On Your Mark With Steve Rainbolt

The Drive
Thursday, May 18th

Wichita State University Head Track & Field coach Steve Rainbolt joins Jeff & Jason to talk about the upcoming NCAA Championship meet in Austin Texas. Steve gives a preview of the events he believes the team is strongest in and who excels in each event.  He also gives his perspective of how they will fare when they join the AAC.


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All right. Let's don't. Okay. Plug it back to drive the father Jeff Jason do then for Bob today that's just advance my wife picked that song by. Watch the moon boots on. What's on tap presented by mechanic Nissan and we've got it it's Steve Ramos head track and field coach at Wichita State what's going on coats. Not much. They were doing really well do you think. Okay this is actually a good question I want coast I know where your on your coach Hugh you coaches runners ends. We we just did a list of the top ten athletes. In individual sports and Jason due to my cohost the former thunder player he puts secretariat on the list are you for that or. Port that aren't athletes right. Fatah talks are bent in the Twitter partnered I didn't know what go onto the city recruiting. And I and I wondered I tell you what. I'd probably would normally. Land on the side of that horse is not I mean. Bat you know those that documentaries about secretary. And secretary it would unbelievable super fast. Well not a bad I mean the way they talk is that. There was a spirit there good about just competitiveness that you. Yeah and how much it doesn't matter coach what you're Sainz actually perfect please continue to. I I don't without repression that secretary it was a great just that man unbelievable literally and figuratively. You know out there you go. So this doctors compete next week in the west preliminary championships that's a precursor to the outdoor. NCAA meet tell us about that made just what it is and and how defect in effect your team and your athletes. So. First round preliminary round at the end it championship bid he you can liken it your goal all permit where they go. The first weekend all over the country it ever regional site. And they play and it would be intention of advancing to you know I hope for our our system is that we go. And the top forty athletes in each event on the top forty I jumper 48. You know 200 meter runners in each event. Go down to Austin taxes on the western half the United States and then that top 48 from the eastern app the United States go to Lexington tacky. I think in Kentucky this year. And compete to try to narrow down the twelve aptly. And then the top twelve from the east and the top twelve from the way out. After you know next weekend will advance to Eugene Oregon but a final. The NCAA championships two weeks after that. So we got a heck organized group of athletes representing I think we've got something like. If teen women are sixteen women. And then we've got like twelve man I'm not mistaken I'm trying to remember correctly. And that's a real nice representation. Of what somebody looked at a year. Just to date and our total it is the 27 best total of the country while her advancing at least to the regional so we're really proud. The group that we got go. Now I just wanted to just wanna touch on this for a quick you mentioned Lexington Kentucky that's where the Kentucky Derby celebrate. Secretary ran there. Is that is that we're UK here. Yeah another area. Okay well that's that's sounds good at just one that's the rough so what event do you think you guys are strongest in. Well regarding got three women. And we've got one man Parker beat that they have already in the NCAA meet. In the decathlon. The reason is look at the decathlon do you get like an order of merit on used to do it every week yeah. So they'd that's one event that they don't do next weekend down cost. So we're really strong and our women's four by one is extremely strong. Date not a girl not matter to at least two of the girls about. Were app the NCAA meet two years ago and made second team all American. And we think we've got a chance to be every bit of that didn't we know we're every bit as it is we were two years ago. And and possibly better we run forty or perhaps second roughly I'd have that exact are good in my brain but. Real fast and we feel like we've got. Another gear parent could go even faster at that each scene so what the limits or by one the multi event. You know we ought to have that javelin throwers and we feel like the bulk of the bad way but we've got a jab you know Erin true on the men's side. And Carly mild on the women's side or koppers champions. Both of them have shot at advancing. To the NCAA meet. You know ought to poorly. Grant a spectacular orderly Earl ray is one of the top time in all of NCA. Went in winning the upper championship and Porter are also eat. Had a good chance we feel like the poor turtles but. Not naming them saying that we feel like. Our our good possibility of getting to the end game each Jimmy some milk at our school record holder in the armor Perot. She throws well that it ought to chill have a good chance to advanced. I'm getting things that we have that we feel like circuit chip boy that we need that are not as a Topps meat and you have to show up and bring your a game and if you do that these that we are talking about lots of other but I haven't mentioned. You know have a good shot at advancing. On to Eugene if they don't void that opt out it'll. It's there it's a very high level meet. Doug and Wichita State track and field coach Steve rainbow he mentioned hunter via qualifying in the decathlon the three. Women brand Borman Gavin yet or Nikki large Miller in the heptathlon. Not everyone coach is gonna be able to. Compete and in that many events and excel led. You traditionally have been strong in the head heptathlon in the end the