so you mentioned that date pointedly avoided the subject of Aaron Hernandez yesterday. Obviously at some point Robert Kraft will have to address that Bill Belichick will have to address it and at least some fashion. I do you know of any plans yet for when that will take place. Like I'm not sure they're going to you know the distance fiscal it's like to go expected 2013. When they released him. They had that one big news conference where Bill Belichick had that long and you know statement and they took questions. And from that point on they really have made a concerted effort to decisively. Distanced themselves from him and it's almost like they tried to erase him from their history and you know. You can't do that you know I mean we would all like to take things back that we've done but what we've done is what we've done right it's part of who we are and in our history. But they moved forward from that point on and and they have been a few times since then that they mentioned that the players had mentioned it it's not like they can't. Talk about it but they really do go out of their way to say look we've dealt with that we we were trying to move on. And took them this is no longer vote a New England Patriots player that's situation to them has. You know it's over and I don't think they will address that quite honestly. OK well we'll wait and see and I know you'll be there to cover it. As the circumstances I'm continue to will all one last thing of a pretty much more commonplace football club matters. Barack Obama signs the tenders so now he is eligible to be traded I think every expectation. Is that he would he signed a that he could be traded. Between now and the draft or what are you hearing and what is your expectation relative to that. Yeah it is significant that he signed that tender before the draft if he's gonna get traded you'd think it would happen between now and the draft. To me it's notable. That there's one report I have not been able to confirm it that he's not going to attend this voluntary workouts and I think that's significant because he obviously as. You know in past the past two years and in fact or one year he didn't show up on time for one of them. And with actually held up the practice field even though it was voluntary. Which was a very interesting story and show us sort out things. Can work in new England and and and he's sort of right now exerting his independence if you will to make that decision not to come. So to me it looks like it's trending in the direction of betrayed but it seems to be like something's still have to fall in place for it to come to that resolutions. The patriots are the only team in the league right now the don't have a number one Mike and they don't have an amber too so we'll see if they make any moves Mike there was great work by you about yesterday thank you and we'll check admit he was as the week goes on in the weeks go on to see if there are any further developments with that my grease on the shelf mental performance line taking. Synthetic collateral performance to a whole new level like this which depends all synthetic today first the six about the sixth players on the team that were teammates Aaron Hernandez at some point bell discuss that and as as Mike just said they were made available to the media so there were gonna. Talk about that at some point I'm sure they'll be asked about it when they are available to the media and talk about that. As far as players not showing up throw it out as I said it's not the first or the last time it's gonna happen and it certainly wasn't great number he hear my thoughts on a Mac I don't. Hit error. If they go or not I absolutely positively don't care I don't get my political talk from other athletes. When you you know what channel might might TVs on it's on CNN if I ever wanted to find out what's going on I'll watch that one of the business channels of the news channels. And hear about things from that listen Devin McCarty. And and Chris Long and those guys that chose not to go at every bet they have every right to choose not to go. Just as every person that went has a right to go I would go whether I voted for that president or not if I won a championship I would be at the White House. That's part of the whole experience. To me. From a from a former athlete you'd you do everything you can as a team to win the title and then part of that as you get to go to the White House. Sort of mean who would it matter whether or border not for that person I would've gone. I would have gone and I would've gotten the experience we're have been nothing political and all I know people make a political I don't care. I would've gone to rejoice that experienced and what Devin according set I completely agree to do nothing in the locker room. Nothing if you didn't know you didn't go. So you're in the locker room it's not like guys are gonna have this political war of why didn't you come here why didn't you it's not gonna happen they chose not to go. That's fine. You know there and I would choose to go that would be fine how would be hard pressed to think that anybody of those guys who want to win when did organs are pointing the finger of one another. And start to get into some bad about that it's your choice. I would have zero problem of power deposition of my teammates that did wanna go. Given this to get the whatever administration as I said it happened before and I know it's a large number here. Okay. You know I'd love to have it there we're sure going I'm gonna go and enjoy that experience. And that would be that read no carry over from that into the offseason programmer and that next year on why you didn't go don't care. I mean that that's not what I'm getting my political news from nor are they are are guys who don't go going to influence me I'll while she's those players that ought to rethink my political views. It's not it doesn't work that way for me so. You can go cool if that that your conviction for a political reason zero problem at all man zero prod you do what you gotta do. Yeah we talked about this at some like yesterday this is a tradition that goes back at this point about a 150 years of teams and athletes being celebrated at the White House. And it has always been and and eight political event right this has never been something that was associated with politics we have never amid not to suggest that. People haven't not gone for political reasons in the past. But never before in and the way that I believe it is now. Would it. Let me phrase it this way. I've never my wife thought of athletes going to the White House. As a as supporting the the president right currently in light and power but I ask this question yesterday to will Cain and I guess I would ask it to you. In the in the day and age at which we live in the climate in which we live. Is anything a political anymore right now but there's no stress that point especially you know the the biggest change of this administration that we've seen in. Long time. I I think it is absolutely gone out the window and and it's a shrimp. Oh but but how long that it's not like it just started now. When you're wanted a White House a long ago was actors 2002 for George W. Bush