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Building Teams Around Stars

Friday, June 23rd
Bruce Haertl and Paul Savage touch more on the NBA Draft, how building teams from the Draft isn't what it used to be, why Josh Jackson would decide to cancel...

NBA Draft 2017

Friday, June 23rd
Bruce Haertl and Paul Savage give us a recap of the NBA Draft 1st round last night, the picks and trades that were made, first nine picks were first year...

The Way NFL Teams Do Business

Friday, June 23rd
Bruce Haertl and Paul Savage share last thoughts on the Chiefs as they part ways with John Dorsey, was John a key factor to the team? the guys talk more NFL as...

Chiefs Let Go GM John Dorsey

Friday, June 23rd
When it's over it's over, Bruce Haertl and Paul Savage touch base on the KC Chiefs as Andy Reids contract is extended and General Manager John Dorseys time has...