Tom Brady And The NFL

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Friday, May 19th

His legacy continues, Bruce Haertl and Paul Savage touch base on Tom Brady and where he is now as he is promoting cars for Aston Martin, his mark on the NFL as Bruce and Paul agree that he is the best quarterback in the league 


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Sports daily news. Yeah youth age. Group. I'm rolling it a good strategy here on Friday. All looks like yeah heavy stuff missed us last night frank got lucky I'd get it up a little north but it but it could have been a lot worse. Even up north around Salina over Dodge City. But really and truly there were some tornadoes that hit some big wide open spaces and not a lot of debt and nobody heard at least that I'm aware of bad. But you know the state of Kansas in which started particular dodged the bullet last night because there was a lot of activity my goodness oil well we're we're we're so glad that. Here's the forecast looked like Wichita was going to be in the processors for awhile right bill we canceled football practice last night which post practice Zeta growing out of the forum and and make they closed the shop up I mean they disclose the whole place up and rightfully so by the way I mean it looked at Dyer for a long long time. I guess it turns out. You maybe didn't need to. But you know something you don't know that at the time no you don't know that at the time India and the way and the weather is. Don't need it so unpredictable for us good guys as these guys and as these. Gentlemen and and women do. They're sit still a certain degree of imprecise. Nature to. To the business the Buccaneers have agreed to terms with quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick your thoughts well you know he's a good quarterback I think he's Izzy Izzy at. Is he Montana is he and Al way of course he's not but he served as a lion that's why he's a backup quarterback with the buccaneer that's right. But he is serviceable and he can do it again and and Willie do a job I take what I can think of a lot of other quarterbacks. That I would take over him for that particular role fits in perfect. And I think it gives a sense of stability to their quarterback position with that team knowing you've got a guy like that debt. In relief. Rate economy and if you need it I think that's good for that team that's good I think it's a good sign for back up. Ryan Fitzpatrick. Stands to be used sixth quarterback. To play for seven. Different NFL teams took a while Jeff Blake Steve Bono christianity learn. Gus Frerotte. A lot gosh remembered Gus brought to played at Tulsa up. All that's why he did I had forgotten that know you're I think you're I don't act just brought plated just brought elated Tulsa wasn't just Barack the with the one that. Scored on a play in the head but at the and hurts. That the yen hurt himself out budding like India after editor told odor there was like a touchdown I was like one of the you know like the padded it was like padded wall that's right brother like yeah and Vinny test of Verity. Could be the other one while that he tested yeah I'll Heisman winner edited and and you know that's a guy that proved for what 4547000. Yard it's not like Vinny Testaverde didn't throw a lot of for a lot of yardage he did. Huge good quarterback he was this very very good serviceable who was was he again was he an Elway was he a mob no but I tell you what. He certainly was a better than average quarterback throughout his career at least in my opinion. Steve Bono. Plates and downs with those Kansas City Chiefs navy. Which makes sense because he's a former 49ers quarterback but I bet I mean that's correct you have to be if a former 49ers quarterback if you're going to be a quarterback for the Kansas goes well dud well I mean I asked mr. Wright's bizarre and Steve divert to Bono to. Montana Joseph Montana I mean are you kidding me today and it's there now Alex Smith a good boy Chris I'm Lindsey good. Chris Chandler was a good player too. Chris Chandler is a guy that you have to be reminded that played in the NFL but if you look at Chris Chandler he was a good he was a really good quarterback in Washington. Now Washington for many many years we're we're just churning people out into the NFL. Billy Joseph over. Chris chi and lower. Mean import that there were guys you know booed Conklin. They're a bunch of guys that were all kind of mid level quarterbacks the game from the University of Washington. There and and and Chris Chandler was one of them right. Pretty pretty good football player that's interstate net interest in Blake Bono Chandler for rot Testaverde. And now Ryan Fitzpatrick becoming the sixth quarterback. That will play for seven NFL teams as well as Testaverde is the best of that group. Yeah well it's its durability but it's also helped it also shows you the value. By the quarterback position to shows use the value. Having a great back up you know and and a lot of teams subscribed to the philosophy he beat three good back up Samie look at look at the New England Patriots was a just Lester just this last year. Where you have but Tom Brady sit out. And day you go to one quarterback he goes down you start a second quarterback for what was at the third or fourth game I believe it was the fourth game. Of the suspension for Tom Brady. I'll tell you what quarterback is a position where you'd be pretty darn good everywhere else on the field. You'll have a goat to quarterback a guy that can get the job done and stretch out drives and all those kind of things all the things we talk about. Every time we talk about the ball you have bad guy you got real problems and that's why the premium is put on a backup quarterback and even two quarterbacks in the system. I don't think there's enough premium put on a good backup quarterback and I think if you look at the disparity between. The starting quarterback in the backup quarterback. They're may not be a wider goals in talent and ability. In all of sports