last year viewers and they are for the long. He ballgame. We were invited urgent call little kids playing T ball. And then we went to dinner that night at the White House. But should people who would make your political with a us how could you go how could you go for the I mean my god. I mean I got invited to the White House you know whatever you think the person if that's the highest office in this country I get invited there I'm going to go and I'm going to appreciate. Going and visiting the White House and all that goes with that just like we did with with George Bush and and and we got a lot of people mailing us for that I've. It's just a shame that people wanna dig deep these people want a championship. They want to go and that experience as a champion you get to go to the White House. Not showed that it. That's it again whether I voted for them or not I'm going for that experience and goes no deeper. And that for me I just don't I I get that forgot who and and I've listened in no way was my eight. Going to the White House that day a political statement I hope I'm not abdicate in my own mind. An approval or support of the president right. I'm at at it didn't ever occurred to me the only thought I had my in my case with the decided like fun being such a great honor and see and we heard Malcolm Mitchell talking about it. I was actually thinking to myself when we were invited him when we were there the second generation American kid my grandparent now in this country in an inept. In the very bowels of the ships try to find a better life and your to your generation later their grandson. Is being invited to the White House I was extremely proud of that whether I supported the president or not right. But not at nine years ago. The world is a totally different place now and I think there are a lot of people who would who at this point don't view it that way who view going to the White House. As being equal to supporting the pres well obviously that's yeah or unfair that is the way it is view obviously players who didn't go took it that way as I I don't wanna look like I'm supporting the current president as I said to the government forties and Chris long's the world. That's the right to to do. And I have zero issue with that at all if if if that's how they feel they have more power to you do you and I'll zoom in and world I think we have arrived at a point. And I don't know that this is something the pendulum will eventually swing back on or not where nothing is a political nothing I would agree with that will Cain said this is any political act in and it gets what chartered in my head you know what I disagree nothing is a political you know what I think what you should say it should be. Yeah and it went with a delightful yet closet for a 150 years I think it has been deemed an apolitical. But I think at that time has passed and maybe the pendulum swing back. Joining us now in Syria are manner not only analyzes the player Russell Westbrook but it actually load in the outfit he was wearing after the game last night. Look like some sort of psychology test Hitler. What he was wearing until like there is with a cigarette studio. The head band and the matching jacket with no shirt I love. How fashion forward. Russell is I love how interested in that he is a little forward a very genuine that would that would either so that the word we can't even see it and yes he IR rock that he so far in the future that I can't either it's if you're right beyond our property there's no way any of us up here at rock it can't pull that off if the earth was flat it would be so forward that it will be behind. That's a it's it's almost like if you look at you say what are you see we look at the shirt I see a frustrated superstar. A crock RIR. That's what I swear they don't tell us why ninety seconds ahead of last night's game. The far and perhaps the entire season and certainly this series for the front. Well look I've watched his team so much this year in the frustrations. That Russell Westbrook has exhibited ours felt hasn't exhibited has felt to. When he goes to the bench in his normal rotation which is and a third quarter sits for the usually the last two or three of that quarter. The first two or three of the force that's what they've done all year they haven't deviated from it at all. But in this series maybe that needs to be revisited. He played a near perfect first 34 minutes as did his team he goes to the bench for ninety seconds to grab a couple water and a towel. And by the time he looks up it's gone. It's down to three in a matter ninety seconds they call time out he's exhibiting a lot of frustration with his guys with Billy Donovan. He looked like he started to walk off toward the table to check himself back in the game. Because he understood. The significance of what was happening which was the momentum is shifting right now. And this team is so good offensively were playing against. We might not be able to corral this back in again so what happens he goes in fourth quarter. Loses all trusted everybody else that he's playing with a decides he's gonna try to do this himself. And you saw a stat line in the fourth quarter he's gonna get beat up for that I think it's really unfair. Because. If you didn't see the entire game in the context to which he played in the fourth quarter. It's easy to do that but I got it. The problem is it's a self fulfilling prophecy. When he starts to play that way it snowballed the other direction and that's what happens you can't beat Houston Rockets playing that way but at the same time I think Russell Westbrook felt like I trusted you guys for 92 rolls off the court. We know why should I trust you now the difference is when he's on the court can trust those guys little bit more. Do we sitting on the bench because he can create offense for guys he just chose not to do that the fourth quarter and other down to go out of the dig themselves out so. All of the numbers to go along with that he averaged 34 minutes a game in the regular season play over 41 last night. As you mentioned he. Throughout eighteen shots in the fourth quarter that's the most ever quarter playoff game missed fourteen of them though. When he was on the bench that team was minus fifteen without him so those are all the numbers. Jumbled together didn't put together to say two to my question to you. As this team they've reached their ceiling have they not this is this basically as far as they can go I think so and actually think that. Now looking at the game last night this is why that was so critical. They can't possibly replicate what they did in the first recorders last night they played a perfect game. Other guys are contributing I love the pace with which Westbrook was playing in terms of pick and choose in a spot to be a squirt. Because guys were helping I think the first 45 minutes of the game all five starters had a basket. Date date date just had a great energy to them a tremendous amount of confidence. And then it dissipates back quickly I don't think they complain that well again now that's not to say they can't. Get a win in game three maybe even win both games at home if Houston doesn't play as well that that's