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New Talk Show

What’s nice about free radio is you the listener ultimately have the final decision on what we air. Unlike pay satellite radio where you pay for stations you never listen to; free radio is based on getting listeners. So it does us no good to run programming that does not generate a good listener base. I think we’ve done a good job a placing some great programs on KFH. From Jim Rome and Sports Daily to Kevin and Bean and Dennis Miller, these shows on KFH have a high listener tune in with our targeted audience. This coming Monday 9/28 we’ll add to our lineup the ESPN Radio program Mike and Mike in the Morning. This is a program that is very successful for ESPN Radio and we believe will be for KFH. They fit in our entertainment “guy talk” format. We hope you’ll check out Mike and Mike … and keep in mind what Jim Rome tells his new radio stations, give him/them a couple of weeks before you decide whether you like them or not. Unlike music-formatted radio stations, it does take a bit of time for talk radio shows to grow. The listening audience has to be able to get a feel of what the new show is about, getting to understand the personalities and how they interact with not only themselves but with the radio audience too. The good ones break through, and we’ve been lucky to have break-through shows on KFH!

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09/23/2009 7:32AM
New Talk Show
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09/23/2009 9:45AM
James Hurd
Thank you for bringing in Mike & Mike, I've been streaming them on the net, now I can just listen to KFH from 7a-2p! (now I just have to keep my hopes up you'll announce something else coming on at 2p)
09/24/2009 12:18PM
Ken Lackey
Yep, just what we need. Even more sports junk on a TALK radio station. Come on Tony just change the promo to KFH Sports Radio.
09/24/2009 12:24PM
Cool, more sports junk. Come on Tony why don't you guys change the promo to KFH Sports Radio- All Sports and no Talk.
09/25/2009 3:34PM
The only reason I listen to 98.7 was for Walton & Johnson. We need something to laugh about. Now I will never listen to 98.7 until you bring back W&J.
09/28/2009 4:30AM
Pulled Walton and Johnson? No reason to listen to 1240 in the morning. Sports talk? YAAAWWWNNN! You just lost a long time listener. click. (Radio turning off)
09/28/2009 5:52AM
I can't believe you took off Walton and Johnson, you've lost two more listeners.
09/28/2009 7:34AM
After a full weekend of sports the last thing I needed was another recap from some egotistical so called "sports authority". Walton and Johnson was a refreshing outlook on the topics of the day with some humor added. I guess I will have to go back to listening to music in the mornings. Big mistake Tony.
09/28/2009 7:45AM
Add more lost listeners by pulling Walton & Johnson. 8 radios in the shop & mine in the office ,plus home & Car. If I wanted ESPN I'd have it on my TV. so longgggggggggggg
09/28/2009 8:59AM
Is this what the fairness doctrine is all about? I agree with Donn, the sports guys stink. Bring back Walton and Johnson!
09/28/2009 11:41AM
Thanks Tony for systematicly ruining this once great radio station. Time to go back to Satellite Radio. Enough sports talk.
09/28/2009 4:38PM
Walton and Johnson was the only reason I listened to your station. BIG MISTAKE. You lost my whole shop of listeners too.
09/28/2009 7:55PM
What a BIG mistake pulling Walton & Johnson. The only reason I listened to the K-State show at 9am is because it followed a quality LAUGH like Walton & Johnson. I'm gone!
09/29/2009 7:21AM
Walton and Johnson were my buddies on my hour drive to work every morning. I have now changed my pre-sets and KFH is not on them.
09/29/2009 7:58AM
What happened to Walton & Johnson? Oh, let me was a program director decision. Just like the decision to air that ridiculous show in the afternoon. See ya, I'm done with KFH.
09/29/2009 12:08PM
James S.
Hey Tony- I know everybody is a critic of your decisions and that has got to be hard to stomach. I was a huge fan of W&J. I had the opportunity to "belly-laugh" every morning. I switched from steve and ted because they were "flat". I really can't take another sports talk show. Sorry man, please consider bringing them back.
09/29/2009 12:22PM
Horrible decision, terrible new show, Walton and Johnson was the only thing you had going for you lost alot of listeners. What good is free radio when they wont keep what you enjoy?
09/29/2009 3:28PM
I listened every day from 6:45 to 7:30. No more! There's no reason to listen to KFH now. I could care less about sports talk. Luckily I travel to Houston frequently and can here W & J when I'm there. I can only imagine how many listeners you'velost! Bad, bad decision!
09/29/2009 7:54PM
What is going on with KFH? You seem to be moving towards being a full time sports station. I miss Walton&Johnson, great comedy. Wichita already has to many sports and country stations. If we can't have W&J back why not a serious local talk showfocusing on Wichita and its needs. Steve and Ted are ok but repetitive. Just my opinion.
09/30/2009 6:16AM
The only reason I listened was for Walton and Johnson. We really do get enough sports during the weekend. Those guys told us what the mainstream would not tell us. Did the Obama Administration get to you too?
09/30/2009 11:34AM
please bring w&j back. thanks.
09/30/2009 3:30PM
I listened to Walton and Johnson on the way to work in the morning. Now, there isn't any reason to listen to your station. They made me laugh, as well made me aware of what was going on in this country. I almost think you must have took them off the air because of that "fairness in radio" poppycock that they tried to warn us about.
09/30/2009 6:05PM
Love Mike and Mike! Walton and Johnson were unbearable... thanks!
10/01/2009 7:09AM
Gary Tucker
Why another sports show. You lost a long time listener. They did warn us about this.
10/01/2009 9:50AM
I am a big sports fan.....but agree with previous comments................not good decision to pull Walton and Johnson.......very entertaining......good are over doing the sports. They will just re-hash same stories. May not listen nearas much to your station in the future....please reconsider.
10/01/2009 10:33AM
WOW!!! Looks like there's a lot of folks that want W and J back. Come on 1240, give the people what they want! W & J.
10/01/2009 10:57AM
bring back walters and johnson
10/01/2009 12:40PM
Walton and Johnson gone... Please say the Mike and Mike is only a temporary replacement. The Wichita market really doesn't need more sports talk. Steve and Ted are great, but I loved having an option.
10/07/2009 10:07AM
Mike N Mulvane
Lost Don & Mike (not your fault), then lost Mike again don't think you had much to do with this one either. But to pull W&J nearly killed me, 98.7 is no longer on preset list. Guess I have to start listening to audio books in the morning. I can get sports scores on my phone.
10/09/2009 6:39AM
("One of my private emails to a listener was sent to the local paper this week.....Look, if you guys are not going to listen to a show, we’ll find one that most of you will. It’s that simple") - from your blog in July 2009. So, why have you changedyour position about airing shows that we want to listen Walton & Johnson?
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07/27/2010 10:37AM
Sam @ The Movie Zone
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