from the first team to a second team and then there is a quarterback position in the NFL. Seriously on I think you're probably August something that now I know I mean I'm on our producer I'm right now I'm pretty sure you are due and then I'm pretty sure I'm right but I mean you know what I do and yet. And yet I think one would argue. That the mode if you had the argument while what's the most important backup position in all of sport all of sports I think you would say quarterback I think I think your by the way best backup quarterback of all time I'd I think I know who I would say. Who Caesar is or somebody you would say I'm I'm just there's no right or wrong answer how well if I think I'd have to think about that I mean. You know George plan to tell my god are you took Earl moral aural oral comes to mind you obviously Newton. And then I think that the I think they're a bunch of guys. I mean I will who I've got an answer for your pocket and it trumps anything that we just came up okay due Ron Amadon or Joseph Montana. Okay all right we'll get an idea please I did not take your do we need to do we need to continue the conversation now but I didn't think of them. And I did not at the left that a well done my those guys were on the same staff what Al at if you have staff they were Dundee in this neighborhood got those guys were in the same. Position room. At the same time said that Steve young and Joseph Montana well you lead and Agile I didn't know I don't know how can you both NFL hall of famers both levels oh my gosh champions are. Are you kidding me that is well doubles Cleveland was suggesting that ever happened to the Kansas City Chiefs. Well I can certainly I can see I can see them yet because they bit it allowed because it'll out months candidate in the Kansas City hats are essentially that's exactly right no yes they're good at that was good god I was so proud of my George Bryant that was gonna come up with my New York I knew you how did you go to plan because. Just you wanted to Gould school down all you local school I love old school down in there's nothing George planned it was a great. That was was it not only a great kicker but he was a very capable backup quarterback for many many additionally any years that strike and many here watched media case. With his whole high tops in the via apps Earl moral by the way pretty darn good too. That was started Super Bowl abstract as pretty good that's pretty good pick also for upper back up a bit. Of the decade or does millennial whenever people people forget that he was the starting quarterback that's right in Super Bowl three Johnny BI as was hurt him as eggs Tony united dessert yeah yeah yeah I think Johnny Unitas came in at the end of the game and try but that too yet but but but moral was the guy. Moral is the guy so. Very interesting stuff if you do you just invoked the name of of Tom Brady. And apparently he's in a in a spot. Did you think could hurt his career this is this is this is groundbreaking stuff from you survives at IIAIA. I I wasn't sure where you were going with this. And I'm very interested to see how an endorsement. Can hurt one's overall image especially when it's an Aston Martin and Tom Brady. Is going to be the one doing the endorsing run what I what what what possible problem is there with. This here's the image that I have for Tom Brady and I think I'm not alone when I look at Tom Brady I think to myself. The guy was unheralded coming into the league east from a school that from up that the he went to a school in a state that's that's known for blue collar unions and hard work. At times I city is a guy that I've always perceived as. Not allowing the luxuries of life Leno let alone a beautiful model for a wife and all but but but he doesn't want it he doesn't want these kind of things. He does not want his wealth where we seat. Athletes who may have a lot of playing will we see athletes with you know 25 different cars. And they'll drive a different car to practice every day of the month. I don't get the idea that that he is one of those guys that wants his wealth. I appreciate that about Tom Brady I appreciate the fact that he is be working stiff he approaches the game like a working man would approach his job at the factory. I loved that about Tom Brady so what's he doing goes out in the he signs a contract to become a spokesman for a British car manufacturer out around probably. Promoting a British car factory Europe a manufacturer. But aren't the Marten is. Or I should say pastor Martin is a company that sells very. Expensive luxury cars work talk and cars that basically started 950000. Dollar a price crazies are cars that the cannot 210 for the London apparently is now that you know I'm going to he's now endorsing that's right and so now we see Tom Brady. Sitting on the hood and why wouldn't sit on the hood of a 2000 dollar 200000 dollar car because there's nothing that says. You know. Scratching up the hood of a car like announced an Aston Martin like you're with your blue jeans right I mean nothing says listen don't gamma man of the people sitting on your card your blue Jay belatedly get my point but I think this is damaging to his enemies is. Overall oldies. We head and eyes and and brilliant brilliant why do you woods is it what damages it as seriously now what damages what he's a California boy. Who went to school at Michigan right okay you know and with all due respect to American carmakers. There are other carmakers out there in the world. And so you get this a very exclusive. English card producer. That wants to have a stronger. Influence into the American market. The high end of the American market what moral wrong with that. I mean it's it's Americana at it's greatest. I mean it's it's Tom Brady using his celebrity. To endorse a vehicle. And to help them sell some cars how the world is it going to hurt so so it's gonna (%expletive) off someone on the on the on the and on the assembly line in Detroit. Get over it. I can see Tom Brady. You know the the GMC Yukon