decathlon view. Recruits do you make it a point to recruit athletes to our personal that way and well rounded and can and can do a lot of things. Yes absolutely I. Mercury than I would a cap on and myself that was by well right. I just like a quarterback Ben that cap on the ball if that person my whole life. On the women's side especially. Those three girls you mentioned can do so many think short track. In addition to they have tapped when Devin yet or was I explore the order meter hurdles. Read in orbit has won multiple championships. And the high jump venture also escort kind of jab or many times as she scored nicely this year in the long jump that you arch Miller in addition well. It addition to perhaps outlawed Nikki gore and I entered reader scored Ryan at 200 meter court I have a hundred meter hurdles. She's won many championships and other events this side. That Apple Store especially on the women's side those athlete and can you know do so much damage that a team. Clutter is such a good athlete on the men's side we didn't need an error in the decathlon at the conference meet sort of state for them so to speak further NCAA meet. We put it 67 upset conference meet and he did great you eat. I forget I think US sports. Or shipped by the US stepped in the pole vault he was first in the long he won the long jump championship. You restarted the triple jump. You're spurred I believe in the javelin throw and eat scored in he scored viral corporate moniker have a great part what he was. Mail that lot of contribution a team effort so that along answered your question yes we try to make sure we get athlete can do multiple things. To create a more well rounded team. Well sounds like he got a great group of kids here. How does this group compared to the other teams you've had in the past. The women scored 226 point that the Israeli championship that's the most sports sport in the history of the story row or. Southern Illinois scored 204. And 2000 tenths so it was the most points scored by by our shot. And so I told the ladies afterward. If there had that there are going to be that gushed about their greatest teams in the history of the Missouri valley of this year's group that Wichita State must be in the discussion. You know you can do some statistical analysis of who had the strongest you know highest level aptly server or in the most advanced or whatever Brett. In terms of depth and balance across the board. That was a dominant performance by our lady last week at the mystery out champion chipper really super exciting. Same thing on the entitlement scored a 181 half point and that's so real might meet no question about it we had scored over 200. And amend the war. But I really love this year's team that they're really really great tract. Steve rambled our guests from Wichita State that track and field. You are officially done now with valley competition and not enough do you compete with these schools directly weekend and week out but. An outdoor the indoor season will kind of be here before you know it and you'll be a member of the American conference what kind of a challenge does that present how do you feel like you might stack up. I think what sector beautifully we did some analysis that that is heard telling me earlier this week. We took our seniors we took all the seniors in the conference in the new American comfort out. The picture. And just scored were terse and we added a second on the man in second on the women I believe respective behind. I'm articulate Cincinnati. On the women's careers second buy used and on the man. You resentments team. Is coached by LeRoy Burrell. And his assistant coach Carl Lewis. Carlo what the greatest part you know god is going to be in the Dutch and has great second you'll that we of all time doubt I Olympic gold medals. And he he reserve who wanted to have bigger that's what our meter dash and he put a world record holder at one point in time and what it is very may competitor for another got to help the world record by the court well as apple bought though these two guys are. Coach and the team used and so you can imagine. That sprints are real good at university used it on the men's side especially and so. It's made that team's super tops they've got a really interesting and black. We're gonna do battle that we economic totaled Archie Moore the heat chipped chipped. That's just what we do we escorted out after the conference indoor and Houston would that person Wichita State. Would have been second inserting are. Performances from mark Alpert enormity. We scored the women's mete out and I believe it was Central Florida would have been first in Wichita State would have been second and that one was extremely close by only four points. But workup that we can keep that lead the Missouri valley is really a great track in the week and so I feel like we are. Pat I have a strong preparation for you know what certainly must be considered a bit of properly but a lot. Though were what in order to challenge and you like that we're gonna be up or. Well coach we appreciate it good luck on next weekend as the season continues I'm sure we'll talk with you again. Well thank you very much Kevin Meehan and I hope everybody keep an eye on our coach soccer comment. Check out our athletes are deliberately started about this year about this this group going down to Austin and then we can have later out Eugene Oregon. I will send him their thanks coach appreciate it. Thank you are in luck coach the frame both Wichita State track and field 8691240. If you like to win a set of twenty dollars. It's good set of Kansas lottery scratch tickets. Worth twenty dollars and also be a qualifier for the grand prize of another 100 dollars and scratch tickets along with two tickets to the Kansas City Royals game called now. Third collar will win those tickets 8691240. And will be back if the driver Bob and Jeff.