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Monday, February 19th
Bruce Haertl and Shane Dennis finish up with college basketball, the guys talk rankings and braketology, being ranked in the top 10, playing a top 5 team,...

Hot Headlines

Monday, February 19th
Bruce Haertl and Shane Dennis reveal the top headlines in sports, thoughts on Trae Young's comments after OU's loss against Texas, the guys touch base on MLB...

Twitter Poll And Reviews

Monday, February 19th
Bruce Haertl and Shane Dennis discuss the Twitter Question of the day, shares tweets and answerers questions

Sports Daily KU With A knock Out Punch

Monday, February 19th
Bruce Haertl and Shane Dennis continue with college hoops, the guys recap KU vs WVU as Kansas took down West Virginia 77-69 Where does KU sit talent wise? Big...

WSU Is Back And Tough

Monday, February 19th
Bruce Haertl and Shane Dennis talk college hoops, recap of WSU vs Cincinnati as the Shockers take the win 76-72 in a close game, Shockers regained control and...