you know the the the can I guess what is that that. They'd it's the sports utility vehicle type. Whom within GM sees or maybe it. I Chevrolet Ole Chevrolet I can see Tom Brady is the spokesman of general like I do not see talking or more. Or or maybe how about a Dodge Ram okay very ago dodged rant I've just covered the whole gamut I've just taken care of all or advertisers right here talks or maybe he doesn't drive American cars. What a second York Tom Brady he does all of America Europe all American boy. You're a guy that I look to infect myself you know thought Tom Brady. You probably got more money even then god himself which he does stuff that I know what you've got you've got ahead on your shoulders and you've got you've got a call you by American exclusively. Exclusively now and I buy American no I I I've heard I don't why nobody has a variety of cars are personally drive Cadillac I mean I have yes when you always I have so now we 25 years and that's good old American. That's skewed older I met him I don't know an engineering that's a personal thing for me. And I personally in in it they you don't want a good car how I that that's what I want but but I'd buy but our company which I'm a part of part owner which we buy we buy also. Cars from Toyota and all the other man if I wanna leave anybody out because are all good cars I think for the most part it just whatever fit your pocketbook whatever fits your lifestyle whatever Fisher needs really is what it's about half so what you know it and I would I have no problem. With all that but it but Aston Martin. There's not an Aston Martins in in my company to put it that loves it hate leadership be hot don't think there will be I can put it that way I'm pretty safe while that's so big that that will be the case but I'm just saying I think this to a certain extent if I'm sorry to see it happen will hurting. Probably not all of them aren't good I think now I want to hurt I think you're climbing up the good old American and American is the best in. And by god you know we need we need to. You know we need to keep everything at a home and I mean that's just not the nature of the beast anymore in this world at that in my opinion. Put Tamar and an Eric points out and I did read just it's. That Aston Martin is designing a Tom Brady twelve special edition that will sell. For 300000. Dollars that the fact that nothing says Americanism. Like a 300 got our wallet car does it. But he now bought iPad that's the beautiful flag if it. Boo. Anybody here in AA and there's going to be people that I am old they're in the they're just star they're people that buy 495. Dollars sneakers. You know I mean I mean it's just the way it is and that's just the way it is set up by the way means only several 100000 dollar for those sneakers too by the way I mean you know we're talking more. And that night and I don't know how long that. That that stream rolls for and probably dries up at some point I don't. I I'm I'm not aware of a great. Groundswell for Alonso ball over on downs and that's my own. It and that's but through no fault of his own brackets do largely the fault of his father beat that is it may. You know I'd just been the united. There I mean loans a ball is not someone Iowa and B if fathered notwithstanding. He's just not a guy I would lineup and behind end. You start wanting to buy shoes and his Jersey and everything like that down you know I just know these just not that you if he's not that kind of player right me. That that would that would turn to elicit that I Tom Brady I I look it's part of the great American. The part of the great American way. That debt did you if you. And then if you're good enough. At what you do. Did you. Should be able to proffer a profit in any shape or manner or form. From that reputation. So I have no problem with that. Tom Brady. Or doing anything that he wants to further is now owned financial empire let's go to the phones and see what folks have to say Kevin. Is up first Kevin it's always good hearing from. Now anybody. And return to return as first of all the trial where he's worried about Toto permanently contemplated terrorists. In short club. I'd look up ice and not about how. Actually did yeah that is definitely a pretty solid that's a good eight Atlantic nicely and I love it. Chin Shek memorial. Can't move blue gel leave spokesman Bernard Landry Jones the degree burglary rooster best Bruce should either Dodgers somebody you're railroad. Nicely. You know you're right I agree. Date Kevin but yeah below Kevin just hit and run as nicely done good on her up next on sports daily 8691240. Is the I guided it dad's locker room. Hotline what's up John. Yeah like they're wondering if there are ignored ever served so maybe Omar under. James Barr. I guess partner. Now Tom yeah in locker aren't very. Brady. Farmer. The crap out of a nice little gentle she can lost shaken not stirred right her. Yeah way to cop Tom Brady's. Got himself a little James Bond in a doesn't it. Want to block out all that well I borrowing need is a little Scottish lilt he's got the look at the women would swoon he's already got that going on how he'd have his car. He would need a gun always got to do is throw a football at someone's. Spending you know. It did the guys that the guys get. Get movie star looks in the whole nine you're. You know I just up then you're not far off on that now who would be as money Gary. Austin who would be his money I don't know I think I think that he would have no shortage of people lining up to do that. A problem. Let's that are you know that was those were two pretty good calls you know lineup gets another shot Mary ago there were absolute I didn't see that common. Not like that much stuck kept good judge. Kevin and John bring it strong nicely done we appreciate honesty debris will be back in a moment. Let's get some baseball shall we let's do it 8691240. On the idea edited to add locker room on line it's certainly savage its Friday edition. It's right here on your sports station came FH.