possible. But to do it against this team to now four out of five it's just knock it out in a grander scheme if this team comes back basically the way it is now next year. That's Mora in the macro sense they've hit a ceiling right targeting no higher than maybe six maybe the five seat if that and never with this group threatening in the west completely agree I mean they won net and he is with us or 4647. I don't know what the win total was. That's that's that's absolutely their Macs with this group when you look at the fact that they don't really even have another guy on their team that can create his own shot. That's the real problem so yeah I agree now Russell Westbrook let's see how this series plays out how he feels going into the offseason. But there's no question he's looking around saying is this going to be my foreseeable future because he knows what's at the top of the conference. They're not gonna do it with what he currently has because he just average a triple double. And they stole ended up as a sixty. OK simple he said I can't do anymore. And I don't think the guys around me you're gonna necessarily grow into these guys that are gonna help me. Overcome what's at the top you wonder where his mind will be going into the summer and get a certain number. As I asked for them the staff got them because I I wondered aloud. The likelihood that feels like qwest local wanna go somewhere else. But doesn't he fall into that same poll George category of a player of his caliber on the first team that drafted him and a whole lot of additional money these days hero the numbers. OKC can offer Westbrook a new six year Max contract in July that would keep him from becoming a free agent. Which he can become if he wants after next he's and he can opt out. Here ready qualifies for that designated player exec producers are ready been named all NBA so it doesn't even matter if he isn't again next year. After next season also be available for Max deal for players with ten more years experience on the bottom line of it is. Next summer Westbrook had signed a five year extension with the thunder for more than 219. Million dollars. If he opts out the most to get his four years and a 162 so it's like 57 million dollars is the difference for him between leaving and state. Do you think that will act we were we were all talking about how we expect Westbrook then to probably wind up someplace else the lakers or whatever the case may be. But Mike 57 million dollars is a lot of money. That is a lot of money and you know and its new there's nothing wrong with their talking about people that love their money receiver they were said that about Carmelo Anthony and analysts and a lot of people loved one in love. The fact that there because I know some would say. Wasn't a hundred and whatever the million enough do you need that extra 57 while there that position you know not all of another 57 million I'm not gonna lie to you but. As I've always said Tim it's about what your after are you after the money are you after geographically where you are and where you've been are you looking for a ring are you looking to move what. What's your game plan does he wanna try get that ring does it like just being the man in May do wanna get seasons a triple doubles together I don't know I don't know Russell Westbrook enough to annul. But I think before this team gets better to compete I think he would maybe choose to leave before that would cost could possibly happen. I'll listen to all the money or be the motivating factor in his case he's one of the things and we get wrapped up so much of that initial deal I'll like that's his last contract rocket the Russell Westbrook after that forty years if he goes another team is gonna sign another really big didn't make money right because he's still going to be geared toward the tail end of his private post will be in his prime. He's still going to be one of the elite players in the game four years from now. Charlie that's gonna be the sole motivating factor. What he has to decide is he of the teams that might come to him and offer and that kind of a deal. Where are day in the pecking order. He is hitting young team that needs a superstar but he still several years away from contending isn't a team that he's actually going to a team that's. Even further behind were Oklahoma City is in the Western Conference is that something he wants to take on for the next four years because. He he's he's got you know he's on a pretty good team as it is and the average a triple double and they finished sixth the he wanted to go to a lottery bound team. With young guys that he's got to not teach how to play. And also let's be honest it. He might not be easiest guy in the world to get a superstar to tumble clumsy to play wit. And he asked to be honest about that as well because of the nature of his game and the position that he plays got the ball you off every outlet pass or off the defense or rebound when he gets ten or eleven of those at night. It's his ball. And it's his game and he's gonna decide what he's gonna do with it that's a hard sell maybe for a winning superstar. That might think how's my game going to be impacted playing with a point guard like that. So he's not the easiest guy to find a great fit for but I do not think money is gonna motivate. That decision because I do believe the Russell Westbrook more than anything else wants to win I these guys may be the most competitive will the entire NBA. I just sometimes it and it might come across not the right way because he tries to do a little bit too much. In trying to make that happen market Michael exit here with a straight talk but give a straight talk wireless response US networks have the cost him that leaves you with a more likely scenario. He does what a lot of other stars have done and that is may be two guys team up and go some place together in an era where teams that huge amount of salary cap space and if it's not another wing that maybe it's a basic so people will look at DeMarcus Cousins and they'll say when he has the ability to go become free and Westbrook has. Would that via a match that would make some sense you your classic big in cousin who's a great score down low and you've got like. Westbrook who do you see those two guys going to play any team handle that much anger on the court at popping up top may not a lot of rage and maybe that's that's that's taken NBA back to what it was you know 2530 years ago instead of all this friendliness. All of a sudden it got one guy there's only friend is the ball as Westbrook like say in cousins who I mean who knows what his friends are. I'm at. But I mean there's some it would be intriguing I'll say that no personal have been interesting up. And and that might be a better fit for him like a talented multi dimensional big second deck in you know play inside out and and certainly just somebody else to run the offense through at times I think he would welcome that. I'll put for a big time wing player but certainly obviously you know not not another point governor big time wing. You know I think they do look at that situation and just wondering how how difficult is that for me if I don't have a pass first