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Just Sayin: What's In A Number?

Saturday, April 22nd
Jeff continues with his game "How Locked In Are You?" Jamin brings up how more and more teams are using analytics to evaluate and rate players. Jeff asks how...

Just Saying: More or Less

Saturday, April 22nd
Jeff and Jamin play more or less. Subjects include, roadkill seen on the drive into the station, how many WWE wrestlers could fit in any era. NBA Playoff games...

Just Sayin: Prognosticating

Saturday, April 22nd
Jeff and Jamin make their predictions on the Shockers record for their 1st season in the AAC. Jeff quizzes Jamin on the team names in the AAC. Jamin asks Jeff...

Just Saying: Hello Recruits

Saturday, April 22nd
Jeff continues to ask Jamin if he's locked in on this topic. A basketball scholarship at WSU, which leads to a discussion as to who could be recruited to join...