point guard which Russell Westbrook does not he's. He's a dynamic scoring guard. I the key he would give it up to a guy that he trusting it would direct at a high level of success. Prologue time and that's exactly what we're talking about here so you know are they mourn anything else you're just gonna sit back and look around it. And obviously weigh his options that seat is there's they'd likely landing spot that puts me closer. To getting back to the finals. An and I think right now after what happened last night he's in a bad place now. For him to his credit you forget about this quickly and go home and focus on game three and get those guys involved again. To a certain extent but he falls and a trap again fourth quarter is gonna play exactly did last night. The thing that may be tough for him is his in the look at it that big picture to realize OK I'm right now triple double could be the MVP in our our team is sixth. And it's pretty good but as we're talking earlier that about it for them so it may. B he has to take a step back to a lower team looking forward like his outfit that says he eventually we're gonna rise up further than I could go if there's Oklahoma City team. You're listening to make nice with Leann caller you're on the air. Highly and longtime listener first time caller. Why in your professional opinion unit at my calls off the air this car. Yep it's Carl I mean we had he dates or it was great thoughts. Well you know. When you switched to Geico you could see a lot of money on car insurance. You should call them well Geico because they can redeem percent or more car insurance is always agreed cancer. There are back and never get my presented by progressive insurance again on the shell games performance line. And remarkably. The processes one week away from being over the NFL draft a week from tonight we will be in Philadelphia Thursday and Friday of next week Mike. When a live broadcast and of course the entire world waiting with bated breath to hear from reverend Todd Election Day. As again where a week away from their boys well. Those were just noticeable on TV into and you guys heard it was pretty yesterday. Surprisingly EQ to some degree I was aware of the Patrick Holmes stock had been rising. Through this process but not quite as high. As Louis Redick who was suggesting to us. That he thinks he's going to be the second quarterback off the board after this key and may go as high as one of the Olympics in this draft do you guys agree or disagree. I agree I think and not top ten but I had admit that the thirteen Arizona couple months ago. And Wimbledon in there I forget which one now to work rates again a couple months ago. Let him in the thirteenth that your Chu were here as much about what you hear from your sources and your friends in the NFL. Not what you think and I like my home in terms of armed talent and I like its attitude ms. approaches demeanor of forms of taken chances down to which we will see it's a second part watching college football. These bubble screens and short answers that at least that and about what we're about him a passing yards they had their completion percentage being through the roof. Ellis Hannibal to receive an at the completion but in terms of a home people. And a field in a to take chance and try to stick it in their between defenders out like that. Granted some album were unwarranted is that the change that but my attitude would be that's not a one personally about this looks at their sweet pat homes and charity golf that same rothmans. At the stats are gonna and he went number one watch him homeless before eatery hires so and an in thing measurement time. Golf wasn't a fort toppled in a terrible offensive line receivers dropping balls running game that was nonexistent as a blonde so bad. So we're really golf ultimate golf bustle lost its weight on golf and let's see what homes can do if he sits. He plays you received similar results. But are you going to be will labeling him a bust if he does struggle knowing he needs time to when you know what our needs thought I'm never talk busts. Right there at least worst than there and that's that's I think the K I agree all the quarterbacks to listen to draft anyways not for next year you know outlook maybe a greater color don't we forget and I and a pink yeah XT. Yeah we forget now what back and looked at this week forget and I know football's changed under the NFL changed dramatically but you forget how bad some future for hall of fame quarterback work their rookie year and even their second year. And now we're looking at these kids come and edits and all blight he didn't do this in depth he was a rookie who came out early and had. So James what some would have been in distress right. I mean let's put this all back in park hopper perspective and realize if you go back in the history you will find some great quarterbacks that knots at the world on fire the first for every. Or more of varying opinions on this quarterback class and I can I can remember and in my time covering the draft and in a evaluating. Players. I talked to one team and they'll say you pat mahomes and obviously you'll love the armed it is intoxicating all of Washington of we don't I don't have time to develop committed it is such a long term project and we just we wouldn't take and then did you talk to some other teams and I don't know we've we like him we think you can develop them. Chief I've heard a lot of noise of the daylight my Holmes I've heard a lot of buzz about errors owner at thirteen as well I haven't heard about anyone in the top ten that doesn't mean. It he won't go on the top that I know this evaluating these quarterbacks. The most the best tape from last year was Mitch Drabinsky North Carolina and most consistently when I talk to teams in the league. That's the players that did people's seemed like the most and I think the 49ers liked him I just don't know that they would city two wouldn't take him. Would they moved back a little bit if they get offer potentially but I who's gonna move up. To that number two spot if it's not for a quarterback or what they try to package picks and come back in and get him which would cost an awful lot. To move into the top ten from I think the 34 overall pick. When when I look at and look at tape we all do that's where and we all talked to people and I get a Bobble that's what we think teams will do and that's what Louis Riddick was saying. If you fall in love when that. You know I watched my homes and I'll watch Kaiser and I want Stravinsky and I watched Shawn Watson a watchable play which is what we all should base everything off well. We're not in that Roman are on the white board and and and watching film and such. But you know what sometimes I don't think what's taken in consideration. And why the guy I go with this to Shawn Watson. Is just crossed there's just the intangible that in the big game in the big situation he does the right thing. I think a lot of times we caught up in man this guy looks good while this guy throws well. And we can find the do good in the bad in everybody but when it comes down to it that's why would take to and I know Zachary the first quarterback Golan but. Were again we're not picking for next year we're picking for down the road. I just think this guy will learn an offense that quickens and I trust him the most in what I see him do I trusted him the most in college of what I saw him do especially in big games and I trust him going for so Mel. If you were a general manager and you want to the quarterback and you had the first pick in this draft are the first pick of a quarterback which you take it that your miscue all year for me and I think when you look at what Mike was saying gotta be careful. And I know it's always tempting to say what look at Watson against Alabama. While quarterback for whatever reason. Had success against Alabama in certain spots Tibet Trevor night. What man's health Manto and watt dual threat quarterback typically yup and I think they gave him trouble Watson isn't exactly that would have been shown against USC that's what made in the third pick in the draft. Would hurt the terror car wasn't supported this USC USC outmanned Fresno state Ben Roethlisberger was terrible against Iowa. It Culpepper was terrible it's all over. Peyton I never beat Florida like yup a look at type. Colleges is the NF LMR pesky even though it has it was a one your starter and did struggle against April Solomon Thomas dominated. Is the quarterback I think moving forward as the best chance three years down the road to be successful sorry quarter. And let me frame the question differently to Utah because I have seen all of your. And opinions and all of that where you wouldn't take any of these guys nearly as high we're going to go right. Let's how we when we wake up Friday morning in the four of us are all over the two of us will be tricky and Pete in Philly and the guys that come by if and we're at a lot how many quarterbacks look on the board that first night I'm guessing three. I would I would set the over under three because Watson's with a small homes as the second homes is a second and Watson's the third I think I think Kaiser's gonna fall. At least to the late first round but I think probably his second rise visited enough inconsistency with his accuracy and his decision making and second half melt downs in games and not playing well where the team teams are just looking to say you know what. This is a big projects are I think Kaiser goes in the second round but I also think Josh dobbs from Tennessee is gonna go early second round if he doesn't sneak into the late first. Nate Peter rendered or admit it is gonna go in the second round I I don't see it would Davis web from cal. But there are some teams of stalking guys last night Dirk a couple teams that really seemed to light. Web the chiefs I've heard have some interest in web and there are a couple of the team so. I think you could see seven quarterbacks go in the first two rounds of fort also and on but I would guess only three in the first round and the most intriguing. Artists of courses if there's a run on the morally. In all this talk about Cleveland chipped you sort of set the world on fire last week with his. Report that it's possible to consider taking Drabinsky number one and I don't think the expectation is that that will happen. But if a quarterback does go and and I saw mock draft the other day from Chris Collins worth it had. And Jacksonville taking that guy back at number four rubbing up on portals are going that direction every single one of them go off the board. Let's just say for the sake of discussion before the jets pick at six and now all of a sudden we got our broad everywhere I would imagine that that's off panic. Among teams that are figuring I'll be able to get a guy late in the first round and suddenly you don't that you could see a run on quarter. Dallas try to get taxed than lynch Kansas and try to attack Denver actually got. There's a team and of course Dallas and they'll put that press guy but I think Kansas City tried to get lynch. You think about what is gonna happen in the first round. I would be surprised if you use all highs are in round one now based honoring your and everything you know about Du'Shon Kaiser. I think. To me he grades out as a third or fourth rounder he will be over dressed in the second Watson great that's the second could be over drafted. And if you look at my home. Rates as an early second will be overdraft which Robiskie of like all your public when he won Olympic sport you're taken number one why would you take him number one LaMont Garrett there and and you can trade out if you want absolutely physically editing at with well miles Garrett is eight where they're coming up to get the coming out of a mile Aaron Miles care got so I don't isn't sure there are no holes as I hear too many but not again I I divert you guys but I hear a lot of people pointing out what they perceived to be holes in miles Garrett was a perfect but he's a pass rusher is right out of he wants it bad enough he'll be great. But I think if you'll get a few Cleveland is they were gonna take mr. miscue number one. Outs and why. After that you're afraid 49ers can take him to and you kick it back up from twelve but why not move down a little bit face and I want to Aaron Miles gear they're they're completely I would just answer the question good yeah just answer the question if that was the case she don't hate somebody else like to miscue one you move out of there I what they will do is they miles Garrett one. And then move up from twelve they have all this ammunition they have all the ability to do always extra picks they'd accumulated move up from twelve try to get ahead of the jets that sit wherever you feel like Garrett you. Five Tennessee Fort Jackson or three Chicago one of those three teams will be looking to get out. We're gonna learn a lot of Cleveland because that makes sense if you if you like one of these quarterbacks. We've got all those extra picks let's look packaged them go up ahead of its go up to five to ten as usual willingness to move back and let's go get our quarterback there. But you know even heard yesterday are talking about it Cleveland saying we're not in the business of making furniture picks in the one. And so are I think we're gonna learn a little bit more about their analytic and let us find out how they managed. Well I got ya I didn't hear the latest from Cleveland now Brock are smaller as well actually the start. And I gotta love the stuff that caught our eye out radical because I mean listen I'm with ya I don't think there's any doubt in my mind that Cleveland takes miles Garrett and then. Possibly go I said last week in May be trade up if they want to me again it would be to Vizquel what I wouldn't do that but. I'm not the one Pilkington really always pick I do think got a lot of them would do Clark went right so that all this idea that they'll feel like one of these quarterbacks and go get. Go get a you have to if you think you've hit the franchise quarterback you do what you have to do I absolutely agree Mel. The chase here brought to us by. 38 not DXL you're looking good. Despite might. Feeling to the contrary there are other positions that'll be drafted in this thing besides quarterbacks so let's do it this way. Give me three players in this draft not betray. That you would bet your mortgage are going to be great NFL players at any position miles curtain. Tomorrow I got you have that much total Qaeda doesn't do that again he is the guy who he's a different cat he's a massive. The potential massive upside influential concern. His tape is better than what people are putting out there right now. The scouts admirable admitted skirts crusty scout time I mean everyone's just they've been on the road 200 days this past year there. They're they've seen everything they've been looked into players who should be running for five running 549. And everyone's just miserable. In every once the draft to happen at this points miles Garrett is. I think a better prospect I should have better prospects he's just as talented as Vivian clowning they're not the same exact player. But I think he's a little bit there's a little bit more of an edge in cloud yet. Jamal atoms I've. He may never be. Ed Reed or you know about a week level safety but I think he's going to be a Pro Bowl Atlantic columns for a long long time you better say this 13 guy Arum an ominous for your office that. The who's a third of all I was here two days ago and got an NFL Jonathan Allen Jonathan Allen and you know what their shoulders a dead it is always a medical staff says it's going to be something that could be a problem. 57 years down the road. I've no problem which on the now I don't care. What he worked out how he worked out his game will translate he has quickness. Power in his hand usage. And it he's just he's he plays the game the way you're supposed to play a game and loves the game and I just don't see any I don't see a lot of bust potential which are things that separate that that. You'll from college to pro. Things if you naturally have a much of it managers have and with a Allen camp. To that that's one biggest thing that players need to work on defensive players and linemen going the next level is good and play he has. I get away with for him quicker mortality I equate into Ndamukong to an unbelievable and play coming on college and use it pros and Allen is such a great leverage player. I agree on gear diagram those would be my three as well I mean poker the kid from house is. Hooker and Adam these are two guys that come down and that you unfortunately the mission occasionally because elect come down pitchers so much. But those three I would say those three is what president seems to be certainly now a defense of draft that. And I have a crush McCaffrey is the united you have to put up there's no doubt I would bet on. That's so many things he can do a Sony things that you it was a great receiver runner. Return man and a guy's gonna work as hard as anybody Celek Christine McCaffrey is god you know which are getting OJ how are we talked about he's a throwback tight end to the eighties you'll see those kind of guys anymore BC tight ends now. And called called against the that's left. That that does even to justice of the tour they use Howard the way they use a tight ends in the NFL he's gonna. My god he's gonna love life was attacked so much in Alabama he's going to be in him so hot that aren't in the middle of the other guys beat Italy in one and I got a little block it out though you forgot flight Jake but had not had the injury would have been way up there it's going to be up there on it in the late second early third unfortunate had the injury but you'll block that's what OJ how reduce I would go McCaffery power Todd and I disagree on when the best football players in the strip mr. rule proper understanding of one career interception but it have a ton of opportunities Italy was utilized. But I just think I would battle to broke pepper finding away in the NFL to define a roll into it very well. I would bet on Solomon Thomas to from staffer I think he's a three technique but he's personal. And I think he has the or like he's got the power and the ability to play multiple spots I think he's going to be top ten pitch he could go 789 somewhere in the arrangement that he's gonna wanna be one of the 56. And only god it's versatile inside and that is a Cody white hair. It was a tackle who became a garden that NS and her with the bears and had a great rookie year is far slant play right right right deck battles it's just a short Hartley is the guy will be a heck of a guard or sent it's amazing what we talk about now how it's changed too. The multiple position. Outside your broke preparers were working out for your positions but the fact that Solomon Thomas can go up and down the line. You get overwhelmed by the big guy occasionally but the versatility do that you have to have that as an imperial Lyman or or Lyman Beckham go guard tackle let alone guard center. But it just the versatility of what these guys can use to tackle in college and shut down Tim Williams and Ryan Anderson and Alabama. Now one game. Mike and Mike relevant chair here were presented by progressive insurance but from range. Of coverage options with the name your price tool to find a price that works for you Mel mentioned Christian McCaffrey was not a pure running back he does any number of different things. There are troops you're running backs in this draft at mile maybe a third against Angel makes and that we could see go in the first round. Abdel the cook is another he'll be here on our that a little bit later this morning and Leonard Cornett is the third it if you're drafting amongst those guys I would order you put cinnamon. I would go for net first then in the in the right offense with the right emphasis added you have to be it team like Dallas that's willing to give him twenty plus carries a game and focus your offense and your football team around the run game. And if you do that I think did the you don't pay dividends I think Jacksonville for the possibility of a Carolina aid is a possibility. I think Galvin cooks tape was actually better than any back in this class. Out of just this past year outside of maybe Joseph makes. The problem with with cook is much as I love him and I do think he is really good football character loves the game when when Christian McCaffrey was sitting out in foreign that was. You know doing what he whatever foreign that was doing. And some other guys wouldn't play we're should get the same game right they tell the cockpit like he ended that I asked him point blank listen have you thought about it is your your first round ability if you thought about not playing he stated I have never crossed my mind if he just he loves the game. The problem with him is there's just there's some questions about off the field he's had some incidents in the past. Yet you've been three shoulder surgeries if you go through shoulder injuries if you go back to high rotator cuff and high school in front of the labor and two years ago Bakalar room this past and a national press. How significant is that I don't shoulder hit it right shoulder surgery blood so that it can't that I turn to go to football players of the closest things to doctors. How much I mean he's a quarterback I can be very worried to death that I worry about it are you about the well Bonnie thank you you look unfortunate dips his shoulder a little more than I'd love to see him stiff formal or more I mean you know that formats their farms are there. If if you look at running backs and say which running back for forgetting what they did in college fits the mold of the NFL itself uncle. Delta Coke to wait and run the ball he's patient behind his blocker I'd love that. And between the tackles a good maybe do that a little more catching the ball out of backfield is huge. But you have to add in some of the issues off the field and the short. Let's hope it's like settle quarterback in the league already was rotten the baton and a door banging through that for the sake take my my got yacht and a would be James Winston. Saying Galvin cook the Tampa Bay yet here's a first round team and a first round pick where you have a quarterback says. Indeed this I want this guy Aegon. Add so much to our offense like each Amos Winston is saying though it is his personnel people on this front office people can you find a way to get lead out and you wanna keep. From in state. Yeah and you look at warned that I know we all for an that is the first guy I mean he is just a train wreck on the wrong and I mean. Yes but man. You know what look at other big rig running back now he can he can out run you as well but he also likes it dropped the shoulder and that doesn't work as well on the NFL you take hits you take hits. And it was assists and me more than anything else I didn't get him out of the backfield. Catching the ball but he's gonna have to do that who's going to be the Jordan Howard in the stressed who's going to be the all around running I'll Boller who they are a lot album yup could be I would go with cream punt from Toledo who would you go with like on a big bad days. From North Carolina State is a little bit underrated and run all that well but he's he's a really good football player right one of the better pass protectors. You can always 510 but to match I've not talked about enough yet but he knew it would Galvin cooking need to work more on them a lot of time your star backs aren't the greatest. Blockers as well if you wanna be on the field all the Dallas Lauderdale heard a lot of middle of an issue I think if something would days salt the Senior Bowl couple I'm storing your NC state ball security important could push him down just a bit melt with all the talking you have had we've read this on the conversation with you on the air for what feels like forever. Do you still subscribe to the U would not take a running back in the first round philosophy now McCaffrey's. The X-Factor. Because he's you see in the slot one and Ralph Tennessee wide receiver punt which he does so much he's more than a running you know I love about Mel. Who doesn't GM draft rate as they agreed a draft whenever you names that. And it that's him he's the general manager for 32 NFL team right and he drafts what three running backs dollars round though. Now you have cabinet and there I don't you address the fort Patrick you ask for photo in your great day mock draft didn't put out just Hollywood area this this is why can't I why you contradicted your all exact all right and any alone does it every ya I wanna try to keep this thing real. Not a lot of people look this is like. This makes no sense there's no way for the way this guy's getting the second round so in that position even though I have a philosophy always said. If on the personnel director Jim in my head coach my coordinators bank that they've got to have this god and even have the lowest the great leg great dump. Has played a great but the second rounder to Google possibly not a great on based on ability if I got a guy Toby based on ability. I what does gonna see where he ranks when the boarding is in line to be that pick if you've got to have a myopic and that's why I made this re ought to make it. Wanted to go out at a morning out of my personal look at an agent got it always ends ago at the database right because we kept it real weed out all these quarterbacks in the second round and we noticed aka pat ourselves like. That is there like this I would tell accurate accurate I'd like I'm the I was very. Why aren't so much to get through here this morning last night while watching the thunder at the rocket ride Priscilla treated. This is the Westbrook that would scare the hell out of me if I was at thunder fan this isn't about not having help he didn't want any. So with that as the sort of a snapshot of what you are thinking is here like in the game what faucet you come away with from last. I don't know anybody surprised by this because this is always been his entire career and he's fantastic the level of energy he plays with his beyond anything I've ever seen to consistently go on to bring this all. 82 opponent played two. But. You know this is this is a small part of the reason margarine or not there anymore. When you watch the way to construct an honorary ensure that Ross was mad that Durant left because now it's like cool I'm I'm I'm now I'm totally in control things on until you thunder around him or a great roster. Einar it would happen when he sat the bench in a differential has been a math problem formal all season long. But then to say because they blew the lead when he was on the bench that he's gonna take eighteen shots in the fourth quarter. Mean this is ridiculous and when you watch them play over the course of regular season when you watch it last night. When they get an offensive rebound everybody immediately looks word we go to get this thing the Ross it's like four guys. Watching what Ross wants to do so I don't wanna knock him like he's an incredible talent the most athletic player ever seen play in the league. But there is an approach by him that has consistently been their presence workers that of a fighter write a guy that's been doubted. I'm gonna show you. And so when he gets tougher he actually forces it and I think makes them an easier opponent to defend. So what I saw last night is not a surprise to me whatsoever. And I always wonder with him and this thing can you ever been to the point where you were consistently beat good teams in the playoffs I don't think they would. While that that's I said earlier I think they've hit the ceiling in the macro sense. If with this roster and let's get another star in there. There are seventy there's sixty blossom I don't what what I did that's run get captured on their seven or six or five this is where they are sold to two years from now. Is Westbrook staying there is west were gonna say I'm going to be somewhere else. Well the lakers extension I mean that was really the way it was gonna happen and he's gonna. He's gonna stay here and not go to lakers right one way or does he says it was kind of just hey you wanna raise an existing money and then give us another year. And that is news regatta the numbers here this morning I don't know. How motivated some of these guys unity to leave because it is a lot of my a lot of money and you know maybe you can say all right he's young and up after the fourth through the new team he's been able to make up some of that. But when the owners to the news he BA on this. There was in under two but prepaid the players. Were compensated. But also gave. Their home team an advantage that we always felt like worked in the past. David Stern always would tell you. I want my players in a uniform for really long time because that helps create stability it helps build fan bases so. There was always leverage for the current team to keep the player with a little extra money. They have gone way beyond that because of the guerrilla movement the bronze movement twice of the owners are going you know look I we don't really like this these guys are saying hey the money's. Not that much difference so they've made it a huge advantage again. I don't Norris has going to be out on that one because he still brings in a ton of money even being okay exe on the side and he's Jordan he's bright he's all the sort of stopped. He will be if you sort of did the math if you opt out after next year and had a four year contract could be either 33 or 34. At the end of at that time zone. To think well he'll still be young enough you know the way he plays his level of athletic CI think his level of athleticism tells me. I'm never gonna doubt discuss physically I mean you look were so far down the road but I guess I'm just gonna surprise this morning and I'm hearing like what he did everything he could. I know his numbers are sick. But that's not what I would want. Imagine watching film of that political order and and thinking that was like what was good about the bottom line it's an act and get to any work you look at from a team aspect and quickly the number kiwi you hear the saying the numbers. If the differences 2191000262. Mowing the differences about 57 million he could leave on the possibly leave on the table if you were to go. So Morales which brings the other part of this and Ryan is. If you were to stay there what star watch to come play there because rush has control of everything because he has the ball all the time. I don't know you know it would probably be somebody who. I'm just news knows example even doughnuts and no ago Casey and the second fiddle to Ross. But it would have to be somebody that is still kind of perceived. In that not top tier but maybe that next year. In his may be had a rough run of it somewhere else so he feels it attaching himself and I'm ready target specifically about mobile like. The guy that is on the out with his current team that says this gives me a better chance to go down there. But they're really close last year we all understand that I am. One of the least likely guys to say about a player and you can't win this way you'll never win because all the times we say this guy I'll never win now usually means they just haven't yet. You know doesn't mean that there incapable of it means their time has not come and even if they end up never winning a ring is it just because they are so. Problematic so challenged that it's their stock but. I don't. But I washed up fourth quarter last night and I cringe. When I when I look at the players around him. And that those guys have tapped out because they know they're kind of not going to be involved so hurt you rebounding. It hurts you on defense you know relics of the teams in the league we'll throw it down into the post or run their sent her up and having catch in the high post account looks round. Don't think those are good possessions they don't want to senator making passes all the time not not you know that he's in pretty good at it. But your last coach is gonna go hey look I do it so that I keep my big guy involved. And get him a couple buckets because he's busted his you know what all my long. If you're playing inept fourth quarter of Ross last night you kinda know. Eight change. It's guys like I couldn't. One and a half a minute. Prejudice and I wanted to have shots permanent and it's not I'm getting tired of it always carrying the load I don't think that guy gets tired. He is a robot man Brian is still I was here the straight talk regular straight talk wireless best phones let's networks half the cost a few different things don't wanna get too with Hubert. One more from the world basketball Celtics fall down to nothing they have this horrendous tragedy involving their superstar and everything else. And they may just have a bad matchup here they may really have been a team that over achieved during the regular season all these are the conventional wisdom about them and they actually. Drive with my opinion. I did here. Some. Quarters I was made aware there was some people are there were criticizing Bret Stephens. And his coaching fourth they're being down two nothing and suggesting that he's the problem is there any validity of that at all in your opinion. So the records got to play a sour too intense through antenna that that's so irrelevant to me its previous we've when he had no chance. And this is a Mac Dowell regular season team. And you know Boston fans even the team to defense the idea that OK you are likely one of the more historically pour number one he's overall as they now and Norah we are paving. Somebody has to be okay. If you see three wins in your point differential Joe's as a profile a team that usually is never. A number one overall seed but. If Stevens is really really good don't you tell me there's some sort of switch that he can't flip in the playoffs that Fred Weber who every bulls fan that I know wants him fired. But he's he's just runs circles around Brad Stevens. We do too much of the blame the coach stuff in basketball way too much of a box out you know I understand that there's tragedy here and I don't know if that's the overriding factor. I think you could see there was a real lack of low in game one. But we're I've seen consistently for two games is a Frontline. Vision is getting beat up Robin Lopez of being there were three Celtics and he ends up with the rebound. Defensively what the bulls didn't that second half ago unmanned the Celtics are really searching for shots and most of the dude the end there potential here are really really bad looks. So I think Isaiah is a terrific player who was exceeded all it's no one would ever think you'd even be Wie was last year forget like kind of in the conversation BP's this year. But there are teams will tell you philosophically we can't have 59 god be our number one option on offense in the play out is gonna send extra big bodies at him beat up unit force him into different decisions you know try to get the ball out of his hands and he was still really really good in game one. And then there's no clear second score this this playoff run now they to me success in this league is about a second score it's almost as good as your first score. And the gap between one or two for Bausch and just isn't. It needs it very significant when you see locates out of Isaiah stance somebody else who create a shot. And then you have a bulls team like I overlook the bull I wasn't as high as of but I look at the polls going. Where's the spin because that that afternoon weekend game in March about a month or so ago and had nine points in the first quarter 25 in the first half. That's wrong worst efforts I've seen from T Moore your long and now they're playing like a completely new team but to say it's on Brad. A knock somebody out there.